So I felt like last week's finale should have gone down a little more like this.

I wrote this in a hurry so it's definately not my finest but I wanted to help us Japril shippers feel better.

Not sure if I'm going to make it multi-chapter or not.

Jackson swallowed, his fingers shaking as he pulled his tie close to his neckline. His eyes flickered over to April who was across the room, examining her appearance. He stared at himself and shook his head. "I chose Tulane." He whispered, breaking the heavy silence that had fallen between them. It had been like this for the past week whenever they found themselves alone.

April turned, her eyes meeting his. She forced a smile and nodded. "Good, that's good for you"

It was like a slap in the face. Didn't she even care that he'd be gone? Or would she feel relief with him finally gone. Maybe she'd be happy not seeing the guy that had made her break her promise to Jesus every day. "Yeah…" His eyes flickered to the ground and he turned to go before he thought better of it and whipped around, almost angrily. "I feel sick by the way. Sick to leave here, to leave you. But I'm glad you're so freaking happy about it."

She scoffed and her eyes began to tear up. "I'm not. I'm not happy with any of it. I'm not happy that everything I thought I was turns out not to be true. I'm not a board certified surgeon, I'm not a virgin. I'm not a good Christian. I don't know what I am, but I know I'm not happy." Her voice cracked and Jackson shifted nervously. He hated seeing her like this. And it reminded him once more that he was the reason she felt this way.

"I loved having sex with you. You made me feel things…you changed me Jackson. And I loved that. But I hate that I'm not a virgin for the man I'm going to marry. I'm not freaking happy about that. And I'm really not happy that you feel bad about it, because you're my best friend." Tears were now building up in her eyes and Jackson wanted to just move across the room and pull her into his arms.

"But you know what, Torrez was right, my problems will still be my problems tomorrow and the day after that, and the day after that, and in a few weeks my best friend will be at Tulane and I may never see him again. So for one night I'm just going to forget all about that. And I'm gonna try, I'm gonna try to be happy. I'm happy tonight. I'm going to be happy Jackson, because this is a happy time and we should be celebrating. Okay? So can you please just wipe that freaking frown off your face and be happy with me?"

She was smiling now, even while she struggled to keep it together. She was waiting for him to say something. To tell her everything was going to be alright. Jackson stepped towards her and he bit his lip. "I don't feel bad about it. And the reason I feel sick about going to Tulane is because I can't imagine not seeing you every day." He murmured, reaching to touch her hip.

April tensed and she swallowed nervously. "Jackson…" But he pressed his finger to her lips, quieting her. "There's something between us" He whispered, his lips pulling into a gentle grin. "And maybe you don't want to admit it because then everything will change and we'll have to deal with what it means." Their eyes locked and her eyes flickered down to his lips. "But Torrez was right. Life is too short. We shouldn't wait to say the things we want to say, because it might be too late."

Jackson touched her cheek and he felt her step closer to him, her eyes locked on his. And before he could say anything else, she was kissing him, his strong arms around her waist as their lips met in a soft kiss. He smiled and April let out a sigh. "You're my best friend. What if we mess everything up? I can't lose you…" April confessed, tears filling her eyes. Slowly Jackson lifted her face and he shook his head. "Never going to happen." He murmured, pulling her in for another kiss.