That's The Spirit

E/O Drabble Challenge, words: week/weak

Summary: He'd never thought he'd end up like a friggin' Jeannie in a bottle – and quite frankly: it sucked!

A/N: Hey guys – it took me 200 words to stuff in the two challenge words, and please forgive me if I'm way behind the latest news, because believe it or not, I still haven't watched the last two episodes Still, Bobby's… uh... situation was weighing on my mind, I thought I owe him a word or two.

He watched Dean shaving, the dark circles under his green eyes indicating the constant pressure of the last months, Hell, let's call it years. He noticed new lines around the corners of his mouth – lines that hadn't been there… before.

Still: at this moment he wanted nothing more than to smack his boy in the face so hard that he'd hear the angels sing. He huffed out a bitter laugh, shoving the tooth glass instead. He turned away when Dean called his name, listening to their conversation.

Oh, he wasn't weak. Just sick and tired of being tossed around, scrutinized like an ugly little insect. Hurt by their secret exchange of looks and their open accusations. After all he'd done, all he'd sacrificed for them this was what he got?

Mistrust? Disappointment? Patronizing?

Again he had to fight a surge of rage – trying to calm his breathing until he recalled how damn impossible that was. Friggin' Idjit!

"Get a grip", he hissed. "They might not know it, but you are still a hunter, not the monster of the week. You'll protect them as you always have. And you'll roast Dick Roman's ass, yessir! If it's the last thing you do!"