I was inspired to write this after the season finale. I cannot accept Lexie's death. I am totally in denial. It happened so fast, I don't feel like it was real. I've never shared this on this site before, but I got into Grey's Anatomy several years ago when I was going through some difficult personal things and I fell in love with the show and particularly the character of Lexie. She reminded me so much of myself and what I hoped to become. I naturally fell in love with Slexie.

The ending scene killed me. Half a minute after four years of build-up? It honestly feels like a slap in the face. I feel in love with this couple and stuck with them throughout the seasons, Shonda kept promising that they would be okay. She said that we would be happy and that they finale would be bittersweet. That wasn't bittersweet. That was torture plain and simple.

Sorry, I'm watching their scenes yet again and I still can't believe it. I feel like I lost a family member. This wasn't how they were supposed to end and I won't accept it. These characters helped me through so much and I feel like a a part of me has died with Lexie.

I know I'm being very melodramatic, but all of my friends either moved away or ditched me in middle school and for a while all I had was this show. My life is amazing now, but this show will always hold a special place in my heart.

Anyways, this is something I know won't happen, but I wish it would. I know it isn't realistic, but I need something to help myself get through this.

Sorry for the mini rant. I think I need therapy.

Just making a note, I know that someone else already wrote a fic like this, but I'm going to write mine anyway because we all need happy Slexie right now.

I don't own anything. If I did someone else would be dead.


Mark lay on his stretcher in Arizona's lap after the plane crash. He just wanted to die. To be with Lexie. He thought of all the times he should've said I love you. How he should've thought for her. How if he had kissed her when she confessed her love, she would've been next to him on that plane and she would be holding his hand instead of Arizona.

He hadn't want to leave her, but he couldn't walk and he knew that Cristina and Meredith were just trying their best. He desperately wanted to hold her hand and slip away. He almost had until Cristina intervened.

He didn't know how much time had passed, but he heard the others begin to scream.

He could soon hear a helicopter.

He cursed under his breath. He would surely live now. He didn't want to leave Callie and Sofia and Derek, but he desperately wanted to be with Lexie.

He could hear them run over. He felt himself be lifted onto a stretcher. He wasn't in pain anymore. He just felt numb, nothing mattered without her. He hadn't even kissed her goodbye. What the hell was wrong with him?

The medics began to treat them.

"Lexie," He choked out.

"What was that sir?" The medic bent down.

Arizona quickly spoke. "His… One of our colleagues… Passed away. She's in the woods over there. Arizona said. She shakily pointed towards the woods.

Cristina jumped up. "I can show you," she said softly. It had been awhile and she didn't want anyone else to see what the animals in the woods could've done to Lexie.

As she began to walk over, she began to grieve. Lexie was her intern. She had hated her, called her Three. But she knew she had gotten lucky. Lexie was a damn good intern. She finally understood how Bailey must feel every time something bad happens to them.

The medics rushed over. They began use some tools that had been brought in the airplanes. They were able to get the wing off of Lexie after several minutes. They began to put her on a stretcher when a medic yelled out, "I got a pulse!"

"What?" Cristina yelled as she ran over.

"Ma'am, please step back," The medic said.

"You're a paramedic. I am a surgeon. This girl was my resident. She is my best friend's little sister. She hasn't had a chance to do anything with her life yet. Please, let me try."

"Okay," he said opening the medical kit.

"I need sutures, splints, everything you can manage, if you don't have it, improvise." Cristina said as she began to check Lexie's vitals.

She soon figured out that if she could fix the hemothorax and drain the blood, Lexie might make it.

As she prepared to operate, she spoke to Lexie.

"Listen to me, Lexipedia. I had five interns, you were my favorite. Don't die on me, Three. You're going to become an excellent surgeon, and get married to Mark and have gorgeous mini Little Grey and McSteamy babies. You do not get to die on me."

Cristina performed the surgery and let out an excited squeal when Lexie began to stabilize.

"Where are we?" She eagerly asked the paramedic.

"About fifteen miles outside of Seattle. We can be there in five minutes." He said.

"Take her to Seattle Grace. Do you have a phone?" He handed it over and she began to dial. The medics ran the stretcher over to helicopter and she followed.

Teddy didn't answer.

She began to dial Owen's number.

"Hello?" He answered.

"Owen, it's me-" Owen cut her off.

"Cristina, oh my God. Are you okay?"

"I'm fine. It's Lexie. She has a massive hemothorax, crushed pelvis and legs, and a nearly severed arm.. We thought she was dead, but she has a faint pulse. We'll be at Seattle Grace in about five minutes. Can you get Teddy and Callie ready? I think we can still save her."

"I'll try my best." Owen didn't tell her he had fired Teddy. He would get her to come back for this one last surgery, he had a feeling Lexie would need the best.

"Cristina? How is everyone else?"

"Arizona has a protruding broken bone that she splinted, I think the pilot is paralyzed, Mark was bradycardic, but I think we fixed it in the field, Derek broke his hand, and Mer had a leg wound."

"How about you?"

"I'm fine." Cristina replied. "Owen, I need to go. I'll talk to you in Seattle."

The other were confused as Cristina and the medics ran over.

"What's going on?" Meredith asked. She began to get up.

"Lexie still has a faint pulse." Cristina yelled as they moved to get into the chopper.

"What?" Everyone yelled.

"I'm coming," Mark said trying to get up.

"Me too!" Meredith yelled.

The medics began to put Lexie on the chopper.

"I will take care of Little Grey. You guys need to take care of yourselves so that you're here when she wakes up."

Both seemed to be satisfied.

When Mark had gotten out of surgery he had asked for Lexie. Cristina informed him that the surgery had went well, but there was no telling when, or even if, Lexie would wake up.

He had eagerly asked when he could see her. Cristina had simply replied, "Soon."

"Yang?" He stopped her.

"Is anyone else?"

"Everyone's fine, Mark. We're all fine." Christina said softly.

"Yang?" He asked one more time.

Cristina turned around.

"Thank you," He replied.

"Mark, she's Lexipedia. She was my intern, Three, long before she was Little Grey or you loved her. I didn't want to lose her. But you're welcome." She came to sit on his bed.

"What are the odds of her waking up?" He asked.

"There's no surefire way to tell, but I'd say about 3%." Cristina said solemnly.

"That's bad, but it's not nothing," He murmured. Lexie's words echoed in his head. They were meant to be, they were being given another chance, and she had to wake up.

"I'm going to go check on Lexie. I'll keep you updated." She said before leaving the room.

He laid back and thought. Lexie could live. They could get married, they could give Sofia siblings. Two boys and a girl. At least one of the boys first because every little girl should have a big brother to protect her. They could have miniature versions of themselves and a mixture of the two of them. He would continue to be a plastic surgeon and she could be a neurosurgeon or get back into plastics, whatever she wanted to do. It could be perfect.

His fantasies were interrupted by a knock on the door.

"There's my girl!" Mark exclaimed. He tried his best to grin for his daughter, but it was so hard.

"Come to Daddy," He smiled. Callie put Sofia in his lap.

"How are you?" Callie asked. She clutched his hand.

"I'll be better when she wakes up," Mark replied.

"She will. You two are going to end up together. I can tell."

"This is my fault," He said softly as he gently stroked his daughter's hair.

"Mark, it's not," Callie replied.

"I should've told her earlier. I should've kissed her. I should've fought harder for her. She shouldn't have been back there alone. What if I hadn't got to her in time? What if she never knew?" He asked his best friend. Tears began to form in his ice blue eyes

"She knew," Callie replied.

"I need to break up with Julia," he replied suddenly.

"She heard about the crash. She called me to tell you it was over. She said you didn't need to worry about her. If Julia knew how you felt about Lexie, I'm sure Lexie knew."

Mark noticed tears in Callie's brown eyes.

"How's Arizona?"

"She's okay. I fixed her leg. She had some internal bleeding, but Bailey patched her up."

The realization sunk into Mark's mind. He had just left her there. Arizona had been so brave and he just left her there. She didn't say anything because she didn't want them to worry.

"I'm so sorry, Callie. I was so caught up with Lexie, I didn't even think…"

"Mark, it's okay. I would've done the same thing. I'm going to take Sofia home, you should get some sleep."

"Bye, baby girl. I love you, Mami loves you, Mama loves you, and your Aunt Lexie loves you. One day soon Aunt Lexie will be Mommy Lexie and we'll give you two brothers and a sister. I love you." Mark gave his daughter a kiss on the cheek.

Callie squeezed Mark's hand and left the room.

Mark tried to sleep, but all he could think about was Lexie. Every conversation they'd ever had, every laugh they'd shared, all of the kisses and nights spent together, all the pain they had caused each other. He thought of how perfect she was. They way she could make him laugh, the way it had felt when he realized he was in love with her. How it had felt when she slipped away from him forever.

Mark Sloan sobbed, in the darkness of his hospital room, he sobbed. Deep heart-wrenching sobs, the hardest he had ever cried. Lexie had to be okay.

Mark eventually fell asleep.

"Mark," he awoke to Derek saying his name. Bright light shone through the hospital curtains. He could hear traffic and people shouting. It was hard to believe that people's lives were going on normally when this had just happened to them.

"How's Lexie?" He asked as soon as he sat up.

"Getting better," Derek said softly.

"What'd you do to your hand?" Mark asked him as he sat up.

"I thought Meredith was in trouble. It was the only way to get free from the wreckage."

"Will you be able to operate? Because you know Lexie is going to need a mentor when she gets back. She's going to be a badass neruo god, probably even better than you." Mark said proudly.

"Mark…" Derek replied softly.

"She'll be okay, you'll see." Mark responded.

Derek hoped his best friend was right.


"Lex, you need to wake up." Meredith said as she sat by her younger sister. It looked bad. She was paralyzed from the waist down; it was too early to tell if it could be reversed. Callie had tried her best to replace the bones, but there was no telling until the swelling in her spine went down. Her left arm had been nearly severed and crushed. They had been able to reattach it. Derek had insisted on supervising the operation. Lexie would likely regain function, it was in a cast and Callie had reconstructed it. Her face was covered in cuts and bandages.

"Lexie, you died yesterday. Dead, you were gone. I know you told Mark to tell me I was a good sister, but I wasn't. I can be better I promise. You're my family, Lexie. You're all I have left. I never said goodbye. Please don't leave like this. Don't leave me. I didn't know what it was like to have a sister and now I do and it's good. I need my sister, I need you, Lex." Meredith said clutching her sister's hand. Lexie had to wake up. Meredith had been a bad sister in her sister's final moments. She had left her to look for Derek. She hadn't even said goodbye.

Meredith gently laid her head down on her sister's good arm. She could feel Lexie's warm skin under hers. She had to wake up, she just had to. Lexie couldn't leave them.

Derek met Meredith in the daycare.

"How are you doing?" Derek asked placing his good hand on Meredith's knee

"Not good. What'd Lexie ever do? She loved Mark. She was a good intern. She was a good sister and a good aunt. She doesn't deserve this. This can't be the end."

"Meredith, there's a chance she could wake up," Derek said softly.

"3%..." She picked up her daughter and held her close.

"Her mother died from the goddamn hiccups. Karma has to kick in. This is my fault." Derek said sitting back on the beanbag.

"Derek, you couldn't have known…" Meredith said softly. She rocked Zola back and forth.

"She shouldn't have been on that plane. Every other department had one doctor, why the hell did I need two?"

"Derek, you can't blame yourself." Meredith said as she came sit down beside him.

"She can't die, Mer," Derek said softly.

"I know," Meredith said. "We'll just have to wait and see." She quietly put Zola into his lap. "I should probably call Thatcher. She got up to go call her father.

"Hey, Zo." Derek said softly holding his daughter close.

Zola looked around the room confused. "Lechie?" She asked her father with a baffled look on her face.

It was her first word.

Meredith's phone fell to floor and she began to sob again as tears fell down Derek's stoic face.


"Mark," Cristina said walking into his room.

"What?" He asked gruffly. He opened his eyes.

For the first time in a long time, Cristina saw his blue eyes light up at the sight of the wheelchair.

"I can see her?" He asked eagerly.

"Yes," Cristina said with a small smile.

She helped him into the wheelchair and wheeled him to Lexie's room. She explained to him that it would look bad.

He didn't care, he just wanted to see Lexie.

A couple minutes later, Cristina heard him gasp.

"Lexie," He whispered softly.

Cristina wheeled him over and he took Lexie's hand. It was warm. Touching it sent sparks through his body. He thought he would never get to hold her again, never see her smile.

"Can we have a minute?" He asked Cristina.

"Only a minute, we don't want to stress your heart."

Mark slowly nodded.

"Hey, Lex. You made it. It's a miracle. I told you aren't allowed to die. You're going to wake up. You're going to become an amazing surgeon. Your arm will work again. We'll get married. You can walk down the aisle, I know you can. We'll have three kids. Two boys and a girl. The boys can be named after your dad and I. The girl can be named after your mom. We'll buy a big house with a backyard the size on Montana and a stone fireplace. We'll chase Sofia and her siblings around the backyard. We're meant to be, Lex. I love you so much and I always will. We can be happy, we're meant to be together." He gently kissed her hand and stroked her hair.

"Mark?" Cristina said softly as she came back through the door.

Mark shakily rose and gently kissed her lips. "See you soon."

A month later Mark sat in her hospital room. It was brightly decorated. Flowers, pictures, and posters were everywhere. The sheets were Lexie's favorites. Her childhood teddy bear was tucked under her arm.

The bulky cast was coming off in a couple of weeks. It was covered in signatures.

Since Mark had been discharged he sat in her room all day. He never left her side. He had to be there when she woke up.

Meredith and Derek would visit at least once a day and bring Zola. Callie and Arizona often brought Sofia. Thatcher came by every day. Mark was surprised that Thatcher hadn't begun to drink, but he told Mark he wanted to be sober when he woke up. Molly came for a few weeks , but had to go back to her family.

Mark talked to her and told her stories.

He was in the middle of telling her about the time he put Derek's frog in the microwave when he felt movement.

"Lex?" He asked looking up.

It was faint, her fingers were moving, digging at the sheets, as if she was trying to crawl back to him.

"Lexie, come on. You can do this. I love you so much. Come back to me,"

The movement stopped. His heart dropped. It could've just been a reflex.

He put his head in his hands and stared at the floor. What if she didn't wake up? What if he had been given this false hope? What if they didn't get to end up together? The life they could've had flashed before his eyes.

His attention was caught by a soft murmur.

"Wa…wa…water," Lexie croaked.


So what do you guys think?

So, I had to make a new account to upload this and have to wait several days to upload it. Anyways, I found out the Shonda Rhimes said that she had different plans for the couple and if the actress hadn't wanted to leave she wouldn't have killed Lexie? Really? That's kind of like a nail in the coffin, you had all these great plans that we'll never get to see. And then basically pinning it on the actress? I remember reading a while back that one of her kids had seizures. She has three kids, can we really blame her for wanting to leave? It's fine to state that it was the actress's decision and we know that it was family stuff, and probably not a dramatic exit that this show is known for, but to basically turn around and blame the actress for everything? To basically tell grieving and angry fans that it was her fault? That's just plain tasteless. I'm sure she didn't go to Shonda and say, "I want to leave and I think my character should die a horrific death and only get ten or so lines before her demise."

Honestly, if this was any other show, after the fan backlash, they might try the whole miraculous life thing or just kidding it was a dream. I wouldn't be mad about it. I know Shonda is kind of known for blatantly ignoring the fans. I've seen other shows do it one way or the other.

I keep hoping beyond hope that this is Shonda trying to mess with us and all of the interviews and statements are fake and stuff, but I know she isn't. I'm going to go watch old Mark and Lexie vids now and pretend that the episode where they got back together in season 7 was the very last episode.

Sorry for my little rant.

Please review! I'll try to keep the ranting to a minimum in the future.