Okay first, I know what happened but I didn't actually see the finale. So in my world, it doesn't exist. That makes sense right? I'm going to live in my fantasy and no one can stop me.

Second, this is dedicated to my brothers who actually did this when we were kids.

The old king Obi Wan struggles against the bars of his prison as he watches the Decepticon drones dig up the earth in front of him. He wishes longingly for his light saber-death ray sword. But alas, it has been stripped from his grasp by T-Rex, an old friend he once trusted with his life. The old king glares at the betrayer standing tall next to what was believed to be his sworn enemy, Lord Voledemort, laughter in his beady black eyes.

"Traitor! Coward!" Obi Wan yells out, anger and disgust in every syllable. "I trusted you! My son trusted you and now you're helping that snake bury me alive!"

T-Rex slowly advances his tone mockingly sympathetic. "Yes, I know. How evil of me."

"Tell me why?" King Obi Want demands.

"You stupid old man, you know why," T-Rex sneers. "For power! Now that your son Superman is gone, once you are out of the way the kingdom is mine for the taking!"

"You dumb dinosaur. What about Voldemort?"

T-Rex steps close, lowering his voice to a gleeful whisper. "He is a trusting fool, even more than you. One CHOMP and I shall be ruler. Hahahaha!"

"Zack! Zack I found him!"

"My name is Lord Voldemort!" the evil snake wizard hisses.

"Oh, right."

"My lord, we found him," one of the large robots announces, shaking dirt from his gleaming blue body.


"Prince Superman!"

"No way!"

"I told you we buried him by the tree!"

"Is he still frozen?"

"I don't know, I'm still trying to get the jar out. Keep going."

"The prince!" T-Rex looks down into the hole fearfully. "Is he alive?"

"Yes, it looks like he is frozen in one of Mr. Freeze's jars, sir," the blue robot reports.

"Excellent! Bring him up so that he may share his father's grave," Voldemort laughs, pointing towards an empty wooden coffin. "Two for the price of one!"

King Obi Wan instantly starts struggling. "No! My son!"

"I shall get him, my lord," the small of the two Decpticons volunteers, hopping down into the freshly dug hole.

There is grunting and the sound of a lid opening before…Whoosh! The Decepticon is thrown out of the hole, hitting the trunk of the large tree and falling to the ground destroyed. All look on with wide eyes as the lost prince rises from the earth; the red and blue of his clothes only slightly dulled by dirt and water.

"No! Impossible!" Voldemort screams, hands raised in frustration.

"Son!" Obi Wan cries happily. "My sword!"

Floating in the air, Superman turns slowly towards the old king. "Father. I-"

"Henry and Zachary Booth!"

The seven-year-old twins snap out of their game at the crisp voice of their mother. They jump up, dropping their toys to the ground. Brennan is quickly striding over, Booth and a curious Parker behind her. Their mother isn't looking at them but instead at the large mound of dirt at their feet. They both know that their smiles won't be getting them out of this one.

"What are you doing?" Brennan demands to know, crossing her arms.

"Playing," they say at the same time, both shrugging.

"Hey, guys, what's with the hole?" Booth inquires, standing shoulder to shoulder with his wife, Parker bending down to examine the small pencil box serving as a coffin.

"It's a long story, Dad," Zack sighs, disappointed that Superman's revenge on Lord Voldemort is on hold.

"Were you going to bury Obi Wan Kenobi?" Parker asks, a small smile on his face.

"No. Lord Voldemort was," Zack shakes his head, completely serious.

"Yeah, so that he can take over the kingdom," Hank adds. "Only they accidentally found his son, Prince Superman, in his ice capsule prison."

"Ice capsule prison?" Brennan frowns.

"Bones," Booth holds up the water filled jar covered in dirt.

"You froze Superman in a jar and buried him?" Brennan has to fight hard not to roll her eyes as her sons vigorously shake their heads in denial. "Who then?"

"Well that's obvious, Mom," says Parker, clearly enjoying his brother's game. "Mr. Freeze."

"Yeah!" Zack smiles brightly getting caught up in his game once again. "At first he was just supposed to freeze and bury all the cave men and dinosaurs. But T-Rex, the king's advisor, didn't like that so he corrupted Freeze."

"So Freeze went on a rampage, freezing everyone until Superman was sent to stop him!" Hank continues the story, not noticing Brennan's confusion or Booth holding back a smile.

"But Freeze tricked Superman and buried him in a frozen ice capsule prison. But before Obi Wan could find out what happened to his son, T-Rex destroyed Freeze. No one knew where Superman was-"

"Cause you forgot where you buried him," Booth says knowingly. The twins shrug sheepishly.

"Well, yeah. But T-Rex joined forces with the evil Lord Voldemort to take over the kingdom, and they were going to bury the king when instead we found Superman!"

"And that's where you came in, Momma," Hank says, risking a smile at her. But her eyes narrow and his smile falls away.

"Exactly how many cave men and dinosaurs were victims of Mr. Freeze?"

"Um…I don't know." Hank looks at his twin who shrugs back.

"Booth, there are toys buried all over the yard!" Brennan turns to her husband, scowling at his laughing eyes. "It's not funny."

"Don't worry about it Bones, ok? We'll find them and send them home, just like we always do," Booth smiles at her. He turns to his sons, wiping away his amusement as best he can. "But you two, no more digging holes got it?"

"Yes, sir," they says meekly, turning puppy dog eyes on their mother. "Sorry, Mommy."

She fights hard but something inside her softens at their looks. Damn those Booth eyes. "You're both having a bath now, you're covered in dirt. And you both will help in excavating every last toy."

"Yeah, cause they'll hate that," Booth murmurs to Parker as the other three walk into the house.

"Dad look, they put his initials onto the 'coffin' with a picture of a light saber," Parker shows his father, smiling. "How cool is that?"

"You know, you could have tried to pretend not be impressed by all this. At least until after they got in trouble," Booth chuckles leading the way into the house. "Now we know what happened to all the cups."

Okay, so I'm having a short vacation with my brothers at the beach. The point was to try and write more for The Beginning, which I did a little. But then my brothers started talking about when we were younger and this just had to be written. I mean it; I stopped eating my strawberry shortcake just to get this out of my head. I wrote it really quick, so please tell me how it was. And yes, there are still frozen cave men and saber tooth tigers buried in our grandmother's backyard (where we lived as kids). Also I if don't have an update on The Beginning in a week, feel free to come after me with pitchforks.