First Beer

A crisp breeze ripples the moonlit trees, causing seventeen year old Hank to scoot closer towards the fire before him. He lifts up the barely touch bottle of beer in his hand, rolling it thoughtfully between his fingers and watching the firelight reflect off the brown glass.

"You know, we can get into major shit for this."

"Its one beer, we'll be fine," Will Hodgins waves his hand from across the fire, fighting a grimace as he sips the bitter liquid.

"I still say we should have gotten the ale," Zack pipes up, taking a manly swig from his own bottle.

"My dad drinks the ale. Its some kind of special order stuff," Will explains again, resting his arms comfortably on his knees. He turns to Zack, his father's blue eyes shining as he smirks. "So have you sealed the deal with that cheerleader yet?"

The teen chuckles, leaning back on his log, stretching his legs. "A gentleman never tells."

"What does that have to do with you," his twin jokes.

"I get more girls than you do," Zack retorts, smugly. "Must be my irresistible good looks."

"Hey, Pinky, we're identical twins. Identical." Though he doesn't quite enjoy the taste Hank takes another drink from his beer, just enough to say he's drinking. "It's just your name, anyway."

Will takes a deep pull from his bottle, now getting into the taste. "His name?"

"Hey, I like my name!"

"Zachary Maxwell Booth," Hank laughs. "It sounds like a law firm. Or a bank."

"Well, at least my name doesn't make people hungry."

"How does that make sense?"

"Your name sounds like a brand of maple syrup." Zack chuckles as Will laughs and Hank looks incredulous. "Every time Mom or Dad lecture you I start craving pancakes."

"Hey, where did your parents come up with those names?" Will questions, draining the last of his beer.

"I don't know, never asked. This shits disgusting," Zack dumps his bottle with distaste as he stands. "Hey, come on, let's head to the diner."

"Henry Jack," Hank glowers into the fire as his brother and best friend rise. With a growl he dumps the bucket of water over the fire. "Damn it."

"Come on Pancake!" Zack calls from the car. "I'm hungry."