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Chapter 2

Heading to Mystic Falls

The day finally came; Bella would be leaving to go to Mystic Falls. All of her clothes and stuff was pack in boxes, FedEX'd to her Aunt Liz's house. Before heading downstairs, Bella gave one last look around her bedroom. I hope I can leave your memories here Edward, she thought to herself as she headed downstairs and out the door.

It took about a three hour drive from Fork to the airport, even with the back up by Fort Lewis-McChord military base.

Bella was feeling grateful for Charlie calling her Aunt and getting her out of Forks. It was heartfelt goodbye.

"I love you, Dad," Bella said giving Charlie one last hug before boarding the plane

"Love you too, Bells. Remember call me when you land."

"I will,Bye"


With one look at her father, she boarded the plane heading to her new home.

~Four hours later in Mystic Falls~

After four hours of being on that airplane, Bella was happy to be on the ground. With her luggage in hand, she walk to the front of the airport where her cousin said she would be. As she waited, Bella phoned Charlie, telling him that she landed in Mystic Falls, saying she would call him later and hanging up when she spotted Caroline walking over to her.

"Caroline, hey," Bella said giving a hug to her cousin.

"Bella, it's good to see you" Caroline said, taking a hold of Bella arm

"Thank, and you too" Bella said, as her cousin was leading the way to her car.

After getting Bella bag's in the car. They head to Aunt Liz house. While in the car, the two cousin caught up what they have miss in each other life's. Leaving out that Bella dated a vampire and where Caroline forgot to say that she a blood thirsty vampire. But other wise they both miss each other ever much.

20 minutes after they drove away from the airport; Caroline pull into the driveway of the house, after grabbing their bag, they head inside. Caroline gave a small tour of the house because it been too long since Bella has been there.

After the tour, Bella got everything unpack and put away in her room. She decide to take a nap.

While Bella was taking a nap upstairs. Caroline called gang and told to meet her at the gill around 5, so Bella could at less have some friends at school and around town.

*2 hours later*

Bella got up around 4:15, head downstairs. When she got into the living room, she spotted her blonde cousin, watching tv. Bella sat down next to her. Caroline turn to face her, cousin.

"Bella, I want to know if you would like to meet some of my friends tonight?" She hoping that her cousin would come.

"Sure, but what should I wear?" Bella said looking down at her clothing

"Ummm..I got it... Stay right there" Caroline said before running out of the living room, to head upstairs... Couple minutes later, Caroline came back into the living room with clothing and a pair of ankle booties in hand. She give them to Bella and told her to change, and come right back here..

As, she came into her bedroom, Bella finale got a chances to look at the outfit, her cousin pick out for her. She really like it and somewhat her style.

After getting dress and fixing her hair little bit; Bella went back to the living room, to find out that Caroline too had change... The two cousin chat for bit before heading to Mystic Grill..

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