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Mutants. Since the discovery of their existence they have been regarded with fear, suspicion, often hatred. Across the planet, debate rages. Are mutants the next link in the evolutionary chain, or simply a new species of humanity? Fighting for their share of the world. Either way, it is a historical fact sharing the world has ever been humanity's defining attribute.

We had decided to take the students to the museum. In the time that Logan has been gone I had studied to extend my control on my powers with the Professor and have become a teacher.

I noticed all the TVs and computers going nuts for a minute before becoming fine again.

I knew it was Jean. We all knew it was Jean. But I stayed with Storm, watching over the students. Then I noticed three certain students were missing.

"Hey, Oruro, have you seen Bobby, John, or my sister?" I called over the heads of the younger students. She shook her head. I sighed. "Let's go get Scott and Jean" I told her, and we herded the students towards where I knew Scott, Jean, and their group was.

Hey!" Storm called when we saw Scott and Jean. "Have you guys seen Bobby and Rogue?" she asked them. Jean stared out into space before telling us, "Something's happening in the food court"

Of course.

I stood by the Professor as we watched John set another teenager on fire. Bobby quickly used his powers to stop the fire, but now they had used their powers in public and on a human.

Without saying a word the Professor and I froze every human in the museum. I heard Rogue muttering to Bobby as the mutants wondered around, looking at the frozen people.

"I didn't do this" I heard Bobby tell them.

"No. We did" the Professor and I approached the small group. My arms were crossed and I was shaking my head in disappointment, not at Rogue and Bobby who had tried to so the right thing, but at John.

"The next time you feel like showing off, don't" the Professor and I said at the same time. With all the time we had spent together, working on my gift, we had grown close. I was like a daughter to him, and he was like a father to me.

While everyone was still frozen, the TVs were working fine. We heard the new announce that a mutant had just attacked the president.

"I think it's time to leave, Professor" I said gently, placing my hand on his shoulder. He nodded. "I think you're right"

We didn't release everyone until we were a safe distance away.

I was upstairs in the Professor's office with him, Storm, Jean, and Scott. I was standing next to the Professor, my hand still of his shoulder, as we discussed the attack on the president.

"My opinion: Magneto's behind this" Scott stated firmly, despite the weakness of his claim.

"I don't think so, Scott" Jean said gently from where she sat at the other side of the Professor's chess board.

"Erik is capable or organizing something like this in prison, but for him it would be irrational. It would only hurt his goal of mutant prosperity" the Professor told us.

"You mean Superiority" Scott corrected, kind of rudely.

"You're right. If Eric had his way" I told them. I had taken to calling him that, a habit I had picked up from the Professor.

"Of course, you know how the government will respond" Storm added. "They'll reintroduce the Registration Act"

"Or worse. The president could declare a state of emergency. Place every mutant in the country under arrest" the Professor told us.

I frowned. "That doesn't fit with Erik's bill. He has Mystique pretending to be Senator Kelly. Being all pro-mutants. If he was behind this, it would be counter-productive" I explained, closing the door on the Erik idea.

"Do you think the assassin was working alone?" Jean asked the Professor. He considered this. "Well, we'll only know that if we find him before the authorities do. I've been trying to track him using Cerebro, but his movements are inexplicably erratic. When I have more exact coordinates, Storm, Paige, I'll need you to take the jet and try to pick him up"

I followed Storm down the stairs as I heard Rogue's loud voice. I came down to see Storm, Rogue, and Bobby surrounding…


I jumped over the banister, landing on the ground and leapt into Logan's arms.

"Paige! Good to see you Darlin'" he said into my hair, swinging me around just like he had before he left.

"Uh, I should go and get the jet ready" Storm said awkwardly, probably wanting to get away from us, before walking away.

"Yeah, well, it was good to meet you" Bobby started walking away, pulling Rogue behind him. 'Come on, let's go"

Once they were out of sight, Logan's lips crashed onto mine. I wrapped my legs around him waist as he pushed me back against the stair case. It was getting heated fast, both of us desperate for this kind of contact since he left with only a kiss so long ago. My hands crept up and tangles themselves in his hair as his cupped my butt, holding me tightly against him. But then I remembered why I was down here in the first place.

"Storm and I are heading to Boston" I told him, pulling out of his arms and frowning apologetically. "We won't be gone long. The professor wants us to track down a mutant who attacked the president" Logan started to look worried.

"So it was a mutant?" he asked. We had considered a set-up as well, but it wasn't.

I nodded. "You'll be here when we get back, right?" I asked him, looking up at him through my eyelashes as biting my lip. He grinned and wrapped his arms around my waist. "I can probably think of a few reasons to stick around" he almost purred, kissing me again.

"Find what you were looking for, Logan" Scott asked rudely, interrupting our kiss, but not looking a bit apologetic. I glared at him. Usually Scott and I got along, but as soon as Logan comes up, it's like we hated each other.

"More or less" Logan said stiffly, pulling away from me.

"I'll see you later" I said, kissing his cheek before walking past Scott, not without making sure he saw my glare, and catching up with Storm.

"I'm sending the coordinates of where the mutant seems to have settled for now" the Professor said over the inter-com. I was sitting in the front of the jet waiting for Storm, in my X-Men suit.

Yes, they got me into a suit. It was actually pretty flattering for my toned figure.

"Soon as you find him, bring him back to the mansion" the Professor continued.

"Let's hope he cooperates" Storm sighed.

"Yes, for his sake. Good luck" with that, Storm and I were on our own.

We arrived at an old cathedral. Storm blew the doors open as we made our way in. "Like the theatrics, don't we" I teased as I looked around. It was dusty and covered in sheets or plastic. It looked like just any old abandoned church.

"These are the coordinates" I told Storm quietly. We continued to look around. Then, a loud, male voice started saying something in German that I couldn't understand. "He's a teleporter" I stated the obvious as I looked from one part of the room to another, following his voice.

"That must be why the Professor had trouble locking onto him; because he was always jumping from place to place" I continued.

"We're not here to hurt you!" Storm called out to the mutant. We just want to talk" she told him.

We heard him say something in German again, I think he's saying 'get out' but I wasn't sure.

"Are you bored yet?" I asked her. Storm didn't take her eyes away from the ceiling as she replied, "Oh yeah"

"Sure you don't want to come down?" she asked him. She looked back at me and I nodded, letting her do the work.

Storm used lightning to break the rafter the mutant was standing on, knocking him down.

About half-way to the floor I held my hand out and slowed him down so he landed on the ground gently. Then I melted his feet so it was attached to the floor. Completely painless, but he wasn't going anywhere.

"You good?" Storm asked me, watching the mutant wearily. I nodded. "We're good"

"Please don't kill me. I didn't mean to harm anyone" the blue mutant said quickly, in English, as I approached him.

"Now why would people have gotten that impression?" Storm asked him sarcastically. "What's your name?" she asked, kinder.

"Vagner. Kurt Vagner" I think he meant to say Wagner, but I didn't say anything about it.

We let him go and were sitting together as Kurt told us his tale.

"There was so much shooting, such fear, and then there was only pain. I could see it all happening, but I couldn't stop myself" he said, eyeing my hand, which was tending to his wounds. He was blue all over and had tattoos covering almost all of his skin, not to mention the tail.

"It was like a bad dream" he told us. "Perhaps he is testing me" he said, pointing to the statue of Jesus on the cross.

"And before you were in the White House, what do you remember?" Storm wondered.

"Nothing. I vas here" Kurt told us as I bandaged his arm.

"Paige" Storm hissed at me, but I shook my head. "We should get him back to the Professor"

"Professor?" Kurt seemed eager when he heard that.

Storm traced the tattoos on his chest with her hand gently. "Did you do these yourself?" she asked him softly. Kurt was still blinking rapidly. "Yes" he replied before turning on his side, towards the wall. There was a circular burn mark on the back of his neck. It looked like a brand or something.

"What about this?" I said, touching the base of his neck instead of the wound, as I knew it would hurt if I touched it.

I never did get an answer.

Storm and I played with the radio, trying to contact anyone. Kurt was sitting behind us. "Nobody's responding. I can't get a signal" Storm said, very worried. I placed a hand on her arm, giving what comfort I could at the time. "Rest. I'll keep trying" I told her.

She nodded and walked away, though I didn't see where she went.

I finally got through to one of the comms. "Storm! I got a live one!" I called.

"Where?" she asked after a moment.

"I don't know. Let's see"

It was Logan that picked up. "No one's left, Paige. Soldiers came" he told me.

"What about the children?" I asked quickly. The children had to be safe, they just had to be.

Storm was at my side in a second.

"Some of them escaped. I'm not sure about the rest" he told us slowly. He didn't want to say it. I could understand. I wasn't even there and I felt the same way.

"We haven't been able to reach the professor, Scott, or Jean either" I told him.

"Where are you, Logan" storm asked. "Boston. With Bobby Drake's family" he told us. I nodded. "Not far then. I know the place" I told both of them. He was my baby sister's boyfriend after all.

"And Paige? Make it fast" Logan said before hanging up.

We got there as fast as we could, but it was still too late. When we got there, there were several police cars that had been thrown around and set on fire. The class of the house had been broken, and everything looked scorched.

They all got in quickly. "Guten Tag" Kurt greeted as they came in. I smiled as they stared at him in shock for a brief second each. "Sit down and buckle up" I ordered as they got in. Logan got in the seat behind Storm so he could still see me. Hey, for once, I was in the front.

"Who the hell is this?" Logan asked rudely, not that I expected much less from him.

"Hello to you too, Soldier" I smiled, using my term of endearment for him.

"Kurt Vagner, but in the Munich circus, I vas known as 'the incredible Nightcrawler'" he told everybody.

"Save it. Storm." Logan said gruffly.

"Don't worry about him" I told Kurt, but everyone could hear me. "He isn't the most sociable person, even on his best days. The only reason my sister and I like him is because he fed us and he can kick the butt of anyone that pisses us off" everybody laughed.

"Oh really?" Logan asked, teasing me. I grinned at him. "Love you too, Soldier" I saw him freeze at that slightly. I meant it as teasing, but I meant it literally as well. I really did love him, even if I hadn't seen him in a long time.

And with that, we were off. Again.