Firstly, sorry for a short scene with two OC's, but needed it for the story! Will get them back to the airfield as soon as I can - promise! Had a little fun writing drunk Martin - just hope he's not too OOC with it. Thanks for the continued comments!

We had a little chat." Aggie smiled slyly at Kate over her wine glass.

"Oh God, what did you say?" Kate studied her friend, feeling horrified. "I told you he was nervous about meeting you all."

"It's ok." Aggie giggled. "I was just sussing him out."

"Yes. I know your 'sussing ' people out! What did you say?" She admonished.

"I simply asked him outright if he was planning on having any dalliances with airhostesses."

"You did what?" Kate exclaimed, suddenly realising how loud she had spoken when a few people turned toward where she and Aggie were huddled at the corner of the patio. Martin had popped to use the bathroom and Aggie had used the opportunity to grab Kate to one side. "Aggie!" She hissed quietly at her friend.

"Relax!" Aggie whispered back at her, before continuing normally. "He passed with flying colours. If you'll excuse the pun." She winked.

"Of course he did." Kate pretended to be defensive, but couldn't help smiling. "I told you, he's not like that."

Aggie shook her head. "Nope, he certainly isn't." She paused seeming to consider something. "In fact, I think he'd actually burst into flames if a pretty girl spoke to him."

"Hey!" Kate punched her arm playfully.

"Well he would!" Aggie exclaimed, rubbing her arm. "I'm surprised he didn't actually combust with your attention."

Kate gave her a look.

Aggie continued. "I didn't say it was a bad thing!" She laid a hand on Kate's arm. "No, in all seriousness, I like him. He clearly adores you." She paused again. "He's a little awkward and stilted but I think we can loosen him up a bit." She got a mischievous look in her eye.

Kate had a bad feeling. "Oh no, Aggie. Whatever you're planning..."

At that moment Martin made his way back over towards them and Aggie strolled forward to put her arm around his shoulders. "So...Martin... Are you a betting man?" She turned him around and started to walk him toward the kitchen.

Kate heard Martin's reply as they walked away.


Kate watched Martin with amusement from the bedroom doorway. He had flopped himself backwards onto the bed, singing and conducting an invisible orchestra with his arms above his head.

"Behind the stadium with youuuuuuu. My brown eyed girl. OoooooOooo... my brown eyed giiiirrll...
Do you remember when we used to sing...Sha la la la la la la la la la la... te da..."

He went momentarily quiet when he saw Kate watching him, before sitting up on his elbows and continuing the song.

"Sha la la la la la la la la la la dee dah...La dee brown eyed giiiiiiiiiirrrl..."

Kate laughed out loud, before walking towards him. "Yes, thank you Van Morrison!"

He smiled her drunkenly, before sitting up completely and wrapping his arms around waist her to pull her down onto the bed beside him.

"Ooooo OOooo Oooo my brown eyed girl..."

Kate lay on her side, propped up on an elbow and shook her head gently. "I told Aggie the tequila was a bad idea."

Martin looked offended. "You don't like my singing?"

"I think your singing is quite lovely." She brushed an errant curl from his forehead. "My neighbours, however..." She indicated to the wall behind her and watched with amusement as Martin tried to focus on it. Failing, he fixed his gaze back on her.

"Have I told you how beautiful you are?" He slurred slightly.

Kate nodded with a chuckle. "Actually, yes. About four times in the last half hour."

"Good." Martin nodded a bit too hard. "Because you are."

"Thank you." Kate smiled at him before pushing herself up to sit.

"Hey!" Martin pulled her back down again almost immediately. "Where you going?"

Kate couldn't help chuckling. "To get you some water and get ready for bed."

"I can help with that."

"Martin, I don't think you'd be able to find the sink at the moment, never mind carry a glass."

Martin smiled at her slyly. "Nono... silly. I meant the getting undressed part." He blinked at her, which she assumed was probably a failed wink, before launching forward with a clumsy kiss. He tasted like wine and tequila. She pushed him back gently and he looked at her perplexed for a moment. "Ssssorry...that was rubbish, wasn't it?"

Kate couldn't help laughing as she sat up again, pulling him up with her. "How about you concentrate on getting yourself undressed first?"

Martin looked back with an intoxicated smile. "Kinda hoped you would do that."

She cupped his face in her hands. "Martin. Get undressed." She told him firmly, but with humour. It appeared that drunk Martin was quite a handful.

"You can't order me around. I'm a Captain, you know." He told her as she got up to make her escape.

She turned around at the door to see him smiling deviously at her. "Ah, but Captain..." She mocked him gently. "You are drunk and therefore grounded. And furthermore...I am the commander in chief of this..." She gestured around her. "...uh...flat." She picked up the pyjama bottoms and t-shirt he had left on the chair by the door and threw them at him playfully. "Therefore...get undressed!"

Kate made her way to the kitchen and fumbled in the cupboard for a couple of glasses. Truth was, she was more than a little tipsy herself; just not as bad as Martin. Good job really, he's really going to feel it in the morning. She chuckled to herself. Thankfully he wasn't due to fly anywhere until Monday; of course she knew he would never have had a drink otherwise. It was all Aggies fault. She somehow talked Martin, along with a few others, into playing a drinking game. True to form, Martin had lost nearly every round, which meant he'd ingested quite a heroic amount of tequila.

It had all been part of Aggie's devious plan of course, to loosen Martin up a little. Trouble is, it had worked. Kate had virtually had to drag him from the makeshift dancefloor in the living room, where he was busy 'busting a move' and laughing like a loon at Aggies equally bad dancing abilities. Drunk, carefree Martin was a joy to behold, in all honesty.

Kate was especially pleased that Martin seemed to have hit it off with Aggie. Kate had known her since they were teenagers and, although polar opposites in many ways, they'd been best friends ever since. They told each other everything and Aggie was the first person Kate had told about Martin. Aggie had quizzed her relentlessly about him, wanting to know the ins and outs, and admitting her slight worry about his profession; or more precisely the fact that he travelled a lot. It wasn't surprising; Aggie had been the one to help Kate pick up the pieces after her marriage failed, so it was only natural that she might have reservations of watching Kate go through that again. David had travelled with work a lot, which had made it all the easier for him to find his dalliances, she imagined that Aggie thought Martin could well do the same. But Martin had won Aggie's seal of approval, and that meant a lot to her.

Somewhat unsteadily, Kate made her way back towards the bedroom, carrying the two glasses of water. The sight before her once she reached the door almost made her drop both, as she shook with hysterical laughter.

"What on earth?" She finally managed to speak after a few moments.

Martin, in his intoxicated state had somehow managed to get himself tangled in his own shirt; one arm in, one out, the buttons still mostly done up and the collar half over his head. He seemed to have given up with the shirt entirely now and was trying to pull off a trainer, even though it was still laced up.

"And you wanted to undress me?" She asked incredulous.

Martin looked up at her with the shirt still half pulled over his head and Kate could help giggling again.

"I don't remember it being this difficult before." He looked at her earnestly.

Still trying to stifle her laughter she put the glasses down on the chest of drawers and walked over to sit next to him on the bed. "Would you like a hand?"

"Yes, please."

Kate reached forward to untangle the shirt from around his head, undoing a few buttons so she could pull it over his head. He watched her with a silly grin on his face as she reached down to undo his shoes. As she sat back up the room swam around her. "Whoa." She put her hand to her head. Guess I'm a little more drunk than I thought.

She looked at Martin again, who was now studying her with an intense look on his face. "Just a head rush." She explained to him.

He seemed to consider something for a moment before blurting out. "Did I embarrass you?"

"Huh?" Kate was completely confused by his sudden change in demeanour.

"Did I..." He seem to lose focus for a moment. "...was I embarrassing?"

She shook her head at him, immediately regretting the movement. "No. Why do you ask?"

"Because...I think I'm a bit drunk..." He whispered at her like it was a secret.

She laughed. "Yes, Martin. I'd say you are." She nodded at him, with a mock serious look on her face.

"I don't remember..." He drifted off again. "...I didn't mean to... I don't normally... Did I dance?" He asked her suddenly.

"Yes. Yes there was dancing."

"Oh." He giggled, before looking serious again. "Sorry..."

"For what?" She didn't understand Martin's train of thought. But then again, Martin possibly wasn't too sure himself.

"...I remember tequila." He said suddenly.

Satisfied that whatever Martin was getting at had drifted away, Kate chuckled to herself and got up to grab the water she'd placed on the side. She handed a glass to Martin. "Yep. Which is why you need to drink this."

Thankfully he didn't argue the point and drank the water quietly whilst watching her getting ready for bed.

"Did Aggie like me?" He asked suddenly.

Kate stopped what she was doing and turned to face him. "Yes, she did." She told him honestly. "They all did."

Martin smiled.

"Did you like her?" Kate asked, eager to know and hoping drink would make him honest.

He nodded exaggeratedly, before pausing. "She's a bit..."

"Bit what?" Kate asked, worried.


She couldn't help laughing.

"She's a bit like..." Martin carried on. "...a bit like Carolyn."