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Summary: Robin has been a titan leader for four years and suddenly, Slade snatched Robin in the fighting field while his team fought the other criminals. Unfortunately, Slade wants to change Robin and took him to unknown location. Robin has no idea the purpose of Slade's plan, but everything starts to reveal his deeper connection and his hope feels like going down the drain. Will Robin escape from Slade and take care of his deeper connection somehow? Or will his team save him let alone the fact they cannot track him down? Let's find out how everything will play out to be for Robin and his chances of survival…

Nineteen and still a hero going on strong. With the years spent protecting Jump City would rarely be harder to rest for anything. Criminals have finally eased off and didn't make any stirring trouble today. For once, it's nice to relax with my teammate or friends I should say. Starfire had me watching one of the movies she collected, which was at least a good show to watch. She was very fascinated in those operetta ones. Beast Boy and Cyborg were working on a new game to level up higher on the Stank ball game. Raven was reading for her own enjoyment. Everything was going on strong. It was getting dark after a long day and only one crime activity today.

After the operetta was over, I stretched up and yawned my head off. I flashed a smile over to Starfire and caught my yawning as well.

"I'm hitting to bed now. I'll see you all in the morning-"

The lighting triggered to red flashing and alarming triggered off. Everyone diverted their attention to the screen and we found ourselves with several criminals on the loose. It was confusing as well. Mumbo, Dr. Light, Johnny, Moth, Control Freak, and so much more. There were some members from HIVE Five.

"Titans! GO!" I demanded us all there.

Everyone took their part of the role, Cyborg started up his T-car, Beast Boy and I joined into his cars, and the girls flew out to get ahead start over to protect the city. I prepared my weapons and locked into my logical brain for everything going. Why were criminals attacking at the same time? Were they thinking they have a better field to team up again and strike against us at our weak moment? Nothing made sense…none of them wanted to work together again, so who's grouped them up and demanded another retry? One thing for sure, they had a flaw. Their attacks were dividend for their own reason.

Cyborg parked the car finally and the entire city was filled with many criminals, including the bots of Slade. Starfire handled Johnny and Moth completely fine. Raven dealt with Mumbo and Dr. Light at their battling. Beast Boy fought head on with Control Freak. Cyborg handled the HIVE Five members. Me? I tackled down all of the Sladebots before they could get any closer to either of my friends.

My feet spun and whipped out up three to five robots that came in my way or others' way. I flung out my bo and damaged their robotic limbs before any serious action could be taken on. I managed to get most of the bots over to focus on me and far from the rest of my teammate. They had enough to handle, especially criminals we have known for four years still on going.

"You do too much work," Someone commented.

I couldn't locate the voice…his voice! My teeth gritted and held up my guards strong enough to expect his attack any second. I once blinked-

What the? I felt an extreme dislocated shoulder being pulled back with great held! I groaned and he had me pinned down. His shadow covered my sight on anything and he was too strong for me.

"Sleep." He commanded.

He pinched a certain place on my neck and everything went out of its light. Whatever he was up to, I had to be prepared. Slade will not get away with it and not on my watch that's for sure!

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