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My brain took a while to sink in and woke up to realize Red X was still here. He was keeping me warm in his arms and noticed he took us onto the bed while I was asleep. I must have been completely wiped out after bowling with Slade.

"…Red X?" I whispered, "…are you awake?"

He moaned miserably and started to actually wake up. So, he slept with me…on this bed. At least I owe him for helping me in all of this, but I doubt he'd accept it back that easily. His morning yawn slipped out and his arms curled more onto me as if he never wants to let go of me.

"X!" I hissed, "Not that mind sleeping in or anything, but Slade does now check in morning and I don't know what he'll do if he finds out you're here."

Red X jerked away and lets go of me, "And that would mean neither of us will have a chance to escape you. What's the next item to steal?"

I gulped, that was something more risky now, and my eyes glanced around to locate the basic.

"Before you go, wear the stuff and use the container. This item is known as 'Plotagiuma', which is a dangerous chemical that can-"

"-can reduce my lifespan to less than a month to live. I got it, kid. I'll do research and get back here with it. So…I'm not sure how long it's going to take and all and sorta wondering if I could um…"

I sighed and my eyes rolled at him, "You just want to be sleeping here, don't you?"

Red X nodded shyly about it with a hint of nervously. I approved anyway and he hugged onto me with much excitement to be back later tonight. For some reason, I felt like I made a difference for him or changing him…I wasn't too sure, but it's enough for me. Red X was quick to grab the important basic and then, the container last. He waved cheerfully and teleported elsewhere. For now, getting into shower was better off start of a choice and the shower was more soothing.

I thought about doing some roller skating fun to keep Slade off my back…that, I don't think bowling would be best to keep doing anyway after the long day has made me turn into a couch potato. After a quick shower, the clothes came back on, and helped myself out of the room to join into the kitchen. Slade wasn't even in the room this time, but I wasn't too sure if I was up too early or something.

There wasn't any clock or sun to tell by. It was more of disappointing to see Slade slack something more valuable requirement in life. So far, I knew it has been almost a week since I have been kidnapped, but what benefit does it really bring for Slade to have me here? It was like I was going to reveal- Oh crap, I think that's might have been it! He wants information…of Batman or the link of the real me? He could have easily taken my mask off all this time. So it's not really my identification. There's something more to it. Was he after my truer weaknesses? If so, my past would remain in the past. Red X was right, I had to let go and I intend to just do that!

So, I helped myself a big ole bowl of cereal for the start of the day and everything. It wasn't much to do, really, but having breakfast was important to have for anything else. It was much more relaxing to actually eat for once and getting food in my system. After I finished it, I tossed it in the sink and left it alone this time. At the back of my mind, it's hard to just push aside those habits…I gulped down and felt the need to do so.

Instead, I kept walking over to the first door and explore a few doors before finding the skating room. Some rooms were mainly fun activities that most people consider a vacation activity, but Slade had it all more than I ever imagined. It took a long time to find the skating room and helped myself into it. There was a large shelf of different roller shoes and found my size ten.

The last time I wore something like this was mainly to speed up against some criminals before I became a Titan leader. Hopefully, I haven't lost my touch in the basic skills and it has been a long time. I hung onto the wall's railing and took one foot after another to roll on the floor. The floor was quite slick and I started to pick up the right habit. I could feel the wind rushing through my hair and felt rushing. I laughed and forgotten how fun they were! The tricks were natural to performs and managed to balance myself without falling. Then, I did it backward and still got it!

"Yes!" I giggled and couldn't believe I still had it, no matter how long it was.

I didn't stop and kept playing some tricks I used to do when I was younger. The speed was like risk it all sensation or almost about to fall, but I wasn't. A thrilling vibe that I kept hanging onto no matter what, I kept going. The smile would grow onto me and recalled the happier times.

"Mom, dad…I wish you guys could let me perform with my skaters, I would have impressed everyone."

My arms spread out and made it felt like flying in my own powers, nothing else to rely on or anything else. The great turn on the wheels shifted me into exciting actions, I loved it more than anything, and kept going nonstop. I could almost be mixed up with Skate Figures or Ice Skater, but only if anyone can recognize acrobats skills. There was so much to learn from my parents and the circus crew.

My head shook and decided to drop the past to move on. It wasn't stopping me from what I was doing, instead, it has given me a path to follow by. To become Robin and accepted that faith alone. I was glad to be raised with Bruce later onto Batman. Now? I was Robin, the Titan Leader…someone who's confused right now.

"I'm sorry, mom…dad. For making everything so serious and not thinking about myself once a while." I let the roller slow down to calm down, "I'm just scared if I step aside, more people would die." I hugged myself and kept a normal speed most kid would do if they're trying to stop, but I wasn't.

"People die every day, Robin. We cannot control every second of it and it happens every day. No one has asked you to be God to prevent it all."

I jumped and suddenly fell flat on my face. I shouted as happens and tried not to groan in pain. My head shook and peered around the room.

"Geesh, a warning of your entering into the room would have been nice, you know?" And I wouldn't have fallen either.

Slade chuckled quickly, "You looked like you're having some fun, I couldn't interrupt until you spoke to yourself."

Dammit, I shouldn't have said a damn thing. He'll know too much, but I got up and avoided saying anything relating to my personal discussion.

"Well, I was…until you ruined it." I muttered.

Slade nodded, "Impressive tricks you had there. Batman taught you the tricks?"

My head shook, "No, I learned it myself."

"When did you develop those skills?"

I shrugged, "When I was five or six."

"Interesting, must have been much of excitement for you."

I chuckled and snorted, "You have no idea."

Slade nodded and I helped myself out of the rink to get back onto my personal sneakers, mainly built for crimes.

"You're not going to continue?"

My head shook, "Nah, I got all my tricks out anyway." And ruined my alone time as well.

Once I got the sneakers on, I headed out of the skater rink and he followed me with much of a stalker he always will be. So, I helped myself back into the kitchen or living room sort to have myself some lunch. I found myself making roost beef sandwich with lettuce and tomato in meal. For once, it was a simple meal and nothing more.

"Robin, I am wondering if you'd like to play tennis tomorrow."

I was about to spit out my orange juice after he asked, but it wasn't like I was living on a schedule or anything.

"Uh, sure. But, why tennis?"

Slade comforted himself onto the couch, "I thought it would be nice to play with someone in tennis."

"Can't blame you for wanting to play tennis." I shrugged and continued drinking my orange juice.

Slade nodded and retrieved his book to read. I noticed he's really into those reading and maybe that's how he knows everything. He reads into all so much, he'd know the reason behind it. If not, then he's just a man who doesn't know what to do with his time.

Here, I was sitting at the kitchen's counter with my food for the day and just relaxed. Maybe I shouldn't worry too much, Slade can't get much out of me anyway. So, I helped myself to lunch to eat up and used the television for a good distraction to watch some shows. Strangely, all the shows were more new to me and I wondered why people get into them. It was a practical joke or just based on too many stereotypes here.

For so long, it always kept my mind distracted and more relaxed to watch childish show. It was hard to laugh at it when it's supposed to be, but nothing ever has occurred to be more ridiculous in my life. Although, it would give me an idea what people talked about or what they could be into. There were times some of the fans of the titans would use some sort of show's code language and it makes it too complicated to understand or even related. I even remembered one time they mentioned something Kyle and Pat would go great together as because I almost looked like them. I had no idea who they referred me to, but it's a strange way to find out.

I hardly moved at all from my seat and got hooked up in some interesting 'episodes'. The brief commercials have given me an idea what people could be into for certain products or movies that may come out soon.


The television was blanked and I felt confused until I made a connection.

"Hey! I was watching that!" I complained…did I complain like a kid?

He sighed, "It's late and you have been watching it for five hours. Get yourself to bed." Slade insisted anyway.

I groaned and couldn't believe it. Oh well, maybe tomorrow I can study more into it. I shrugged and headed into the bedroom. I heard the door clicked, but something caught my attention even more.


He was completely on the bed, totally knocked out, and the stuff was under the bed, and I couldn't believe how tired he was. He must have been working so hard and I poked his arm until he woke up. It took a few minutes to get him to realize I was right here and he yawned. He held onto my poking finger and looked straight at me.

"You could have just pushed me off the bed to wake me up, it's quicker." He sounded so tired.

My head shook, "I'm not that cruel, X, besides, when did you get back?"

I heard his tongue click as I assumed he was moistening his mouth, "About ten minutes ago."

From this point on, I knew he must have worn himself out from his research and everything. I sighed and he sat up so I could sit down. Red X lets go of my finger and I sort of assumed to not overdo it or he'll never let go again next time.

"How's the researching process going?"

Red X turned his head over to me, "I'm still going after several criminals to criminals based on this stuff, but a few scientists in between. I have to find Dr. Hin-chang, somewhere in China. I just hope he or she speaks English."

I nodded and see he took seriously in his work. The name sounded familiar, but it was too much to think about. I trusted Red X on this mission and I was going to do one thing for him in the future. A home.

I yawned and started to feel tired now. All I could ever think was a home for Red X and how happy he'll be. A second chance is something anyone could really use, but my team will have to be open minded about him. I wasn't too sure or thrill on the idea of explaining of my kidnap absence, but I can't let Slade get what he wants.

"Sounds a long hunting to go after. This element is very dangerous, that's why most scientists don't know too much about it. Only specific people can know like me. I-…" I shut up before I could reveal my citizen's life, "…I get my information through Batman sometimes." There, that was a quick cover up.

X chuckled, "You lie too easily, Robin, but I'm guessing it's something you did in your life time or something. I'm not into the whole secret identity. I like to make a challenging fight, though."

Somehow, I wondered how he picked up my lying so easily, but I didn't care. My sneakers came off and I helped myself to get some rest for the night. Red X joined, but it's unknown about his expression to just have a place to sleep.

I couldn't wait to go back to the Titan Tower and give him a room. His own bedroom. Hopefully, he can join on my team and get along well. He wouldn't have to worry about stealing anything or more, not even going to jail. He can be my sparring partner for training, I'd like that.

"Your smile is beautiful, Robin. Could you tell me why you're smiling like that?" He whispered.

"You'll find out when this is all over."

"Damn, you're full of surprises! Awesome!" He giggled.

Somehow, my head shook and we slipped under the cover to get some sleep for the night. I have to put up with Slade and he has to locate the element so I can work on it. The sooner he finds it and brings it, the sooner I can escape. Hopefully, Slade will not catch on at all.

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