Sif Meets the Avengers

Chapter 7


Fury met them in the HQ. He stood affront them all, they were standing in sort of a semi-circle.

They were all suited up, knowing of the event set to take place today.

"Well, conveniently enough, Loki has given us enough time. I'm supposing you all did what was asked of you?"

"No, we just sat around on our asses for the last week." Tony said sarcastically, rolling his eyes.

"What will we do now?" Natasha asked. She already knew, but she felt like changing the subject before an argument germinated.

"You will test out your teamwork. Get on it right away. We don't know for a fact how close Loki is."

"I know for a fact how close Loki is." A voice echoed from the ceiling.

The Avengers (and Fury) looked up to see a certain dark haired God standing comfortably on the ceiling ledge. He was grinning. "I heard you talking about me, old friends. I had to come revisit you to see what all the fuss was about!"

Sif's brow furrowed in a mixture of anger, frustration, and irritation. She was suited and armed, ready for him this time around.

"Guess we'll have to cut right to the chase." Steve said. He was referring to the training they were going to do now being canceled by the sudden arrival of Loki Laufeyson.

Thor looked up to Loki. "Brother, you never seem to learn from your mistakes."

"Oh no, Thor." Loki corrected, "I have learned from my mistakes indeed. And this time, I've learned so much from them, that I will be successful in my plan to conquer the Earth People, marry the woman I truly love and that you do not deserve, and kill all of you, excluding Sif, of course."

Sif stepped forward,"Loki, you are making a big mistake. The Earth People are wild and reckless, yes-"

"Hey!" Tony said, crossing his arms in offense, "Hurtful!"

She glared at him. Then went on, "But who are you to conquer them? They are in need of a good leader, but you are not what they have in mind! They were made to be ruled and taught by their own kind, as we are!"

"Yeah. You ruling us will just screw everything up." Tony agreed, honestly.

"No matter how earnestly you attempt," Loki began, "nothing will change my feelings toward the Earth Nation. Look at them. They lack many things. I disagree with them needing their own kind to rule them. They need someone of an upper class, someone who knows their many weaknesses. Someone they shall fear. That someone is me. And Sif, why are you fighting it? We can rule together, and continue the production of Gods here, on this planet. They shall rule forever."

"You will never understand, Loki, if you keep yourself on this track!" Sif slammed her fist into the wall, the ledge on the ceiling rattling from its frame being hit with such hard force.

Loki moved from it, to the level of his opponents. "It is you who will never understand! I do not care what any of you have to say, my plan is my plan and I will stick to it!"

"Can we kill him now,Thor?" Tony asked as if a child in waiting would.

"No." Thor said simply.

"We just have to knock some sense into him." Sif said, staring Loki dead in the eye.

"Oh, no!" Loki said sarcastically, "I have got the Avengers after me! Whatever shall I do?"

Sif was angered even further by this. She raised her hand to Loki and smacked him, right across his face. "You are stupid! Do you comprehend that?! Stupid!"

Thor, Natasha, Tony, Steve, and Dr. Banner were shocked at that gesture. That was not what they were expecting.

"Go Sif!" Natasha cheered, practically.

Loki rose himself from the ground, a big red mark on his face. He coughed a little, making it obvious that he was not expecting that either. "Wow."

She grabbed him by the shirt, the tears visible in her eyes. "You...You do not understand it, Loki! The sacrifices Thor has made to make you safe! You cannot let anger and jealousy rule your life! Even I have made sacrifices for you!"

Loki stared at her. "Are you saying that you actually care?"

"Of course she does!" Thor said, pulling Sif off of Loki and holding her gently, "We all do!"

Loki actually thought for a moment. "Let me think here...Go back to Asgard and be punished...or...kill all of you, marry Lady Sif, and rule a planet..." He pointed his staff at Thor, "I think we all know what I am going to choose."

Thor grew almost as angry as Sif. "Then we will just have to fight, then. And then...we will bring you home by force a second time."

Loki rolled his eyes as he snapped his fingers.

Darkness pooled in the sky, a slight quaking among them. The large window behind Loki revealed it to be caused by his army. They were bigger, there were more of them, they were stronger and fiercer.

Thor looked out at them. "Your army? Why don't you join them?!" He said, pushing Loki with a lot of force, sending him tumbling out of the side of the building and into New York City.

Loki, as he fell from this height, looked toward the ground approaching. All he did was simply stick out his staff, creating a barrier around himself. That allowed him to land with ease and without pain.

Tony flipped his mask so that it was on. He looked toward Sif.

She nodded.

"Avengers, Assemble!" Tony yelled as all the others finished suiting up.

Dr. Banner transformed as he jumped out of the huge hole, like the rest of them.

The struggle with Loki would officially start all over again.