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This is what I wanted to happen in 3x14, "Dangerous Liaisons"!

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The Decision


Her eyes scan the room with curiosity; why is Caroline dancing with Klaus? How come she barely sees Stefan or Damon? Is Rebekah planning something?

She doesn't have any answers to her questions, but the man that strodes up behind her does.

"You look ravishing, lovely Elena," his velvet tone winds through her ears and makes a crismon color flush over her cheeks. She glances at him from the side, taking in how dashing he looks in his tuxedo.

"You do too," she smiles light heartedly and rubs her hands together, watching Klaus, "Thank you, Elijah."

"Eyeing my brother, are we?" he chuckles lightly, "He hasn't planned anything, he isn't going to hurt you."

"I know," she whispers, as Klaus finally meets her narrowed stare. He gives her a crooked smile and takes off in the other direction, leaving her view.

Elijah sighs, "My family is most important to me. I think you know that though."

"So why are you bringing it up?"

"Because," he turns to her, and sweeps a strand of hair behind her ear, "if anyone should try to hurt them, I have no problem fighting back."

"Is that a threat, Elijah?"

"Not at all," he begins to walk away. And with a casual glance over his shoulder, "It's a promise."

As he walks away, Elena fumbles for a remark. But she comes up with nothing.

She also forgot to ask him her questions.


She's more than happy when he offers her a dance.

Under the careful and cautious glance of Stefan and Damon, she shivers as Elijah takes her hand and leads her to the dance floor.

Elijah plants his hands on her tiny waist and she places hers on his broad shoulders. The band in the backgroud seems to fade while she sways across the dance floor with Elijah. His feet are swift and know where to go, unlike Elena who is having a hard time keeping up. But he slows down for her, making sure she enjoys every minute of his touch and this dance.

Someone clears their throat behind Elena. She turns reluctantly and is met with a pair of icy cold blue eyes. Elijah tips his head back, upset that Klaus had ruined their moment.

"May I cut in?"

Elijah hisses, "We were having a good time, Niklaus."

"Boo hoo," he smirks and laces Elena's arm with his, "May I take you away from this boring man?"

She wants to giggle, but she pushes it back, "Uhm..."

"One dance, sweetheart," Klaus smiles, "That is all that I ask of."

She whisperes a small yes and turns to give Elijah a sad look.

But he's gone already.

"My brother is a cry baby, don't feel bad, my love," Klaus whispers in her ear, as she feels his warm breath crawl across the skin of her neck and cheek, "You look stunning."

She presses her lips together, "Thank you, Klaus. You look...handsome."

"I'm surprised, you know," he says, pressing their bodies closer, much to Elena's dismay, "You've danced with two Originals, but not one Salvatore."

"I'm trying to get away from them from a night," she explains, "Just to be myself."

He smiles, "I like that about you, love."

She nods her head, her eyes searching for Elijah. All she's met with his a glaring and furious Damon.

"Would you excuse me?" she says, her eyes finding Klaus'. He looks upset after her words.

He clears his throat, "Of course. Thank you, Elena."

"Hmm," she picks up her dress and begins to walk away, when she feels something burning into her back. A stare.

She turns around, meeting with the eyes of Elijah and Klaus.

Not this again.


After a dance with both Damon and Stefan, which she enjoyed, she seeks out Esther. Though she can't seem to find her anywhere.

As she ventures upstairs, she meets with another one of the Originals. Kol.

Kol is on the balcony with his brother, Finn. They're sharing a drink and talking about Elijah and Klaus.

Kol leans against the balcony and smiles lazily, "Elijah's had his eyes on that doppelganger all night long."

"So has Klaus," Finn counters.

"Like she'll ever fall for either of them," Kol sniffs and looks at the stars, "Those Salvatore boys have a hold on her. Just like that Katerina."

"Too bad Tatia didn't meet them."

They share a chuckle before Finn turns and sees Elena for the first time.

"Speak of the devil," Finn whispers and Kol whips around, his eyes locking on her in a deadly glance.

Kol strides over to her and puts cold hand on her waist, "Just like Tatia," he chuckles, "We could end your misery and you wouldn't have to make a decision."

She begins to walk away and Kol takes that as a challenge issued.

"Where are you going, sweetheart? Stay with us, have some fun!" Kol pushes her back and Finn bites down on his lip.


Elena and Kol turn, met with Klaus' guarding glance. Kol smiles gently and Elena moves to Klaus' side, though she doesn't know why.

"Come, love. Let's leave," he puts his hand on the small of her back and ushers her away while Kol snorts and takes off with Finn.

In that moment, a small part of her thanks Klaus.


She meets with Esther finally and while part of her is happy that the Originals will soon be dead another part of her aches.

Mostly for Elijah.

She runs out of the room, telling Damon and Stefan everything right away. Damon is happy with Esther while Stefan is a bit concerned.

"Why are you concerned?" Damon rolls his eyes, "Come, Stefan. We'll watch the show downstairs with Caroline."

Elena waits until they leave. Then she runs in the direction of where she last saw Elijah.

Twisting and turning her way through the crowd of people, she sees Finn exit the bedroom with Esther. Rebekah and Kol are chatting and bickering like siblings near the staircase. Elijah and Klaus are nowhere to be found.

"Elijah..." she whispers, a tear sliding down her face. He's saved her countless times. She needs to return the favor tonight.

"Looks like you'll have to settle for me," a cocky voice rings behind her. Klaus appears infront of her, since she wouldn't turn around. "What's wrong, darling? You're crying."

Her eyes catch Damon and Stefan, who are watching her with anger like most times.

"Where is Elijah?"

"Around somewhere, I'm sure I can entertain you though," he winks and takes her hand, but she pulls it away and starts walking. He follows her.

"Love, where are you going?"

"I need to find Elijah. Now!"

"Let me go with you, I'm sure we can find him."

She mouths a thank you as she sees Esther atop the stairs with Rebekah, Finn and Kol. Then, finally, she sees Elijah make his way out of the bathroom.

"Elijah!" she cries much too loud. She makes a beeline towards him and he waits for her. Klaus following behind at walking speed.

Esther sees it all coming.

"Welcome, welcome!" she booms, everyone staring at her, "Thank you so much for coming to join us at this lovely occasion. My children and I are very grateful to be accepted. This town is just so kind!"

Everyone laughs and nods along with her.

"Elena, what's going on?" Klaus hissed under his breath.

"May my other two children, Niklaus and Elijah please come up here?"

She's faced with a decision. She can't grab both of them and tell them the plan now. Now she can only pick one without getting caught.

It should be Elijah. She cares about him, deeply. And he's saved her so much.

So why does she reach out and drag Klaus back to her?

"In that champagne," she whispers in his ear, "Is my blood. If you all drink it, you're all linked and your mother in planning to kill you."

Klaus' face becomes lost as he leaves Elena and starts walking towards the stairs with a tense posture. Esther gives me a polite smile as all of her children stand with her.

"We drink this champagne," she eyes Elena, "to commemorate this lovely evening. Thank you!"

Rebekah takes the first sip, then Kol and then Finn. When the glass gets passed to Elijah, he spares Elena a look. She shakes her head and he passes the glass to Klaus. Who 'accidentally' drops it.

She smiles brightly while Stefan and Damon start to curse.


She returns home after Stefan gives her a ride home. He doesn't say a word to her and she doesn't say anything to him.

She knows she won't ever go back to the times when they loved one another.

"Goodnight, Elena," he mutteres when she gets out of the car and walks into her house. She doesn't say anything to him.

When she enters the house, Elijah is sitting on the couch. Alaric and Jeremy are sleeping, she assumes.

"Elijah-" she mumbles but he rushes to her and puts a finger to her lips.

"You saved us, Elena. Klaus told me everything," he caresses her cheek, "Thank you."

"I...don't know what to say. I don't know why I told Klaus..."

"Because if one goes down we all do. And since Klaus is the most powerful...so you told him. Am I correct?"

She lies through her teeth, "Yes."

Elijah leans down and meets their lips together with sincerity and kindness. She kisses back, not a surprised. She loses track of time and she loses her mind all together. Happiness sweeps over her and their lips mold together.

She whimpers when he pulls away.

"I shall let you retire to your bedroom," he sweeps her hair from her face, "Perhaps I'll come by tomorrow. Or we could spend a day together. Whatever you like, lovely Elena."

She blushes and he kisses her once more and leaves the house.

Elena throws her shawl and purse on the couch and walks upstairs to her bedroom. With a check, she realizes Jeremy and Alaric aren't here at all. Stefan and Damon must have called them over so they could hear about Elena saving the phsycotic Originals.

After opening her bedroom door and closing it, she jumps back. Surprised to see Klaus sitting on her bed.

"Hello, love."

"What are you here?" Elena asks, taking off her gloves.

"Just as my brother," he whispers, "I came to thank you and tell you that I am eternally grateful. You saved my life tonight, though I don't know why. I took yours last year."

"I know."

"You're a complicated girl, miss Elena," its one of those rare times she hears her name from his lips, "But you intrigue me. You are the only thing keeping me in Mystic Falls."

She blushes.

Suddenly she's on the bed and underneath him. The more she squirms, the more tension arises. So she stills her body and listens to him.

"Elijah may be able to show you the world and give you the passionate, unfettering love that you desire. But he will never give you what I can give you."


His lips press to hers and she's feel icky. Sure, she loved Elijah's kiss, but what does she feel when Klaus is with her?

With Elijah, she feels safe and warm. Like nothing will ever hurt her and she can keep a smile glued to her face.

With Klaus...she knows there's danger and anger and hurt. But yet it's adventurous and excting. And she wants more.

She kisses back.

His tongue sweeps her bottom lips with elegance and lust, and she grants him access. Though she doesn't know why.

And after he pulls away, she feels empty.

He rubs her cheek with his thumb, "Make a decision soon, sweetheart. I don't wait for anyone," he chuckles and kisses her forhead, "But I'll extend the deadline for you."

As Klaus leaves her to her thoughts, she rolls over, not even taking her dress off.

She's always been indecisive.


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