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The Decision


"Will you catch me?"

The warm sun sprawls across her bare back as she stands high atop the stony cliff, looking down at her blonde haired companion. Klaus' sea blue eyes are shielded by a pair of aviators and his creamy skin is melting her inside.

He smirks at her, "I'd never let you fall, sweet heart."

Days have passed since her breaking point and confession to Klaus. Since then, she's learned that she can have both of the brothers for now as long as she doesn't get too serious with either of them. In the back of the mind she hears a quiet voice telling her that she's being like Katherine, but she knows she's not. She knows that she's just being an indecisive teenager with adoration for Elijah and a fiery want for Klaus.

"Too bad Elijah didn't come with us today," she calls down, moving her toes to the edge of the cliff. At the bottom of the lake, sand piles up; making the water churn into a blue green color. It attracts her and she can't wait to feel the smooth water drenching her skin.

"Yes, it's a shame," Klaus rolls his eyes, causing Elena's charming laugh, "Jump!"

With a tight smile, she pushes herself a little closer to the edge; almost off but not quite. It's only another minute before Klaus takes responsibility and pushes her off the cliff.

"Klaus!" she hisses once she resurfaces, her hazelnut hair soaked and now turned the color of dark chocolate. "What was that for?"

"You didn't jump," he chuckles and executes a perfect dive off the cliff and into the water.

"Show off," she swims back to shore, Klaus only a few feet beside her. The sea weed under the water dances and tickles against her legs, making her squirm uncomfortably. It just reminds her of her parents' car crash and the sea weed locked tightly around the wheels.

She shakes her head, trying to rid the thought from her mind. I came here to have fun, she tells herself, that's exactly what I plan to do.

Klaus pulls out a bag of BBQ chips and lays one on his tongue, savoring the taste, "Hmm I always loved chips."

Elena smiles affectionately, "What's the rest of your family doing today?"

"Kol's most likely staring at himself, Rebekah's probably seducing someone, Finn is with my mother and Elijah is wishing he could be here," Klaus winks, "Meanwhile, I get to spend the afternoon with the most beautiful girl in boring Falls."

"Even when you're sarcastic you're fun," she pinches his cheeks, sending a light rosy color over his skin.

"Tell me you're enjoying this day," he tells her, stroking her cheek with his thumb, "Tell me that you actually like being with me."

"Jeez you are so insecure," she pokes the straw into her orange juice, "I would have left by now if I wasn't having fun."

She cups his cheek with her sizzling hand, "Don't make me sing One Direction for you, Klaus."

He chuckles softly and rolls onto his back, pulling her on top of him, "You are beautiful, but I think you know it."

"Maybe, but could you tell me again?"

"You, my sweet little angel, are beautiful. The most beautiful girl I have ever met."

She smiles and rolls off beside him and onto the grass, "You, my maniacal hybrid, are gorgeous."

"Well then, we make a pretty good team."


In his room, Elijah sits on the floor, flipping through old, slightly burnt pictures from the times where he was still human. Pictures of him and Klaus as children, pictures of him and Charlotte at the Founder's Ball. So many memories that he wants to recreate but Klaus won't let him.

Sighing, he pulls out another picture will messy writing scrawled across the back of the photo. Charlotte, it reads. For a moment, he debates against flipping it over but curiosity killed the cat.

The photo is drawn, neatly and detailed. Her high cheek bones and the curve of her waist are uncanny and so realistic it almost feels as if she's beside him. A longing feeling twists and breaks inside of Elijah as he realizes Klaus has always had his way with the three Petrova girls.

Charlotte and her naïve, indecisive personality…

Katerina and her desires…

Elena and her want to do something big with her life…

He's had his way with all of them but why? Is it because of his boyish good looks? His power? His overused seduction techniques?

No, it's none of that. It's the fact that he's a dangerous bad boy and all the girls want to make him their good boy. Girls always say good boys are best, so how come you never get picked? A envious voice choruses deep inside of his mind.

Elijah shakes the jealous voice from his head; he and Klaus are brothers, and throughout their competitions and fights, they love each other.

Elijah drops the picture and picks up his swim trunks, shades and car keys. Nothing wrong with a little healthy play time with his brother and their girlfriend.


Klaus waits at the bottom of the cliff again as Elena tries to jump this time by herself. She sucks in her bottom lip and bites down, giving him a worrisome look. He nods slightly, motioning for her to jump again.

"Come on, love. I'm right here if something happens," Klaus bites into the peach again, juice trickling down his chin, "Remember what's waiting for you when you get back here." He winks.

The echo of her giggle rings through in his ears, making him tingle in delight; desiring her lips devouring his skin.

"That's a sexy thought," Klaus jumps instantly and gets ready to attack when he realizes it's his brother. "Hi, Nik."

"Elijah!" Elena cries loudly with a wide smile and he waves up to her romantically and winks at her, causing her to giggle again.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Klaus hisses, watching his brother strip and get into his swim trunks, "You knew this was mine and Elena's date."

"Oh but what's the harm in some fun with your brother?" Elijah shrugs, watching Elena fling herself off the cliff to come meet with him, "Besides, you can't keep her to yourself forever."

"Ass," Klaus glares and sits on the rock, awaiting Elena to swim over to him. Elijah takes the power away and dives into the lukewarm water, swimming all the way out to meet with Elena. Moments pass by as the two tread water while speaking privately and closely about God knows what.

But sooner than later, the two finally come back in to get a snack. Elena hops out of the water and Klaus wraps her up in a pink and blue striped towel, holding her body to his while they stand by the water.

"It's nice that Elijah showed up isn't it," she smiles, looking out at the shining water, "Now we can all spend some time together, it's gonna be perfect!"

"Maybe," Klaus sighs deeply and buries his face into her shoulder and she makes a strangled noise, "What's wrong, love?"

"Why maybe? You didn't want him here?"

"It's just that you and I were on a date," he whispers in her ear, his tongue flicking against it with each word, "I love time alone with you."

She giggles lightly and pushes herself deeper into her arms, "I know you do, and I love spending time with you." A smile creeps across his face, "But you can't just keep me to yourself."

His gaze narrows, "I know."


As twilights draws in, the brothers stand on Elena's front porch while she unlocks the door and smiles at them both.

"Thank you both so much for the wonderful day, I had a lot of fun. Like when the spider bit Klaus and he freaked out? Or when we covered Elijah in sand when he fell asleep?" she laughs at the memories, "Good times."

Klaus leans in and kisses her cheek, much to her dismay. She hates being affectionate with one infront of the other.

Elijah leans over and hugs her, kissing the top of her head, "Thanks for today, Elena. Definetly wouldn't have had fun without you."

She blushes cherry red, the warm air sweeping across her skin as Elijah retreats to his car and speeds off, leaving Elena with Klaus.

Klaus grins boyishly, "Can I come in?"

"Noooo," she winks and watches him frown, "If I gave you everything you wanted, the game would be over."

"The game? What game are we playing?" he draws lines across her forearm with his index finger, sending a chorus of shivers through her.

She shakes her head jokingly, "The game you and Elijah are playing; the game where the prize is my adoration."

"Hmm well you know I'll do anything to win," he winks and kisses her lips softly, retreating before giving her anything else.

"Goodnight, Klaus," she rolls her eyes and heads inside, shutting the door firmly behind her and slumping against it.

How is she ever supposed to pick one winner?


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