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As the contractions intensified, Ursa's one year old son was rushed from the room, so as to make her more comfortable during child birth.

Laying there sweating, a baby girl was lifted before her eyes. The girl had coal black hair and golden eyes like her brother.

"Azula," smirked Ozai, oblivious to his wife's suffering. This was the name they had agreed on to honor the fire lord.

His wife cried out again, but he was too wrapped up in the glint in his daughter's eyes. He remained unknowing until the wailing of another child split the air.

This unexpected baby girl had strange golden hair to match her light gold eyes.

The fire lord frowned at this change in events,

"Why is her hair like that?" he demanded. "What is wrong with her?

"S-Sir," mumbled the healer. "I'm sure it'll fall out and she will grow gorgeous black locks like yourself.

"Humph," grumbled the prince, unaware of the blatant flattery.

"Laza," whispered Ursa, taking the strange child in her arms.

Seven Years later.

Laza never outgrew the blonde mop on her head. Because of this she was an outcast shunned by everyone, including her twin sister, except her mother and older brother.

Zuko doted on his little sister, who lacked the malicious glint in Azula's eyes.

Laza kept her hair chopped off at her chin, rather than put it in a topknot like her siblings.

She hated the deep reds of her native country, a stark and embarrassing contrast to her light hair. Instead she preferred the greens of the earth kingdom traders

She had, however, once made the mistake of wearing them in front of her father, who had beaten her, saying that a princess of the fire nation should not, under any circumstances be wearing such common garb.

After her father became fire lord, and her mother disappeared, things weren't the same. Before, as a princess, she had certain privileges. Now she was treated no better than a servant, even preferring to take the hidden servant passage ways in the walls, so as not to be seen.

She would even hide in the trees in the courtyard, especially the one, gnarled one by the turtle duck pond, under which, she Zuko and her mother used to feed turtle ducks.

One Year Later

When Laza's brother, whom she adored, was disgraced and castoff by the family, she saw a way out. She went off with Zuko and her uncle Iroh.

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