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The blonde man's eyes widened and he dodged the blade just in time. 'Mind' quickly knocked the blade out of his friend's hand.

"Stop it!" He demanded as he raised his hand to stop Sight's sense of Sight. The man stood in the middle of the room anger in his blind eyes.

"The is 'The Cure', he is my chicago contact and a resonably good guy. He won't hurt anyone"'Mind said calmly as he gestured for 'The Cure' to see to 'The Cause'. As the man croosed the cetre of the room 'Sight's hand darted out and hit him square in the nose, 'Sight' grinned at the satisfactory crunch he got on impact

"You should be lighter on your feet" 'Sight laughed at his own private joke.

"So fucking mature 'Sight'" E growled going over to see if 'The Cure' was OK. The man simply realined his nose and then carried on towards the table.

"Whoever did this should probably get a medal or something" 'The Cure' stated observing the towles " cos they stemed the bleeding and probably saved his life." 'The Cure peeled back the blood soaked towels and shirts. He grasped the knife by the handle and turned to 'Mind'

"You might want to stop him from screaming" He said grinning. 'Mind' raised his hand then nodded 'The Cure gave 'Cause a sympathetic smile then yanked the blade out, the tall man's body arched up of the table in silent pain his eyes scrunched shut, his hands gripping the table edge. Blood spurted out of the wound, 'The Cure' just placed his hands over the gapping hole and closed his eyes. The bleeding started to slow, then it stopped completely, soon the only evidence of the injury on his stomach was his blood soaked, ripped up clothes.

"I won't do his face cos I'nm tired but he will be fine now" 'The Cure stated pulling his now very blody hands away and wiping them on his trousers. He gave 'E' a small smile before trudging over to the couch, lying down and falling asleep. The Midnight Crew sighed in relief as they watched their brother sleep peacfuly. It was finaly over.

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