So Georgia is all grown up (as grown up as she can ever be) and living the life in NY city, her and Dave broke up when he decided to go to university and she went to London when they were eighteen. they ended up on okay terms (i.e. not hating each others guts)

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Monday 24th May 2012


Oh buggering buggeration, how the hell did I sleep in? Oh I know how, my mad flatmates dragged me out last night, even though I said I had an early morning. Oh god, this is the worst headache I've ever had in my life, it feels like someone is sitting on my brain

I leapt out of bed and ran into the bathroom tearing off my PJs as I went nearly falling on my bum-oley. I jumped in the shower and my flatmate Gemma strolled in and leant against the doorframe with a cup of coffee in her hands

"Oh you're finally up Gee" she said

I stuck my head out the shower curtain "Yes, no thanks to you, why the bloody hell did you let me sleep in, you know I can't be late today"

"Oh yeah, you've got that thingymuhjig today haven't you?" she mumbled airily

"Just one of the most important shoots of my career yes"

"Aah don't worry, it will all go perfectly" Gemma said dreamily,

"And what makes you say that Gem?"

"I just know" she said with a smile and sauntered off into the kitchen, she had the slight Mystic Meg about her this one. Jem had been 'predicting' my future ever since we first met, according to her I was supposed to be married with 6 children by now. But then again we had drunk about 12 bottles of wine when she said this and were very merry off our arses. She had predicted that her, Jools and I would be living together in New York City, which we are, but I doubted how much this had to do with her 'powers'.

Jools and I had met Gemma when we moved to London together, Jools had managed to get a job designing clothes for a small theatre in the City, I was on an apprenticeship with an old school friend of Mutti's, Joe Gladstone. Gem was his daughter and two years older than me and Jools, seeing as we didn't know anyone in London she quickly saved us. We were only 18 and, as Gem put it, impressionable young whatsits who would have been taken advantage of. She really is a mad a box of hats, she gave Rosie a run for her money; of course the rest of the Ace Gang love her, even if they do think she's a bit of a nutter, but they can hardly talk.

I really missed the Ace Gang sometimes, we keep in contact, but we're all so spaced out now. Mabs and Ellen had finished university a year ago, Mabs is living in France with her new boyfriend Sebastian (she had studied languages at university, mad woman) and Ellen was a fully trained midwife in Bristol, bless any poor sod who had her delivering their baby: "Erm…come on, I'm sure…ooh is that supposed to look like that…now um…push…or something", I joke, she's probably very good (ish).

Anyway where was I before my brain stared babbling on, ah yes... the Ace Gang; Rosie was living with her mad boyfriend, sorry, 'fiancé', back home, they owned a small tea shop which opened a few years ago. It's the most bonkers shop I've ever been in; Sven's furry shorts were framed on the wall, along with several bison horn helmets and beards. But it was cosy and she made the best cupcakes known to man, gott in himmel knows how she learnt to make them, she's all domesticated now, well as domesticated as you can be living with Sven.

Jas was still at university studying Veterinary, her and Hunky got married two years ago, Jools and I flew home and it was, if I say so, a bloody marvy fandango; all of the Ace Gang were bridesmaids and there was, at Rosie's insistence, an honorary Viking Bison inferno dance which involved a lot of charging and yelling "HOOOORNN!"

"Gee, we're going to be late!" Jools called from the kitchen, she had designed some of the clothes I would be photographing today and was more nervous than me

I jumped in shock and cut my leg with the shaver, "Ahh bollocks" I yelled, "I'm coming!"

2 minutes later

I was attempting to staunch the flow of blood coming from my legs with Jools' dressing gown, she would kill me but I didn't care, it was her bloody fault I cut myself in the first place.


Hair dried and up in a loose, formal but still a bit ooh la la sexy bun, check

Simple natural make-up to cover up terrible hangover panda eyes, check

Clothes, erm…not check

1 minute later

Summer dress and gladiators

No denim shorts…but I don't have a top to go with them

Right dress it is

1 minute later

Ooh I just found that gorgeous top that I was given after the photo shoot last week. It's made of a thin creamy-white material which hangs all loosey loose and doesn't make my nungas look too massive (a challenge in itself), the straps are all ropey and twisted round, the back scoops quite low, so I'll wear my dark purple bra to make it look all statementy.

Deffo shorts it is then

Ahh remember the days when I would spend hours deciding what to wear, I'm so much more full of maturiosnosity now

1 minute later

Hmm which shoes shall I wear?


No flowery wedges




2 minutes later


Right done, now where are my earrings?

"Jools have you seen my gold dangly earrings" I called out, clattering around my cluttered dresser

"Er…yeah they're on my bedside table"

I scoffed quietly, "Of course they are"

I grabbed my large grey cardy and my oversized bag and ran into Jools' room to retrieve my earrings

"Ok come on let's go then" I said as I went back into the kitchen, putting my earrings in as I went

"Aren't you having brekky?"

"Nah we can stop at Starbucks"

"Bye girlies, I'll be sending positive thoughts out to you both" Gemma said as we scrambled out the door


On the tube

Subtly staring at a rather gorgey guy Jools had spotted, he looked a bit scruffy, but a kind of good scruffy. You know how some guys just look better unshaved and looking a bit on the dirty side (not like that you rudey people). But still yumm, it was a bit like Viggo whatsit in that film

"He's a bit like that Viggo whatsit guy in the film with the gay guys on the mountain"

"Lord of the Rings"


"Mmm" Jools agreed staring at McScruffy again

1 minute later

Oh my god, Jools is doing sticky eyes with McScruffy

1 minute later

Oh my god! McScruffy is doing sticky eyes back at Jools

They look like they're mentally undressing each other

"Jools you're drooling"


3 minutes later

"Come on Jools, you're going to have to stop having mental number 10, this is our stop" I started to drag her off the train

"But, but…" oh god she has no dignity

I rolled my eyes and forced her ahead of me onto the platform "Come on, I need some coffee, have I mentioned how hungover I am?" I complained

"No, but admit it, last night was a larf, you're glad you came out"

"Well yes, but I did ruin my new shoes, I had red marker pen all up my left side and I feel like a badger slept on my face last night"

"All good signs of a good night" Jools grinned

I laughed, just then someone tapped on Jools' shoulder; it was McScruffy!

"Hey you nearly got away" he grinned, cor he was even more scrummy close up, I looked sideways at Jools, she had gone all jellied

"Nnnuuung" I elbowed her in the ribs, "I mean hi" she composed herself slightly

"Hey" he chuckled, "I'm Matt"


"I was wondering if you wanted to get a cup of coffee"

"Umm…actually we're a bit late for work"

His face fell, "But we're going via Starbucks if you want to join" I interrupted, he looked away from Jools for the first time "I'm Georgia, but we really are running a bit late, so if you do then…"

He smiled, "Sure"



Still in the bloody queue, Jools is chatting away happily to the train guy in front of me.

So far she's touched his arm bout 5 trillion times and she's laughing like a loon at something really not very funny that he said; subtle Jools, really subtle I thought to myself

I finally reached the counter "Large white coffee, two sugars please, oh and a bagel"

"Sure thing, plain or sesame?"


"That's $3.20, what name shall I take?"


I handed over the money and ambled over to the collection point to wait

30 seconds later

Jools was giving McScruffy her number and smiling at him as he grabbed his coffee and left the shop

"Oooohh my god!" she moaned jittering up and down like a mad bee

"Score" I complimented, "what did he say when he left?"

Jools' face fell slightly "He said s'laters"

"Aaah the old s'laters" we'd been dealing with this certain expression since we were 14 and apparently it doesn't become any clearer at the age of 24 and plenty of menfolk seem use it in Hamburger-a-gogo land

"I'm sure he'll call though, he seemed nice, what does he do"

But Jools wasn't listening to me, she was staring open-mouthed at the queue behind me, "Oooh my god" she murmured

"What?" I frowned and turned around to see what she was looking at

Just then the coffee guy called my name, which made the person I had been staring at to look at me, his eyes widened in shock and I couldn't help the smile that spread across my face

"Well bugger me KittyKat"

Who could it be?

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