My Ending for "Stargirl"

I was too shy. I don't know why. But then a few days later I asked Stargirl to the Ocotillo Ball. When I asked her she smiled and said yes. I was relieved. I thought she would have said no. I've been so bossy with her. Last time I checked the rocks in her happiness scale there were only two rocks. I've been trying to change her back. Everybody will just have to accept her for who she is. I already have and always will.

Next week before the Ocotillo Ball, I picked Stargirl up an hour before in my pickup. She happily climbed in. When I saw her my eyes almost popped out of my head. She was beautiful. I couldn't believe it. Even though her dress was white, the embroidery was exquisite. Her eyelids brushed with white eye shadow. She smiled softly and asked me why I picked her up an hour early. After a minute or two I finally answered after recovering from shock. I wanted to bring her to the enchanted place she showed me a few weeks ago.

When we arrived the stars glowed extra brightly, like they were just recently turned on. I opened the door for Stargirl and took her hand. When we sat down on a huge boulder, I told her to clear her mind just as she had told me to. We sat there for half an hour and then we got up. Then once we got to my house we traded my pickup for a white limo.

When we arrived at the ball, many people were already there. We walked hand in hand across the tennis courts. Then that's when everybody noticed us. After a moment of silence everybody started whispering. I heard a few sentences of what everyone was saying. When I walked by a couple I heard the girl saying how jealous she was of Stargirl, because she looked so pretty. I saw girls and guys giving me and Stargirl envious looks. Then after a couple of dances, when I and Stargirl were at the punch stand a couple of guys ran up and started asking Stargirl if she wanted to dance. Me and Stargirl were astonished. Stargirl refused all of the requests.

When the night was over I went to Stargirl's house. Her happiness scale had all twenty rocks! I smiled the rest of the night. I kissed her goodbye then went home. As I lay down to sleep I told myself that I was really lucky. Stargirl and I have been really close.

The day after college ended I asked Stargirl to marry me. I took her out to her favorite restaurant. I put the ring in a fortune cookie and when she bit into it, it fell out. She said yes! I told her that I loved her with all my heart and would never stop loving her. I said "I can't imagine living life without you, Stargirl." Everyone in the restaurant clapped and then I kissed her.

Ten years later, now we have two kids. A girl named Alyssa and a boy named John. For every anniversary my present from Stargirl is porcupine necktie. I work as a director. I have directed three movies and a TV show. Kevin is working as an insurance salesman. I haven't heard anything from Hillari and Wayne, except they broke up shortly after the Ocotillo Ball. John and Alyssa go to Mica Elementary. Mica High is the only high school in Arizona that has a ukulele in the band. Mica High cheerleaders always cheer for the other team in every game.