AN: I don't really know what this is… It came out of nowhere and I wrote it in about 30 minutes, to be honest. But it seems that I write Victorious fic now…

No spoilers.

She writes her name on his skin over and over and over. Draws the letters with her fingertip across his legs and arms and back and chest, follows later with her tongue. Writing her name, time and again, desperate to cover him in it until no one on earth would question that he is hers. But her fingers and her tongue don't leave any visible trace.

So she marks him in other ways. Touches him in public as often as she can, and in private she uses her teeth and lips and nails until she's satisfied that he will have to go to school the next day with marks on his neck and scratches on his back and he never makes any effort to conceal them even though she knows people are staring.

But she never stops writing her name. She covers him with it, head-to-toe, and sometimes it's almost okay that no one else can see it, because she knows it's there.

When things start getting bad, and she can feel them breaking, she doubles her efforts. Traces her letters bigger, presses harder, and thinks that maybe if she can just get deep enough inside his skin it won't matter what else happens. She never mentions what she's doing, and neither does he, but two days before they break up she's drifting off to sleep when she feels his fingers on her spine. She is familiar enough with the shape of his name to recognize it, and he writes his name on her skin until they both fall asleep.

When they finally get back together, she writes her name in sharpie across his forearm, and the 'apostrophe-s' she adds at the end makes him laugh and pull her close.

(One night, years later, he comes home with her name tattooed on the inside of his wrist and a diamond ring in his pocket.)