harmonious morn

A HariPo freeverse piece

by mew-tsubaki

Note: The Harry Potter characters belong to J.K. Rowling, not me. Because I felt the need to write Al and Teddy an FV amongst my drabbles and oneshots for them. ;P Read, review, and enjoy!


sometimes life is hard
other times, it's so SiMpLe that it's annoying
then there are the times that make it
-d a m n-
B ~ R ~ E ~ A ~ T ~ H ~ E

in those times,
f;i;n;d;s his

because Teddy !gets it!
he knows that
having HARRY POTTER as a dad is draining&&
fighting Dark wizards e.v.e.r.y workday can take a lot out of him&&
loving someone in s-e-c-r-e-t makes him wanna

and share his secret with the
w o r l d

so to lift all the burdens off Al's shoulders,
Teddy talks.
&it's not that Teddy loves the sound of his own voice (Al does)
&it's not that Teddy never says a word (Al chooses his own carefully)
it's that the .s~o.u~n.d~ of Teddy's voice
is the o n l y r_e_m_e_d_y
for the HaZaRdS of the [real] world

"I'll tell you something good, Alabaster"
"I love you, you know that?"
"Do you remember the day when you decided to be an Auror?"

"I knew you'd be the best"

"Better than your dad"

"Better than Minister Shacklebolt"

"Better than my parents"

"Better than me"

(even though Al thinks Teddy's the best at everything,
&Teddy's really just the b-b-best in the universe)

even when the days are so tough that

Al wants to {c}{r}{y}

[they got the bad guy, but they lost a good guy, too]
•Teddy knows just the right thing to say

"Nothing can get you while you're in my arms, Alabaster"

sometimes Al thinks it's a curse, those words
as long as Al returns to those arms
-every night-
then it's not so bad
&&maybe it won't be so bad to
listen to Teddy hum
a day's

a w a y

the only thing that's X0frustrating!0X, though,
is that Teddy will occasionally rock him to sleep
and it doesn't help that
Teddy's voice is an insufferable lulla-



Not that Al minds…

It would just be nice to watch Teddy p,e,a,c,e,f,u,l,l,y rest for once.

[because his love for Al always has him on the lookout,

and Al wants to show that his love's just as strong]

:3 Somewhat rambling and minimal in terms of stylizing (because I usually do so much more with my other FVs), but I like this. Ahh, nothing quite like a soothing voice…I mean, sometimes you've just got to fall for someone's voice, yeah? -w- On a side note, "Alabaster" is an endearment/nickname for Al. :]

Thank you for reading, and please review!

-mew-tsubaki :)