chapter 7


brick p.o.v

i went to the candy store to get something for momoko, but i coudn't find anything. so i went to her house. i knocked on the door. "coming brick!" she said. somehow she knew it was me. she opened the door and you won't believe what i saw. i saw fox ears and tail. should i tell her? maybe she already knows.

"uh momoko?"


"you have ears."

"of course." she said touching her ears. but not her human ones. she turned from calm to freaked out.

"WHAT THE HELL!" she yelled.

we went to the professor's lab to get answers. "ken where are you!" i yelled. he ran into the room. "what is god's name?" he asked.

"ken i'm freaking out! what is going on!" said momoko.

"it seems that you have inherited animal DNA." sid ken pulling her tail. "ow that hurts." she whined.

momoko p.o.v

what the hell. why did this happen? when did it happen? wait. i remember when i fought a fox when i was 16.


what the hell is wrong with these animals. i was fighting a fox, bubbles was fighting a cat, and buttercup was fighting a wolf.

"stay down you damn wolf!" yelled buttercup. the wolf jumped up and bit her arm. "what the hell!" she yelled before fainting.

"BUTTERCUP!" yelled bubbles then the cat scratched her cheek. "i feel sleepy." she said before fainting. it was just me and the fox. the fox jumped at me and bit my leg. i fell then got back up. it wasn't until the boys ound us before i fainted.

*end of flashback*

"that fox." i whispered.

"what fox?" asked brick.

"remember when you found us in the woods with animal marks on us 3 years ago?" i asked.

"oh yeah i remember." said brick. then a thought hit me. "hey now that you mention it, i saw some green stuff on their teeth and claws." i said.

"that could've been toxic waste." said ken.

"so i've been infected with toxic waste?" i asked.

"so would miyako and kaoru. they could've been infected." said brick.