Hey there, loyal readers! Today was a nice day, so I decided to post a NEW FIC! New fics give me something to do when I have writer's block on others. I have a bunch in the works at the same time. No worries, this one wasn't a result of a plot bunny. This was actually the first Danny Phantom fic I've ever written. AND it's a Teen Titans crossover to boot.

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There were no stars, only clouds. The moon was new and would not have appeared in the sky anyway. A deal was made that night. A ghostly figure sprang into the sky, focused upon his destination. He was not surprised the ghost boy wasn't out tonight. The boy had finished the patrol early, finding no ghosts wreaking their typical havoc upon the city. They had been paid not to attack that night. The mysterious ghost had to travel with stealth, so fighting the Danny Phantom was not the best option. The child would immediately recognize him as his nemesis and foil his plan, as he always did.

The ghost had no idea how a fourteen-year-old boy could possibly defeat so many superior ghosts. He hadn't been a ghost for 6 months and Daniel had already successfully fought Lunch Lady, Skulker, Spectra, and of course, himself, Vlad Plasmius. The child had even returned Pariah Dark to his eternal sleep. But none of this was important at the moment.

He reached a city on the coast. He flew, intangible and invisible, to his destination, avoiding capture by the heroes of this city. His destination was a cave on the opposite side of town. When he reached the spot, he touched the soft earth beneath him and entered the cave, illuminating the darkness with ectoplasmic energy.

The reason for Vlad's flight was an unusual one, considering the fact that he worked alone, formulating his devious plans in solitude. One day he came across information that piqued his interest which regarded a distant, obscure city with an unusually high crime rate. After hacking police databases and scanning the files of various prison escapees and repetitive lawbreakers, he found one report about a particularly elusive criminal. And he decided this man would make a powerful ally, with whom he could not lose. Both were cunning, strong, and had the same burning desire to conquer their enemies.

"Ah, you've arrived." A voice spoke from the blanket of darkness deeper in the cave.

"Yes, it is a pleasure to meet you face-to-face. Shall we discuss a plan, Slade?" Vlad responded. Slade stepped out of the shadows, revealing himself.

Slade was also in a curious predicament. Like Plasmius, he spent most of his time alone, planning revenge on his enemies and expanding his influence. After Vlad contacted him, he realized that an opportunity as rare as this was difficult to pass up. Where else would he find a man so similar to himself? As the saying goes, two heads are better than one, and since he couldn't seem to hold down an apprentice for very long he decided he needed a collaborator; Vlad Plasmius was perfect for the job.

As the two evil men conferred in whispers, they both came to a realization: they may have been working together to achieve the same goal, but neither one could truly trust the other. Once Slade heard about Danny Phantom, the gears in his mind began to turn uncontrollably, and soon enough, his head was full of plans to make the ghost boy his new apprentice. Vlad, however, was more interested in Slade's enemies, the Teen Titans. He could use his human half to manipulate them into doing his dirty work, much like he did with the "Red Huntress", Valerie Grey.

The pair of villains pushed their thoughts of deception back into the depths of their minds and continued to plot throughout the night.

Chapter 1: DPOV

It was a peaceful and beautiful day in Amity Park.

I was walking down the street with Sam and Tucker, actually starting to believe that it would be the only day that the city wouldn't be in danger. And it was the last day of school! How great was that? There weren't any ghost attacks during breakfast or at school (usually that's how long it takes). Even my human enemies weren't bothering me. Dash didn't wail on me for a change, Lancer didn't assign any projects over the summer, and, of course, Valerie wasn't attacking me, because I wasn't Danny Phantom.

But I was just not lucky enough, was I?

All of a sudden, my ghost sense kicked in. As my bluish breath faded away, I looked frantically around for two things: the ghost I would be fighting and any bystanders or cameras that could catch sight of my transformation. No one was around to see, so the white rings skimmed over my body, enhancing my senses, increasing my strength, activating my powers, and changing my overall appearance.

"Ah, there you are, whelp!" the mechanical hunter ghost snarled. I pretended to be bored.

"I've beaten you hundreds of times, Skulker. What makes you think this will be any different?" I feigned a yawn. The ghost smirked.

"This time I have some help. Remember that girlfriend I told you about? We made up."

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. Skulker, how many times do I have to tell you? You can't date your pillow! What would your imaginary girlfriend be able to do to me?" I provoked him. I still couldn't imagine him with a girlfriend. She probably hasn't seen him out of his ectoskeleton. I turned intangible as he fired his rifle at me.

"Oh, come on! Is that really the best you got?" I laughed. Evidently, I spoke too soon. I heard an electric guitar chord behind me. The ghostly sound waves from Ember's guitar sent me flying into a building.

"EMBER? You two are dating? Yikes…" I bit my lip.

"You got that right, dipstick." The female ghost struck another chord that sent me toward ground. I remembered Sam and Tucker standing there helplessly.

"Guys! Go somewhere safe!" I yelled. They ran away from the scene in the direction of my house, probably to go get a Fenton Thermos and some weapons.

"So, I may hate you both, but might I just say… she's way out of your league." I punctuated my remark with an ectoplasm-infused punch to Skulker's robotic gut, hopefully scrambling the small, bright green ghost behind the metal mask.

"Don't I know it?" Ember exclaimed while striking more chords.

"That hurt even more than the last time." Skulker muttered. I dodged the waves by going invisible and flying behind her. I grabbed the guitar and the surprise from my sneak attack made her loosen her grip. Too easy. I smashed it against the concrete wall of a building and it instantly shattered into pieces. Ember let out a scream. Skulker's eyes lit up more dangerously than usual.

"Oh, snap." I started to fly in the opposite direction and he followed. Ember sat back, powerless, and let her… ew… boyfriend… do all the work. I raced through the city and suddenly had an idea. I was so much smaller than Skulker. I could fit through small spaces and he couldn't. I changed course and headed uptown to the modern art sculpture. Skulker was right on my tail. I flew through the hole in the blob-like sculpture that was just big enough to fit through. Skulker, whose bulky armor was hard to control, got stuck inside.

"So… I'm guessing you're not a fan of modern art anymore…" I joked. He didn't find it funny. Tucker and Sam arrived just in time. The statue was cracking and the ghost was even angrier than before.

"Danny!" Tucker shouted as he threw the Fenton Thermos to me. I uncapped it and pressed the green button so the blast of white light could suck Skulker in.

"Now we just have to find-"

"Danny, we caught Ember on the way here. She didn't put up much of a fight. She's gotten so mellow lately." Sam informed me.

"Yeah. Did you guys know she and Skulker are dating? First, there's the standard Johnny and Kitty, which is gross enough as it is. Then, I find out about the future when the Box Ghost and the Lunch Lady… ew. Now, THIS?"

"Get a grip, man! It's no big deal!" Tucker slapped my back.

"Yeah, Danny, they're not doing this to spite you or anything. Love is love. They may be gross, but at least they're happy." Sam tried to comfort me.

"I'm detecting quite a bit of jealousy here." Tuck winked as he joked around. "If you really want a girlfriend so bad, all you have to do is look right – OW!" He was silenced by a rather hard punch on the arm from a slightly red-faced Sam. What was he about to say? Did he know something I didn't?

"I'm ok. It's just too big of a shock. Is any other shocking news gonna smack me in the face now?" I asked as I opened my front door.

"Danny! You'll never guess what happened! Our family has been invited to a ghost hunting convention in Jump City!" Mom squealed with delight. My mouth hung open. As I regained my composure, Mom started talking again.

"Sam and Tucker, you're free to come too! I've already called your parents." At least this trip won't be a total bore.

"That's great, Mrs. Fenton! How did you get my parents to agree?" Sam was amazed.

"Well, they figured it would be good for you to get more education on ghosts because of all the ghosts attacking Amity Park lately." Mom informed her. Sam shot me a knowing look that said, as if I need to know more about ghosts. After we were finished talking to my mom, we went upstairs to talk more in my room.

"I think it's a trap." I stated as soon as I shut the door. Tucker and Sam gave me confused looks.

"Don't your parents always get invited to conventions?" Tucker asked.

"They're the Fentons." I said flatly. "The last invitation we got was for a mother-son science symposium in Florida. By the Dalv Group." I started to scribble the word 'dalv' on a piece of paper and held it up to my mirror.

"NO WAY! Why didn't you tell us?" Sam exclaimed.

"It wasn't something I wanted to remember. My mom and I agreed to keep it a secret, but I guess there's no harm in telling you now." I told them the story, starting at the part when Vlad tricked us into bailing out of our plane over the Colorado Rockies. They gagged at the parts where he flirted with my mom and were especially grossed out when Mom pretended to flirt back. When I told them how I won against Vlad, they congratulated me.

"All of this without our help? I do believe he's growing up!" Sam joked.

"This isn't funny, guys! I know Vlad's up to something…" I said, deep in thought. Their laughter stopped and they nodded their heads in agreement.

"He has been really quiet. No absurd new laws. No assassins or minions sent after you." Sam pointed out.

"But look on the bright side: you're going to Jump City. You have loads of backup. You don't only have us; you have the Teen Titans too." Tuck said, referencing the famous superheroes. I had never seen them, but I had heard so much about their exploits.

"Hmmm. You've got a point there Tuck! And if it turns out that Vlad isn't up to something, I can have a break. It's not my city to save."

"But will that stop you from saving it?" Sam asked, making all of us go silent. Sam and Tucker left to go pack (we were leaving the next day) and I pondered her question. What if they needed me there too? There was no doubt my hero complex would get me into trouble… Ugh, heroes never get vacations.

So there you have it! It is practically my first fic ever, so it might not be EXTREMELY well written. I purposely didn't edit too much just to illustrate the difference between my writing THEN and my writing NOW.

Fun fact: I wrote this fic because I noticed a LOT of similarities between Danny and Robin. And also, I had the urge to try my hand at writing some witty banter. Hopefully mine isn't as bad as Jazz's!

And yes, the prologue and the first chapter are in the same chapter. The prologue was too short to be on its own...