Summary: E/O CHALLENGE. Drabble words: week/weak. If Chucky (from the movie Child's Play) met up with the wee!chesters, that would have been a really really short movie. Two related drabbles, two different timelines/AUs. Sam's first, then Dean takes a stab at the homicidal soul-swapping boy toy. Yeah, that didn't sound right, did it? Oh well...

Word count of each drabble: 100 on the nose.

Disclaimer: I don't own Supernatural. And I cry every time I think about that.

Stupid kids.

The older brother would have been more to Chucky's liking, but the little one was weak, easier to trick, easier to control.

Or so he thought.

Chucky stared in disbelief at the gun in the boy's hand.

"You hid in my closet this week," young Sam Winchester said calmly. "I was scared, so my dad gave me this."

"No, wait a minute. kid-" Chucky spread his arms wide. "Come on Sammy, I'm a Good Guy. I'm your friend to the end."

Sam aimed the gun at Chucky's heart.

He pulled the trigger.

"This is the end, friend."

Next up it's Chucky versus nine year old Dean Winchester.