Word count: 100 on the nose, as always.

A/N: Another AU, another timeline.

"Dude. I'm way too old to play with dolls," the Dean boy said.

Stupid, weak brat.

Chucky grinned at him. "Our secret, sport. Just between you and me."

"Uh huh. You've been watchin' me this past week, right?"

Chucky nodded. Just a little closer…

"Perv." The kid moved his arm, a quick flick of his right wrist. Chucky looked down at himself and frowned.

There was a knife in his heart.

Chucky sat down with a thump. "Why?" he muttered weakly. "I'm a Good Guy…I'm your friend to the end."

The boy smirked. "News flash, dumbass. This is the end."