Princes & Princes

Story 1

Pairing: Lumpy Space PrincexWildberry Prince

Not sure how I thought of this pair.

Wildberry Prince and Lumpy Space Prince were hanging out at the Lumpy Space Castle while LSP's parents were gone on royal business.

Wildberry Prince was currently making dinner for Lumpy Space Prince.

He removed the meat pie from the oven and brought it into the living room, where LSP was waiting, sitting on the couch.

"Pie's done." WP said, putting the meaty "pastry" on the living room table.

"Finally," LSP sighed, "I'm starving."

"I hope it's good," Wildberry Prince, "I didn't bring any of my supplies because it probably would not have made the trip well."

"Don't worry about it," Lumpy Space Prince said, eating part of the pie, "it tastes great, like always."

"I'm glad." WP said coyly.

"Have some Berry," LSP insisted, "I'll look like a pig if I eat it all by myself."

"Okay Lumpy." Wildberry Prince said, sitting on the couch and taking some of the pie.

Together they finished the dish.

After they were done eating, they turned on the TV.

They watched TV for about an hour, before LSP turned it off.

"You know WP," Lumpy Space Prince said suggestively, "my parents are gonna be gone all night." He put his arm around WP.

WP tensed and pushed LSP away.

"I don't know, Lumpy," he said unsurely, "what if they come home early?"

"So what?" LSP scoffed, "We're old enough to do what we want."

"We're only teenagers." WP said.

"Mature teenagers." LSP stated.

"Just...not now LSP," Wildberry Prince affirmed, "it'll spoil the whole night."

"Then what was the point of doing this?" Lumpy Space Prince wondered.

"All I want to do is hang out, without getting...serious." WP explained, "Can't we do that? Or is it not enough?"

Lumpy Space Prince stared at the other prince for several seconds before sighing.

"All right," LSP said reluctantly, "if that's what you want, then we'll just sit here."

"Thanks, Lumpy." WP said gratefully.

"Can we at least...get close?" LSP asked.

"I suppose." WP sighed.

They curled up together and LSP turned the TV back on.

I feel weird for writing this, but if people can write M rated yaoi/yuri, then I guess I can write this.

More random prince pairs coming soon.