AN: I'd like to start by saying that this is so completely AU. Very, very AU. And there might be some OOC. I'm not sure though. It may depend on how you see things. But, Tim is younger in this story (He's 12), mostly because I just made it that way to make him seem more... vulnerable I guess. So this is just kind of a little world of its own. But, this is supposed to be set only about a year after Tim became Robin, but he already knows Jason has come back. I'm sorry if that's confusing.

Summary: AU. Tim is kidnapped by Jason while on patrol with Batman. What does Jason want? And why won't he tell anyone why he's kidnapped his younger brother? (I'm so bad at Summaries. I'm sorry.)

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these people!


Tim's POV

Given that at any moment now, I could be killed or shot didn't even occur to me as I flipped through the air. I liked the way the air flew through my hair. Even the bullets flying by at speeds I couldn't imagine felt good to me as it left a slight breeze on my skin. Now, the interesting part of it is when you think about what would happen if one touched you. That nice feeling would instantly turn into a burning sensation. From pleasant to brutal within seconds.

But, at the moment it was quite wonderful. I couldn't help the smile that played across my lips. I had only been Robin for about a year, and yet I felt like I could never live without it. What had I done before I became Robin? I was just another child. But, now I'm something greater. A legend. Just like Batman.

He was close by. Knocking down goons as I did the same. Maybe it wasn't the best thing for an adult to allow a twelve year old to do such things, but I knew he wouldn't allow anything to happen to me. I had my trust in him, even if that horrible thing had happened to Jason.

I knew what had happened to my older brother. What The Joker had done. I knew he had come back and he was the Red Hood. Though he hadn't been sighted in awhile. I don't know, Bruce said something about Outlaws once. I think he had some sort of "team" of his own. Which I find funny, but I don't think I would say that out loud.

In any case we were here on account that some goons had been sighted at a jewelry store. But, when we arrived they didn't seem to be doing anything. They were just standing around with their guns. Even seemed kind of scared if you ask me. Like, they knew they were here to get caught.

I kicked a guy in the side of the head and he fell over. I looked up and immediately saw one of the guys running off. I glanced at Batman, only to find him busy. So, I decided to follow the goon. Maybe I'd hear about it later from Bruce about how I'm not supposed to run off on my own. But, maybe this guy could tell me exactly what was going on and why they hadn't been stealing anything when we had arrived.

I followed him out of the building through the side door. He was running down the alley and I quickly sped behind him. Throwing out a line, it wrapped around his legs and he fell over. Once I caught up with him, I noticed the goon was…crying? Goons didn't usually cry when I got to them. Only when Bruce did. I put a foot on his chest and asked, "what were you doing in there?"

He was sobbing and cried, "please! Don't kill me."

I looked at him confused and asked again, "why weren't you taking anything?"

"We're just hired men, kid. That's all," he sobbed.

I bit my lip fighting the pity I felt for him. He seemed really scared. "Who hired you? Why would they want you to just stand around?"

"He needed a distraction! He needed-" he was cut off when an arrow hit his neck. I gasped quietly and stepped away, looking up. My eyes widened when I saw two people there. A girl with glowing eyes and a man with a bow an arrow.

I opened my mouth to speak, but suddenly someone's hand was on my mouth, along with a cloth. I grabbed at the hand and tried to breath, but I knew something must have been on the rag, because every time I took a breath my mind became foggier. Within seconds I slipped into unconsciousness.

If you think it's easy to wake up from being drugged, it's not. The first few minutes your mind is incredibly confused. Then you slowly start to remember what exactly happened before you were drugged. I don't know…maybe it's just me that feels this way. But, I do know that I was in fact incredibly confused.

I had sat up and found myself in a dark room. It had a window, but it was dark outside and rain pelted it, I also saw bolts on the window. It was loud and thunder shook the room. There would be a flash of lightening that would come across the room every once in awhile. It made me flinch. It scared me more than the thunder. I remember on nights like this Mom would sing to me.

I really should focus right now though…

My hands were stuck behind my back and I grunted trying to undo the cuffs. I leaned back on the bed and slid my arms from behind my back. I got off of the hard bed and walked towards what seemed to be there door. I heard talking from behind it…

"Ok…so we got the kid, Jason. What do you even want with him anyway?" A male voice asked.

"I told you it's none of your business. We're keeping him with us from now on, understand," another male voice replied aggressively.

"So we're kidnappers now, is that it?" The other male voice asked.

"You wouldn't understand, Harper," The same male voice replied.

There was a slight pause before "Harper" replied, "I guess I wouldn't. But, this is kidnapping, Jason. You don't think Batman is going to come after him? The world's greatest detective? And then think about it…the kid has Dick."

I bit my lip and my heart sped up. Oh God, they knew who I was. I then noticed I didn't even have a mask on. Slowly I reached for the knob and cracked the door before looking through it. Two men in the kitchen a few feet away was the door. If I could run fast enough…

I crept out and got behind the couch that was in the living area. They stood around a table. The two men. I saw a woman. A strange colored woman asleep on the couch. I crawled across the floor silently glancing at the men. They hadn't noticed me yet.

One was turned around, the other was staring at him intently. As if waiting for him to say something. I looked at the door and saw it wasn't locked, so I wouldn't have to worry about stopping. Just run and pull it open. Get out. Get out.

I jumped quickly and dashed across the room. The red haired man yelled, "Jason!"

I made it to the door and grabbed the knob, only to be yanked away. Someone had me around the waist and I threw my head back connecting with something hard. The dropped me onto the floor and I started for the door again, only to be grabbed by my hair and thrown onto the floor.

I struggled with the person on top of me for a moment until, I stopped. They had my bound hands pinned above me, and their weight was to much for me to move under. I gasped in pain.

The man used his free hand to wipe his bloody lip. That must have been what I had hit with my head. "Impressive kid. To bad Roy here wasn't turned around too."

I knew his voice. I knew I did…then I really focused on his…oh God. Jason. The red head had just called him Jason. Jason…Jason Todd.

"What do you want," I asked gasping.

Jason shook his head, "I can't explain anything right now. Its been a long day."

He pulled his fist back. I felt it connect with my face…then darkness…

Being hit is just as bad as waking up from being drugged. I woke this time and light shown through the same window. But, I wasn't in my costume anymore. I was in a long sleeves shirt that was blue. It was probably a size big since the sleeves covered my hands, besides the tips of my fingers.

The pants I wore had holes in the knees, but fit fine. And some white socks. I wasn't tied up though, and I could see why. Jason was sitting in a chair next to the bed. He was staring at me with a raised eyebrow.

"Kory bought those. The shirt is a little big," Jason muttered.

"What do you want?" I growled.

He rolled his eyes, "mine as well not ask, just know you ain't going back to the old man. Anyway, we'd better get started on this."

I looked at him worriedly, "started on what?"

"We're going to dye your hair. Maybe it'll make it a little harder for them to find you. I mean, I got Roy to kill those goons, so Bruce ain't getting nothing out of them. But, you can never be to sure. He shouldn't be able to track us though."

He stood from his chair and grabbed my arm pulling me to my feet. I wobbled a little, my head pounding. He led me to the bathroom and had me sit on the toilet seat. He opened a box and I asked, "what is that?"

"Jet black hair dye. Your hair is light brown. I was thinking about dying it blond, but that would look strange with your eyebrows. Everyone would know it's not your natural hair. So, dark is the next best thing. Light brown to black," Jason said putting on the gloves.

I shook my head, "no. I don't want you to dye my hair."

He shrugged, "to bad."

I started to stand, but instantly he grabbed me by the back of my head and pulled on my hair. I gasped as I was forced to look up at him. "Sit down, or I can knock you out and dye it anyway," he hissed.

I nodded and sat back down slowly. He mixed the dye and started putting it on my head. I sat still staring ahead as he rubbed the dye through my hair. I bit my lip. I had my mom's hair…

I couldn't help that my eyes were watering. Maybe it was from the smell of the dye, or that I was losing one of the only things I had left of my mom. I don't know. I really don't…

Once he finished he ordered, "sit here. I'll be back in a few minutes to wash it out. Do not move, you understand me?"

I nodded silently not looking at him. He left the room and I let a few tears fall. Quickly I wiped them away and listened to him talk to the guy named Roy. I had heard Dick talk about Roy before. Why was he helping this guy?

I sat there a few more minutes before Jason returned. He made me kneel over the bathtub and he washed the dye out of my hair. I held my eyes closed tightly, when I did look all I saw was black washing down the drain.

I felt defenseless. Jason was scary, I'll admit that. He was trained by the same man I was and that scared me to no end. He probably knew a lot of the same things I did. I was scared and I just wanted Bruce and Dick to find me already…

He turned the water off and I pulled my head out from under the faucet. He grabbed a towel and rubbed my hair to dry it. Once he finished it was just a damp stack on top of my head. He grabbed my arm and pulled me to my feet before standing me in front of the mirror.

I looked at myself. I did look a lot different, my hair being a jet black color now. My bangs fell in front of my face and I frowned. I didn't like my hair this color. I liked it better as my mom's color…

I think he was trying to mess with my head. I don't know, but why else make me look at my hair? He was trying to show me who was the "boss" here, and it was actually getting on my nerves. He grabbed my arm and led me from the bathroom to the kitchen. The two people who had been talking stopped immediately.

One was a woman. She had glowing green eyes and her skin was a strange color. She was the one who had been asleep on the couch. The other was Roy, I had seen him maybe once, which is probably why I hadn't recognized him immediately. Arsenal.

They just stared at me as Jason pushed me into a seat at the table. He looked at Roy and asked, "did you pack?"

He nodded, "yeah, so did Kory."

"I can speak for myself," the girl…Kory, growled.

Roy shrugged, "sorry."

I watched as the girl walked up to me and touched my hair. I jerked away and glared at her. She stared at me curiously, I guess trying to figure out what the hair dye had done. "How did you do this?" She asked looking at Jason.

"Hair dye. You've seen me use it on my hair, Kory," Jason answered.

"Oh yeah, because you've got something against being a red head," Roy laughed.

Jason glared, "three red heads? I don't think so."

She touched my hair again and I slapped her hand away. "Stop," I growled frustrated.

She raised an eyebrow, but did as I told her. She went and stood by Roy who asked, "how are you, kid?"

I looked at the table and didn't answer. I didn't want to talk to these people. I wanted to go home. "Ok then," he mumbled. He looked back at Jason and asked, "when are we leaving?"

Jason answered simply, "in about half an hour. We need to clear out as fast as we can."

I looked up quickly and asked, "where are you going?"

"It's more of a we thing, but we are going to Los Angeles. We're going to lay low there for awhile," Jason answer setting a bowl of cereal in front of me

I stared at it and looked back up at Jason quickly, "we're leaving…Gotham?"

Not good…

He nodded, "you kind of have to do that to get to Los Angeles, you know?"

I bit my lip and shook my head, "Jason, please, whatever you want just tell me. Ok? Please."

Jason stared at me then pointed at the bowl, "eat, it's the only thing you're going to get until lunch."

I looked back at the cereal and with shaky hands picked up the spoon and began to eat it. I couldn't help the way my heart was speeding up. Batman had trained me well, but I was being dragged further away from home. A lot further.

All the way to Los Angeles…all the way to the other side of the country…

This is bad…

I hope you liked it! And I'm sorry if anyone is confused and if there are any spelling errors. I should have the next chapter up soon!

By the way, um I tried to figure out the correct way to spell Kory's name. If it was Kori or Kory. More places spelled it Kory. I'm sorry if that's not correct, if it isn't just tell me and I'll fix it. :)