Maura Isles lay upon her front lawn.

Now happily residing in her own home, her own cottage on the edge of a vast woodland. Maura was contented.

Behind her the shadow of her cottage was a comforting refuge from the sun.

It's wooden outer walls, chipped of gloss and weathered, were challenged with obscurity by the large almost industrial iron windows. Maura had commissioned them to be placed at the front of her abode, insisting the cottage had to be light and airy, perfect for a growing child. They had been hard to come by, but not impossible.

The door was covered with the original bug screen used by it's previous owners, to Maura's amusement she had kept it, alas it was much to her baby daughter's torment.

Now coming past her first year, Regina Isles hated the screen. Her mind couldn't fathom how it would appear just as she hit it, but not before hand.

Maura had tried to be there when Regina forced her way outside, but always found herself giggling at the fact her daughter didn't cry when she hit the mesh, but sat in front of it and glared.

These thoughts always caused Maura to grin uncontrollably.

At that moment, the blonde was doing just that.

The summer heat had made the grass yellow and rough, but non the less she lay on her front facing the now stubborn and talkative daughter Regina.

Maura watched her daughter and in turn, Regina watched her.

The pair shared the same hazel eyes and in inquisitive stare.

Regina had curls of dark bronze hair and her button nose was a testament to Maura's genetics, her daughter had gained most of them physically.

"Say Mommy" Maura cooed and Regina responded with a giggle and rolled onto her back. "Or not" she peered over her daughter and wiggled her index finger into her child's stomach to coax a burst of laughter from her.

Maura laughed along with her and Regina grabbed Maura's finger, her eyes wide at the offending digit.

"Prod" she cooed back at her mother and Maura smirked.

"Yes, it's a prod" Maura had learnt to speak her daughters language fluently.

A prod was a finger, a warch was a pain of some description and Muzzle-Me was Maura's name, along with a clicky meaning camera and a doodle meaning pen.

Regina could use simple connectives and ask questions but often found herself reverting to baby babble.

Maura scooped her daughter up and sat her on her lap, facing out onto the flower bed.

"Flowers" Maura whispered. "Say flowers"




"Close enough" Maura planted a soft kiss upon Regina's head and let the toddler scramble from her lap and hobble off to inspect the newly pointed out 'foogles'.

Maura watched her daughter as she batted them with her tiny hands and sat down to inspect them.

"Cute" a voice travelled from the front gate. Maura turned her attention to the voice and froze. Long unruly curls were the first physical indication that Jane Rizzoli was stood at her gate. Her dark eyes met with Maura's and glinted in the sun.

Clad in a blouse and trousers, Jane looked high in authority, not imprisoned by it.

"Jane?" Maura crawled up from the grass and stumbled almost like her daughter to the gate.

"Hi, M" Jane leant with her hand holding her head. A bee buzzed past her and cared to make the woman flinch.

"You're late" Maura suddenly blurted, all her preparation for their reunion flew from her mind in an instant.

Jane furrowed her brow, recovering from the bugs assault.

"Hi to you too"

"You were meant to come here when Regina was 3 months old"

"I'm here now" Jane opened her arms in motion around her. The navy blouse exposed her long arms and Maura found herself missing their comfort.

Maura sucked in her cheeks and glared at the woman.

"The last I heard you were going to Boston for a few days and you'd be with me soon" her voice wasn't sharp, it was conveyed in a factual manner.

"I got trapped by a deviant called my Mother" Jane pouted.

"Don't pout at me" she jutted her finger in a stern gesture but Jane lowered it, by pinching her finger and closing it into her palm.

"Don't shout at me then" Jane added and Maura pressed her hand to her forehead, she closed her eyes for a moment then reopened them.

"If you are trying to get rid of me closing your eyes and wishing it's a bad dream isn't gonna help"

"Oh shut up Jane" Maura huffed and soon smirked. It had been the last thing she'd said to the woman.

"Funny" Jane trailed off in mock thought, she had remembered too. "Now this is the point when you're supposed to kiss me"

Out of the corner of her eyes, Maura witnessed Regina tormenting Bass.

"Hold one second" Maura held her finger up and turned to her daughter. "Regina, no" she applied firmly and the girl took two steps back from the tortoise, a guilty glance at the ground insured Regina knew what her Mother was talking about.

"You got a turtle?"

"Tortoise" Maura corrected. "Regina calls it a turtle too, it's a land dwelling creature, not a sea..." Jane rolled her eyes and captured Maura's lips with hers in an instant. Maura's eyes fluttered shut and her hands wound around the back of Jane's neck. Her fingers ran up into Jane's hair and pulled her closer. Their lips clumsily connected in pecks.

Jane found the gate a considerable barrier, so just held onto it while her lips worked on the blondes.

Regina broke them apart by a soft.


Maura pulled away with a smirk, she traced her bottom lip with the tip of her tongue and let out a raspy chuckle, whilst fixing her gaze on the gate before meeting her daughter's.

Regina pottered over with a confused stare on her button features.

"Muzzle-Me, who?" Regina patted Maura's leg to insure the woman's attention.

Jane rose her eyebrow at the child's random selection of words, but soon grinned at her once Maura scooped her up and cradled her so she could look and inspect Jane.

"This is Jane" Maura introduced the pair. Regina stuck her lip out and frowned, a expression that was common upon the child's face.


"Say Jane" Maura urged her daughter, Regina screwed her face up in thought. Jane aided the proses.


"Ja" Regina proudly stated and Maura laughed in triumph. "At least she said that"

"I'm just that brilliant" Jane winked and Regina grinned at her.

"Ja" she prodded Jane's shoulder.

"Yes, I am the entity known as Jane" she chuckled and Regina clapped.


Regina pouted at her failed attempt at mimicking the larger word.

"That's not fair" it was Maura's turn to pout. Regina seemed more attracted to how Jane said things than how she said them.

"Because your child instantly loves me?"

"Yes" Maura peered down at Regina, who was soon distracted with her own tiny hand than anything else.
Maura held her daughter with one arm and quickly unclipped the gate with her hand to let Jane in.

"Just to let you know" Jane whispered in to Maura's ear as they walked towards the house. "I love you more"

Maura blushed and set Regina down so she could walk to the house at her own pace.

"I've missed you, so, so much" Maura purred at cupped Jane's face to kiss her longingly upon the lips. Jane wound her hands around Maura's waist and moaned to feel the woman against her again.

"Uh-huh" Jane groaned and broke the kiss only to intensify the second.

Jane ran her tongue along Maura's plump bottom lip, only to be hindered in her pursuit of intimacy by a background noise.


The pair were pulled apart instantly by the sound.

Regina made a irritated gargle and crossed her arms.

Jane watched the bug screen rattle and soon pieced together that Regina had walked into it. Jane laughed airily and Maura slapped her arm, chuckling also.

"It's not funny"
"Why are you laughing then?"

"It's because she always does it and never learns" Maura walked from Jane to her toddler and crouched by her. Jane watched with soft eyes as Maura explained in the simplest way she could to her daughter about the bug screen.

By simplest way, it was the Maura way.

"Metal mesh" Maura patted it to make her point. "Stretched in a frame of wood designed to cover the opening of an open door or window"

"Leaving out connectives doesn't make it any easier to understand" Jane called out and joined Maura in the explanation, still chuckling.

Jane prodded the mesh and simply stated.

"Prod, push, walk"

"You've been here five minuets and you're taking over" Maura mocked and Regina resorted to sitting down, not really interested.

Maura and Jane examined each other.

"Did you take the job?" Maura finally spoke whilst she rose to her feet and opened the bug screen. Ahead of her Regina toddled down the corridor.

"The police? Yeah, yeah I did"

Jane glanced around them. The walls were a dark turquoise, upon them lay pictures of Maura's parents and Regina as a baby. Jane stopped by it and smiled. To the right of the hallway the sitting room resided, it was connected by a sliding door.

At the end of the hallway a small staircase sat, under that a store cupboard.
"She's cute" Jane tilted her head, examining it as if it were art.

Maura stopped and nodded.

"She is" Maura licked her lips only to remember how they had felt upon Jane's. She missed it already, but Jane was with her, she could soon retrieve the sensation again.

Jane turned with a smile.

"She's prefect, but then again, so's her Mom"

Maura rolled her eyes and pressed her hand onto Jane's chest.

Maura walked Jane into the wall so her back was pressed against it. Maura pressed their bodies flush together and kissed Jane softly. The sound of their rushed pecking filled the hallway.

"Jane" Maura kissed her way from Jane's lips and down to the woman's neck. Maura then kissed her fluidly and roughly upon her lips, rushing her tongue to brush against Jane's.

"I've missed you" Jane husked against Maura's ear and slid her hands down to hold her firm by the rear. Maura gasped, her lips parted over Jane's to let her heated breath roam over Jane's skin. Jane fought through a clouded mind to stay focused.

Maura was forced on her toes due to the sudden position Jane had created.

"We don't have to have a physical connection to say how much we missed each other Jane" Maura whispered.

Jane faltered for a moment, Maura knew how the sentence had sounded so kissed Jane again to urge them on.

"But I'd like to see what I've missed out on" Maura purred and nipped at Jane's bottom lip. Jane wasn't mistaken that Maura's words were desperate and tailored in a fine suited seduction.

"When does Regina go to bed?" Jane lolled her head back onto the wall and let Maura graze her lips, underneath she felt Jane's raging pulse and desperate gulps to supply her with air.

"Now" Maura pulled back and took two painfully large steps back, her shoes clipped on the hard wood floor.

Jane's expression was almost the picture of separation anxiety. At that point, Maura seen it enough in Regina to know when it was shown by a vulnerable adult. The blonde bit down on her lip, casting Jane a dark, lustful glance she skipped off to go and find her toddler.

Jane moaned in frustration and let her body indulge itself in the numbness Maura had created.

Her legs were too shaky to even let her move down the corridor and up the stairs, she stayed put in fear of falling flat on her face.

Jane gulped and tried to compose herself before Maura's return, but just found it harder and more strenuous on her physical and mental being.

What she would do to that woman when she returned would probably put her in jail for another year.

Jane wanted to kiss Maura so hard that her lips would bruise, hold her so tight she'd have to ask permission to breathe.

Jane knew she wanted Maura and if she really thought about it, Maura wanted her to.

Maura was to smart to let it show half the time, hiding behind her facts and figures, Jane wanted to expose her and get past the coos, the hurried 'I love you' and wanted Maura to show it.

Jane wasn't letting her slip away this time, Jane wasn't going to leave Maura or abandon Regina if their relationship went sour.

Jane loved every fibre that was Maura Isles and that how she wanted it to stay.

The clatter of Maura's footsteps brought Jane from her thoughts.

Jane pounced.

The taller woman trapped Maura against the wall and kissed her roughly, so hard that she was sure their skin would fuse if she tried hard enough.

"I want you" Jane growled and Maura whimpered, her legs were soon useless.

"Have me" Maura groaned as Jane fixed her lips on Maura's neck, her hands began to slip under her dress. Jane's left hand lifted Maura's thigh and wrapped it around her waist. Maura decided she wasn't going to leave it to Jane.

Maura ran her nails into Jane's hair and she chuckled with a husk that matched Jane's.

"I love your hair"

Jane pulled away and peered at Maura.

The pair stood panting, staring at each other.

"Jane Rizzoli, don't you dare leave me, ever, ever again" Maura panted, her lips soon swollen. Jane pulled her close an inhaled the sent of mango upon her flesh, her nose was pressed into her flesh.

"I'm not moving unless you say so" Jane felt tears well in her eyes, their longing had built up to much emotion for Jane to handle.

Maura lifted her hand only to drag her nails up into Jane's blouse then cup her heaving breast.

Jane felt the ache in between her legs throb when Maura groped her breast.

"Bed room" Maura purred and kissed Jane, running her tongue against Jane's, their nerves were burning with electricity. Maura let out a moan of frustration as Jane nipped at her lip. "Now"