"Go Naga! Go! Go!" Korra shouted. She, Mako, and Bolin were atop Naga, running from a rather large group of Amon's henchmen. Mako and Bolin were trying to stop, or in this case only slow down, the chi-blockers riding after them. "Bo, do you know where in the city we are?" Korra asked, veering Naga to the left to avoid collision with a truck. The boys frantically grabbed the saddle as to not fall off. "Ugh. I don't know, I can't get a good look at anything," Bolin answered.

The Avatar turned Naga down an alley. "Let's just keep running and hope we can find a place we know. It'd make it easier to fight these guys," Mako said.

"Sounds like a pla-NAGA JUMP," Korra gasped. The end of the alley had a few crates, but there were also a few chi-blockers. The polar bear-dog barked and jumped and landed hard, stumbling. The three teens on her back almost fell, but they held on while the dog regained her balance and continued to run. Rounding a corner, Korra pulled tight on Naga's reigns. They were in a large, empty lot with nothing in it.

Except for the fifteen equalists.

"Aw, shit," Mako breathed. Naga roared and Korra let her charge at a small group of four chi-blockers, who dodged the giant animal as she cleared a path. The polar bear-dog reared and turned around, running back. However, the chi-blockers were ready this time and tripped up the dog, who yelped, sending the trio flying.

Korra skidded to a halt, Mako bumping into her. Bolin had caught himself using his earthbending, so he was the first one up and fighting. Korra helped Mako up and they faced the equalists back to back, fending off as many attacks as they could, while Naga tried to free her legs.

"There's too many! They're winning," Mako growled, sending fire at a couple of the attackers who had gotten a bit too close. "Just hold on," Korra said, kicking another in the gut, sending him back. Bolin was losing his fight, the chi-blockers gaining ground. "Guys, I can't hold them back for much long-"

He was cut off as one jumped over the rock wall he had just made and jabbed his arm a few times. "Bolin!" Mako turned and sent a ball of fire at the chi-blocker, effectively knocking him to the ground. However, the firebender wasn't paying attention to himself, and was hit in the back. He gasped and was pushed to the ground.

Korra was too preoccupied to help her teammates. Frustration was building inside her, knowing that unless they got help, they'd be caught. Too bad they weren't lucky like that. The chi-blockers had tied Naga's limbs together, and had strapped her mouth shut tight. Mako and Bolin had also been tied and gagged.

The Avatar glanced at them. It's over, she thought. They beat us… She clenched her teeth and fisted her hands, her nails digging into her palms. She felt the jabs of pain as the chi-blockers hit her body and she fell to her knees. She felt them tie her wrists behind her back, felt them tie her legs and ankles. They had to pry her mouth open to gag her. Then they threw her into the truck with Mako and Bolin. They had thrown Naga into her own cell-on-wheels. Mako and Bolin saw the fear and defeat in Korra's blue eyes as the doors closed, leaving them in darkness.

This is it. It's over. I've lost…Korra thought. She started to shake, and soon she was crying, her sobs muffled. They were at Amon's mercy now. She hoped he'd get it over with quick.

Author's note: These look a lot longer on tumblr and in a word document XD