Mako had his head down, resting in his hands, his shoulders shaking. Bolin was on the ground next to his brother, leaning against Naga's shoulder, tears streaming down his cheeks. The polar bear-dog was letting out low, whimpering howls.

A loud sound echoed from outside the room. A few seconds later, Tenzin appeared in the door. "There you are! As soon as I heard Amon on the radio, I knew he had done something to you because Korra never came back to the…" He fell silent when he noticed said Avatar. "He…he wasn't lying. He actually did it…" he muttered softly, walking over.

Tenzin crouched down, shaking the brothers' shoulders. "Boys. Boys, get a hold of yourselves," he said sternly. Mako and Bolin turned to look at him. Sighing, he stood up. "We're leaving. Get Korra," he told them. Bolin silently nodded and picked up the girl's body. Mako turned away and jumped onto Naga's saddle. The animal slowly stood and followed the others, head down.

The sun was rising by the time they all arrived back at the island. Mako turned Naga to stand in front of Bolin incase the kids came out. "We don't want them to see," he explained, still not looking at the girl's body. Tenzin went ahead into the house. A few minutes later Pema ran out, followed by Tenzin. The woman hurried over, went around Naga, and gasped. "Korra…Tenzin, keep the kids inside!" she told him. "Yes, dear," came his reply and he turned around, heading back inside the house.

Mako got off of Naga and the polar bear-dog laid down with a sorrowful moan. The boy was on the opposite side of the creature, and he sank to the ground, arms crossed on his knees. After a short silence, he shouted, "Dammit! I'll have his head!" The firebender's voice caught and he hid his face behind his hands.

Pema appeared at his side and sat down next to the boy. Mako glanced at her. He could see tears in her eyes, but she wasn't crying. "Mako, when we heard Amon, I sent for Katara. I told her to bring something," she told him. He gave her a questioning look. "She'll know what to do," was all she said, patting his shoulder before standing up. "I'm just hoping it will be enough."

The kids had to know eventually. Tenzin and Pema finally told them after hours of questions and persistence. Pema had washed away the blood, changed the crimson stained clothes, and had put Korra's body on her bed. Out of the three, only Jinora went into the room, her siblings too upset to look.

"Mako…" she murmured, closing the door behind her. He was sitting next to the bed, staring blankly at the floor. Upon hearing his name, he looked up. Jinora walked over to him, tears starting to trickle down her face. A moment later she hugged him, crying into his chest. He wrapped his arms around her, silence falling.

Jinora finally stopped crying about twenty minutes later, give or take. She was now sitting on the floor. "Mako," she murmured, "mother told us that Katara will be coming tomorrow. She said there's still hope." Her voice was very quiet, but Mako still heard her. "…What do you mean?" he asked after a moment. Pema had told him something similar. "How can there still be hope?"

"I don't know," Jinora admitted, standing up. She wiped the tears from her eyes with her sleeve. "But…I trust her. Bolin does too, though you might not be able to tell." She gave Korra one last look before leaving the room, closing the door as she left. Mako watched her leave, and then looked at Korra's lifeless body. "I don't know if I have much hope left…" he murmured.

"Mako, wake up."

The firebender groaned and stretched. He had fallen asleep next to the bed where Korra lay. "Bo? What time is it?" he asked, looking out the window. It was dark. "Doesn't matter. Master Katara is here, and she brought something with her. Tenzin told me to get you," Bolin told his brother. Mako slowly stood up and followed Bolin out. Katara was waiting in the hall. "Hello, boys. This shouldn't take too long," she said with a smile before walking into the room.

The brothers sat in the hall, soon joined by the kids. Mako was fidgeting, gaze fixed on the door. He jumped when Bolin put a hand on his shoulder. Jinora sighed and said, "We're hoping for a miracle…"

A little less than an hour went by before Katara came out. Mako, who had started to doze, woke with a start and looked at the woman. She had a smile on her face. Mako stood and waited for her to nod before going back into the room. Bolin and the kids followed a moment later.

Mako was back in the chair, a look of disbelief on his face. "What did she do…?" he asked out loud. "I told you to just have hope," Jinora chimed.

It was several weeks until she came out of the coma. Mako had refused to leave the island and had taken to sleeping in Korra's room in the chair next to her bed. Bolin would come every day, but he had decided to remain at the arena with Pabu. He would greet Mako and ask how Korra was, then leave after having dinner. He tried to get Mako to come home, but no luck.

It was the third week in when she made a soft sound. Mako was half asleep, so the sound jolted him awake. It was late at night, so he doubted that the noise could have been from one of the kids or their parents. He was about to get up to check and see if Ikki was outside in the hall when he heard her raspy voice. "Ma…ko…?"

Mako was fully awake now. Korra had her tired eyes on him. "What…happened…?" she asked, slowly getting into a sitting position. She groaned. "My chest hurts…and…how did I get here?" she added, realizing she was in her room. "…Amon! What happen-"

Mako cut her off, pulling her into a hug. "Y-you're okay," he whispered. It took her a moment to realize he was crying. "What are you talking about?" she asked, her voice scratchy and a bit confused.

"Korra…Amon…he killed you," Mako told her. "I don't know how, but Katara brought you back…" Korra blinked and gave him a look, then brought a hand to rest over her heart. She seemed to remember what happened then. "I went into Avatar State, didn't I?" she asked after a short silence. Mako nodded. "Are Naga and Bolin okay?" He nodded again.

"And you're okay too. I was so scared I lost you…" Mako muttered. Korra put on a small smile and took his hand in hers. "I'm not that easy to get rid of," she whispered before leaning in to give him a kiss.