Kyntak felt a heavy warmth drift off his body. Little by little it was fading. After an eternity, he sat up. Everything was working well. No cuts or bruises. The only ache was in his arm.

The memory of a pink, fluffy dart sticking out of it made him sit up straighter.

"Cute." That explained the environment. It was clean and sterile. Nothing like his

Six was leaning in the door way. "Me?" Kyntak ran his hands through his hair. This had to be a dream.

"I love you." He watched Six's reaction. In every dream, when he said those words, Six looked away and shot him. The Six that stood in the door way didn't move a muscle. The confrontation must have done something to his subconscious. That was what the therapist said.

"I love you too." Six grinned. This was definitely a dream. Six never smiled. Even when they had a flirt fight and had the touching moment in the alley, Six had never smiled. He rolled his eyes and he smirked. But, he never smiled. "I think it might be early to say love."

"Wise men say, only fools rush in." Kyntak quoted. That was some pre-takeover song. It was also his most recent message to Six.

Six sat beside him on the narrow cot. "But, I can't help falling in love with you." He was close. So close.

Kyntak leaned in for a kiss. He just stopped for a moment to be sure. The feeling bursting in his chest was in the other's eyes multiplied a hundred times over.

Six closed the distance.

Breathlessly, Kyntak asked, "Do want me?"

Six gave his classic smirk. "I think you should be in recovery. You just woke up from a sedative." His face went back to stern in seconds.

Kyntak rolled on top of him. "I am in perfect condition."

Six let himself be shoved unceremoniously onto the mattress. A faint smile played on his lips. "Oh?"

"I promise." Six rolled his eyes. "You'll like it. I'll make you forget your name. I guarantee it."

"Is that a threat?" Six closed his eyes, sinking into relaxation.

"A promise." Kyntak started wondering if he should rip the jacket, or if Six would be unhappy about that.

Kyntak nuzzled his lover's shoulder. "What's your name again?"

"I have no idea." Six laid there irises blown and breathing raggedly. He looked to be in shock.

Kyntak smirked. He had just blown Six's mind into another galaxy. Kyntak didn't usually stick around for the morning or nap after. But, with Six, he wanted to grope and map out every centimeter of that body while Six was asleep. The chest below his slowed as breathing returned to its usual pace.

"And I topped," Kyntak retorted. Stating the obvious?

Six blinked. "I've never done that."

"Bottomed?" Six wasn't really the type to bottom now that Kyntak thought about it. He imagined Six leaning over him, whispering exactly what he wanted to do to in Kyntak's ear.

"Sex in general." Kyntak sat up.

"You're a virgin?" Six nodded numbly. The full impact of what he did finally hit him. Kyntak could imagine in Six's mind it was like getting hit by a fully loaded four-by-four. In his mind it was blunt force trauma. "No matter, I think you're the best. You're a quick learner. I can imagine some amazing stuff." Most of it involved Six's mouth because, though inexperienced, that mouth was amazing. With the proper training and Six would be tailor made better than anyone in the red light district.

"Thanks." Six slumped deeper into the mattress tugging Kyntak with him. Kyntak looked at the dozing face. It was his dream come true.

"Perfect." He whispered.

"Mine." Cam soft reply.

Again. I was trapped on a boat.

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