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[Chapter 1]

"Rick? Where are my hiking boots? They're not in the closet," Kate called as she was digging through the mountains of shoes that piled at the bottom of the front hall closet.

"Check our bedroom," Rick replied from the kitchen. "I could've sworn I saw them in there last night when I was packing."

His wife nodded and headed in their bedroom, moving straight for the walk-in closet that sat opposite of the large king-sized bed. Kneeling down, Kate rummaged around through all of the high heels and sneakers before finally coming across her hiking boots.

She smiled in success as she stood up and set her boots in her suitcase that laid open on the bed. Her bag was practically empty compared to Rick's; she had only packed for a three day weekend when he packed for an entire week. There was no way he needed it all, but as he told her last night, "Better to be safe than sorry. You never know when we might run into that damn skunk again; I don't want a repeat of the first time we went up there."

The man was helpless, but Kate loved him all the more for it.

"There," she sighed to herself. "All done." Kate zipped up her suitcase and wheeled it out, setting it next to her husband's at the front door. She walked to the kitchen, leaning on her forearms on the marble counter.

"You done packing?" Rick asked, pecking her lips before going back to filling up the blue cooler with all sorts of food and drinks.

Kate smiled, "mmhmm. Just finished."

He closed the top of the cooler. "It's about time, lazy bones," he joked. "You pack enough in there for the long weekend?"

"I know you sure did," Kate chuckled, poking Rick in the stomach. "You have a bigger suitcase than I do. Tell me, is most of it your make up supplies?"

He shot her a look and gave her a dry laugh, "Very funny." Rick stuck his tongue out and Kate grinned before doing the same. "But seriously, Kate. You can never been too prepared. Like I said last night, better-"

Kate finished for him. "To be safe than sorry. Yes, I know. But do you really need a week's worth of clothes? We're only going for three days."

He began moving toward the front door, "It's just in case. Plus, I packed extra air fresheners and some Frebreeze spray. So if we do run into Pepé Le Pew, we'll be ready."

Rick set the cooler next to their bags before wrapping his arms around Kate's middle, his hands splayed out on her hips. Kate weaved her arms around Rick's neck, standing on her tip toes and pressing a chaste kiss to his mouth.

"You're so paranoid, but don't worry. I still love you," she smiled before attaching her lips to his again in a hungry kiss.

"Dad!" A tiny voice yelled from upstairs.

Rick and Kate broke apart, looking up the stairs and then back at each other. "Your son is calling for you."

"My son?" Rick questioned, an eyebrow raising. "If I remember correctly, you did carry him for nine months in your belly. Does that all mean nothing now?"

Kate pretended to think about it, biting her lip. "Yep, pretty much. Now, go. Our son needs his daddy," she gave him a gentle push on the ass, propelling him toward the staircase.

"Our son," he repeated as he halted on the middle of the stairs, just watching her.

She laughed at him. "Yes, our son. Now get, you infuriating man! We need to leave soon if we're going to get there before lunch."

He raised his hands as if in surrender. "I'm going, I'm going." Rick entered their son's bedroom, knocking lightly on the open door. "Hey there, buddy. You rang?"

A small four-year-old was sitting in the middle of the messy room. He was a mini version of Rick but he had Kate's brown-green eyes. The boy's curly brown hair was a mess as if he'd run his fingers through it constantly. He had on tan cargo shorts and a black t-shirt.

"I need help," he said, looking down at the small blue suitcase that was open on the floor. Clothes and toys were thrown in there carelessly. "Which one should I bring?"

Rick sat down next to his son, looking through what all he had packed. "I see you have all of your action figures," he mused. "But I think that they would all be much more comfortable here. They can protect the house while we're gone." He then proceeded to take out the toys and hold them up as he listed them off. "You can only take one, okay, Braden? Now, do you want to take Superman? Batman? Or The Green Lantern?"

Braden sat back and bit his lip in thought, something he obviously inherited from his mother. "Batman!" He finally stated, reaching up, grabbing the toy and hugging it to his chest. "He's got cool toys!"

"It's settled then. Batman is going camping with us!" Rick smiled down at his son. He was so much like himself but so much like Kate as well. Rick smiled and grabbed The Green Lantern action figure, tapping it lightly with the Batman one Braden held. "You are no match for me, Batman!" He exclaimed, his voice deepening as he continued. "Green Lantern's light!"

Braden giggled, hitting the Green Lantern with Batman, "You're mine, Green Lantern!" The two of them were hitting and tapping the other's action figure with their own, fighting and battling it out. After they were finished with that they decided to team up against Superman and Spider-Man so they could save the world.

"How's it coming in here?" Kate asked upon hearing her son and husband laughing like a mad men. She leaned against the door frame with her arms crossed. "Is Daddy helping you pack, Brae?"

Braden nodded enthusiastically as he held up the action figure. "Batman is camping with us!"

"Oh he is, is he?" Kate smirked, looking down at the suitcase. "Rick, I thought you were helping him pack? Because from the looks of it you two were playing rather than packing."

"I am helping him. We were just saving the world first, it's our duty." He looked down at his son, ruffling his hair, "Isn't that right, buddy?"

"Yeah." He smiled happily up at his mom. "We're super heroes!"

"Well, superheroes, let's hurry up, all right? We have to leave soon," Kate informed. "Don't want to hit all of the holiday traffic. Other people like to do things for the fourth of July, too, ya know? Not just us."


"No buts, Braden. And that means you, too, Daddy." Kate gave Rick a look before he had the chance to say anything.

Rick closed his mouth and let out a huge sigh. "Fine. Come on, wild man. We gotta get you all packed up so Mommy doesn't get mad at us. We can defeat her later," he stage whispered.

"I heard that," Kate called from the hallway.

Braden laughed, clutching his stomach. "She's funny."

"Yeah, she is. But let's get you finished packing, okay? Or else Mommy won't be so funny."

He beamed up at his dad. "Okay."

The trio were on their way to the parking garage, suitcases trailing behind them. Kate held onto Braden's hand as he wheeled his small suitcase. Rick was carrying Braden's car-seat, along with the cooler.

Kate froze in her tracks as soon as the elevator to the parking garage opened. "You didn't?" She asked, completely shocked.

Rick merely grinned at his beautiful wife, kissing her on the cheek. "Would you expect any less from me?"

Braden stood there with his jaw dropped and his eyes wide. "Whoa."

Before them sat a huge black and gray RV. It looked just like-

Kate was stunned. "Is that...?"

"Yep! Same exact one from our first trip." Rick started to head toward the large recreational vehicle, way too excited about it all. Kate and Braden trailed slowly behind, both staring at the RV in amazement. Rick was waiting by the door, holding it open for them. "After you," he waved them in.

She picked up her son and let him climb inside the RV. Kate quickly followed behind but not before kissing her husband briefly in the lips. Placing their luggage on the floor, Kate looked around. It looked just like it did six years ago when the two of them when on their first trip.

Rick came up behind her and placed Braden's car-seat by their luggage. His arms encircled her petite waist, his front pressing squarely into her back. "Surprised?"

She nodded, turning in his arms. "How did you manage to get the same exact RV?"

"A magician never reveals his secrets," he grinned, waggling his eyebrows. "What do you say we get this show on the road, huh?" She could only nod. He kissed her on the lips before taking the driver's seat.

Kate found Braden sitting patiently on the bench playing with his Batman action figure, he was making sound effects and everything. His sneaker-clad feet were swinging off the edge of the bench. She grabbed his car-seat, placed it on the bench (making sure it was securely fastened) and buckled him in, making sure his seat belt was on and in place. "You ready to go camping, Brae?"


"Good!" She smiled, pressing a kiss to his chubby little cheeks; he let out a little chuckle as she blew a raspberry. Kate moved over to the passenger seat, putting her seat belt on. She turned to Rick, "Let's go camping, Daddy."

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