This is a complete rewrite of what I already have. It was a split second decision, and now I'm posting it. Enjoy.

To be honest, he had enjoyed the antics at first, but now it was plain annoying. In the beginning it was fun to go up against the great mind of L, but because of so many incidents, it seemed that he was being blamed for things that he didn't do. Recently he had been blamed for the Kira case. L was determined to prove that he was the 'monster', but so far he hadn't come up with anything. Really, it was kind of pathetic, the constantly slouching detective frantically trying to find proof that Light and the criminal Kira were the same. It wasn't going to work though, seeing as Light was too good to be caught. See, he knew that he was doing and the fact that he could escape as well was a plus. It helped to have an intelligent brain like he did. There was only one downside to being extremely smart, the fact that he had to deal with people who weren't up to his level. Although, Light would admit that he had picked up a Death Note. He had recognized it instantly, the familiar cover staring up at him. The Death Note is a notebook where you write a human's name and in 40 seconds they will die of a heart attack. You could even get extremely creative and write how they'll die and when. He knew how far the limit stretched, but it was still fun to see what the human body could do. Light had also met an interesting Shinigami, his name was Ryuk, but for some reason he had this strange obsession with apples. However, Ryuk had given him one of the apples from his home world. One bite and Light had promptly spat it out. The thing was disgusting, like eating sand, but the flesh was like biting through layers of rock. Abet, it was soft rock, but it still wasn't an extremely uncomfortable feeling.

Sure he had played with the book, but had never actually gotten into killing the criminals. It didn't really matter to him whether he did it or not, but Light preferred staying alive, so it was the only reason. It certainly wasn't because he wanted to meet a certain sexy detective. He hadn't understood why Ryuk had been so frantic about this, but then L came into the picture. There was something about the younger man; a strange aura perhaps; but it make sure that Light was always curious about him. The slouching Detective was so interesting in so many ways; but his obsession with sweets was the most impressive. He could eat anything (including huge cakes) and still have room for more. In many cases it was shocking and often sent some of the newer men running for the bathroom. Light used to tease him about diabetes, but the Detective had looked innocently up at him and blinked. 'Diabetes?' he had asked. 'What are they?' Light had laughed and told him that they were something you got when you ate too many sweets. Then the Kira thing had started, and- BOOM! -instantly Light was the culprit. He had thought that L was a kind person, but now he wasn't that sure anymore. It was like he had never really gotten to know L, the moment something ugly had reared its head, he had gotten to see the real person. It was frustrating on so many levels, and Light just didn't have the patience anymore to try and puzzle the Detective out. It wasn't like he would be able to figure the young man out, not without dragging him to his bed and literally fucking the information out.

It had happened again, it always did, from the moment Light entered the room to the moment he left in the evening. L would proclaim that he would find proof, proof that Light Yagami was Kira. Unfortunately Light wasn't in the mood for the shit today and completely ignored the younger man's ranting. Settling himself into his chair at one of the main computers, Light calmly placed his hands on the keys and let his fingers fly. They swiftly entered the password that he knew by heart, only to jerk when the beep of refusal was emitted from the computer. Perhaps he had gotten it wrong? No, that couldn't be. Confused Light reentered the code, his eyes narrowing dangerously as the same information was repeated. His password had been rejected. It seemed that this day was going to be even more stressful than the last, thanks to L hacking his system and changing his entry code. Today was not the time for this, especially after his extremely stressful morning. Glancing over at L for a clue, he quickly realized that he wasn't going to get one from the Detective. After all, L had been the one to hack it and change it, so not getting a clue from the man made sense. Suddenly not very happy, Light let his fingers rest on the keyboard before letting them type out the familiar code. With swift speed and elegance, Light easily hacked into the system and had changed his password to something better. L might be able to guess it, but there was no way from him to be able to type it. Glancing out of the corner of his eye, he realized that the others were all staring at him; it seems that they didn't know that he could do that. What was their problem? It wasn't that hard to hack into something, but apparently they thought that it was.

Shrugging inwardly Light turned back towards the computer screen only to freeze when he heard the sound of his name. The other men in the room give him a pitying look and move out of the way, leaving a clear tackle zone. Great, narrowing his eyes, Light turned his gaze to the other men. A hiss of 'Traitors!' escaped from his lips and the other officers flinched, knowing that it was completely true. He really didn't need to be tackled by Misa, but it wasn't like he could dodge her, especially from his position in the chair. She hurled herself into the room at full speed, flinging herself into Light's arms. The poor boy lost his grip on the desk and chairs completely, the thud of his body hitting the floor echoing around the room. Most of other officers cringed in horror, but Light handled it with grace and ease. He simply sat up, pushing her off; frowning the entire time; and headed for the stairs, L trailing silently behind. Hearing the click of the great door as it slid shut, L threw the thing open; the crash as it nailed the cement wall was ignored; and the Detective stared out at the empty roof. It's impossible for humans to disappear into thin air, right?