Everyone in the entire room was staring as Light and the Shinigami could see the bits of fear flickering in their eyes. But that was normal, people were normally afraid of him. But the emotions in L's eyes were different. It wasn't fear, that much he was sure of, but what it really was, he didn't know. If he had to take a guess, Light would fire off Lust, but he was pretty sure that that wasn't it. But if it was, his wish would be complete. It was the main reason why he had come down to this world in the first place. It wasn't so that he could kill people and live longer, but so that he could find a person to love. Light didn't care what gender it was, considering the fact that he could impregnate any gender. Ryazuki was the perfect mate that he had been looking for all these years, the man was intelligent enough, but there was a single flaw. He was human. Humans were not able to cross over into the Shinigami realm, much less survive in the harsh weather. Light felt his eyes close slightly as he began to think more about this. How was he supposed to confess to L that he loved him when he would eventually have to leave? It wouldn't work well, that he knew very well, and Light refused to be the first person to break the young man's heart. If only it was simple, and not this extreme complicated equation that he had to solve. Although Light is the king of the Shinigami race, it wasn't like he would be able to….. hmmm. Light let out a soft noise of satisfaction. He hoped that this would work, that none of the council bothered him while he worked on this, that L really did love him back.

While Light was having this mental war with himself, the others in the office are having a out loud war. It was mainly Light's father shrieking at the rest of the room, while L was staring at Light. The Shinigami could feel the eyes on him and it was making a lot harder to fight his own feelings. Light knew that he should stop thinking about this, to stop thinking about the human and just head back the spiritual realm. Glancing down at the ground, Light felt his blood freeze when he realized that he was completely erect. That wasn't the best thing; he didn't even understand how it had happened, especially in the middle of the meeting room… Taking a deep breath in, Light narrowed his eyes and thought carefully about what was going to happen next. The Shinigami knew that he would have to be careful, after all, it was the feelings of a human that would get hurt, but he knew that he could no longer wait. He wanted this as much as L probably did and for the first time, Light was extremely glad for the spacious materials of his robes. They hid erections well, but judging by the way Ryuk was snickering, Light had this sinking feeling that the Shinigami knew what was happening underneath his robes. Damn him. Moving quickly and quietly, before the idiot could open his mouth, Light grabbed several apples and tossed them to Ryuk; the message to stay quiet or else burning in his eyes.

Moving once again, Light grabbed L by the hand and flipped him over his shoulder. The others hadn't even noticed, but Light did see Misa staring at him. She nodded and he took that as acceptance for his love. The Shinigami knew that she would take care of whatever happened here while he was gone. Dissolving right through the wall, Light teleported them directly to Ryazuki's own room. Tossing the mortal on the bed; and ignoring the gasp of surprise; Light made his way over to the door and peeked into the hallway before closing and locking it. Turning around he was rewarded with a wonderful scene. L spread out on the bed, a slightly confused look on his face and his clothing mostly disheveled. There was also the scent of arousal in the air, and Light could no longer resist. Spreading his wings, Yagami landed silently on the bed, pulling L's face to his and sealing their lips. The taste of chocolate flooded his senses, and Light felt his cock twitch. He wasn't about to admit it, but he loved the taste of chocolate. Dark chocolate was his personal favorite, and that's exactly what L tasted like. Dark and chocolaty, in other words; perfect. And at that moment, Light knew he was hooked. It would be impossible for him to abandon Ryazuki. Not now, not ever; not even thousands of years in the future. Of course, that meant that he would have to figure out what to do with L in the future. After all, the child would eventually die… That's it! Light snapped out of his musing when L let out a keening moan, and drew back. The human in front of him gasped for air, and Light smiled gently.

"Mine." Another kiss, bruising and deep; Light's tongue thoroughly exploring Ryazuki's mouth as he pinned the young human to the bed. This child would be his, all the way to the end of time. He knew what he would do, no matter what the consequences would be. He no longer cared. Imagine that, Kira Hibari —The Shinigami King— had fallen in love with a mortal human. But he had a lovely plan, one that would work very well. Of course, Kira knew that he wouldn't be able to have sex with L simply because it wouldn't work. No, it wasn't the fact that he didn't' have the assets, he had them. It was the fact that L could and most likely would die from the spiritual pressure that would invade his body with Light's release. And killing his mate 80 or so years too early was definitely not on his list. Removing his lips from L's, Light curled up around him and lulled the human to sleep, his never closing eyes keeping watch over his future mate. He, Kira Hibari would keep watch over his mate his entire life, and as soon as he was ready, Kira would welcome L to the Shinigami world with open arms as his 'queen'.