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sakaki had woken up from sleeping the night before, still tired. Maya pounced on her, getting the traditional bosom hug every morning. the envy of the boys that see that was unexplainably large. she got out of bed, stripped to nothing, and going to the bathroom as she showered for work, her mind wandered to the black box in the car. she can't wait. as sakaki was dressing, Maya swatted at her feet. deciding she was good, she walked to the kitchen.

sakaki needed food, she ate nothing for dinner last night and that morning was the same. she got herself some cereal, and Maya his usual tinned tuna. 'food is low. gotta pick some up after work.' she mentally reminded herself, and then she walked to her couch and started to eat. before her third bite, her mobile started to ring. the sweet sounds of cats mewing alerting her.

"hey sweetheart! I was gonna call you after lunchtime ok? our cafe...ok baby, I love you...bye!" and then a click and it was over.

the person was kaorin aida, her girlfriend of 7 months. since sakaki and kaorin had become bestfriends after college, where they both were, they have confessed loving one another all that time back to first year high. kaorin and sakaki plan on moving in together, but both parents disagree. they are saving up and going to get their own house on iriomote island.

"shit! better get ready and leave!" sakaki dashed from the couch after wolfing down her cereal and springing up and getting dressed. "bye Maya, I love you!" sakaki yelled to her wild cat, after shutting the door to the apartment her parents were paying for. rushing down the stairs, she reached the parking garage. there, she raced to her reserved spot and got in her car, a 1997 Daewoo lanos sedan import from Korea. its blue paint was faded, the back seat was ripped from Maya pawing at it, and had no reversing lights or hubcaps, but it still felt like her own cozy place on wheels, with all the necoconeco paraphernalia it had. she turned the key ones, twice, three times and it starts with a strain from the tiny 4cyl engine. she slammed her foot down, reversed, changed gear, and bolted for the veterinarian clinic she works at.

as she parked her "nekomobile", as what yukari described it as, she ran to the front door, and went in.

"hey miss sakaki, its a mighty fine mornin' today." her receptionist said. "yes it is osaka, I always love this time of morning." she panted back, exhausted from her early morning jog to her car then to where she was.

"do you want some of my osaka morning tea? it helps ya'll wake up." osaka said, starting to fill a cup and give it to her friend. "thanks." is all she could say at the moment.


after seeing a puppy going in to surgery, she said that its time that she see kaorin for lunch. "take care miss sakaki!" osaka called out to her friend. getting in her Daewoo, she put her belt on and got the little black box out of her glovebox. its time that she propose to her soulmate. she starts her car, and drives out of the car park. as she sails down the road, she gets a call, display name: osaka.

"hello osaka." she responded to the unexpected phone call. "hey sakaki, I wanted to let you know the puppy that was in surgery came out. they say he is ok." osaka calmly talked to the handset. "thankyou osaka, that's really good. get kyo sohma to look after it. bye." she clicked the end button, and looked at her phone. she had it since entering high school, it was a simple nokia 3310, not much than the powerful HTC in her purse, but worked nonetheless. she thought of getting another one but decided against it, continuing her drive to the mall.


kaorin was also driving there in her 1991 Toyota Camry sedan import from Australia. its had a life, being with a mobster from new, then sold when he got killed outside of...Melbourne? but its in near new condition, despite having more kilometres than a Tokyo police car that travelled everywhere, leaving its worn yellow hue desiring life.

as she parked, a Daewoo in necoconeco drag pulled in next to her. it was sakaki, her soon-to-be wife. she was also going to propose at the cafe, like she planned.

"sakaki!" she yelled, her body moving towards her. as she hugged the tall girl, they shared a pleasant kiss. "is that mint gum kaorin?" "why yes it is, have a piece." they conveyed while walking, heading for the cafe.


"there ya go kyo, that's all tha noted on hiracho. take good care ah him!" osaka said to sakaki's assistant. "thanks ayumu" he chimed back. shigure made him work, and this is what he studied as, vet. as soon as he finished school, sakaki would give him a place to work, as the other vet resigned and is using a substitute. "i wonder what rat boy and the pervert are doing? shigure is probably not writing and yuki is with tohru." he lamented.


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