She lingered in her lonely heart crying to escape all of the red enemy that plagues in her mind.-Willow

Silently I listen to my heart beat (tha-thump, tha-thump) who knew it'd come back to not only haunt us but destroy us? We cannot leave it behind us, we have to embrace it and fight it till it dies.-Kennedy

CHAPT 1-Starting over

Willow felt like the happiest woman alive. Starting out in a new life with her lovely girlfriend by her side. Defeating the pain the First evil caused made things easier. Willow was starting her book, she didn't know what she wanted to write about, but it's somewhere in her. Kennedy and Willow moved to Virginia, she bought her grandmothers house to really start new. It's a three bedroom with a big wooden front porch with a chair swing. The area was great, nice neighbors, Buffy and everyone was a few hours away also, it was great.

"Kennedy..!" Willow yells from the basement covered in dust and spider webs. Kennedy runs to the basement door and looks down the stairs. "Yes, babe.." Kennedy smiled at how dusty Willow was.
"Could you please give me the dust mop from the attic?" Willow continues to move some boxes around. Kennedy nodded and ran all the way upstairs and then she pulled down the handle from the ceiling and climbed up the ladder. As she got to the top she scanned the area. She walked around noticing antique-like things. Towards the window she found the dust mop. She grabbed it knocking over a few pictures looking like it was Willow when she was 11 years old give or take with tears in her eyes as her grandmother and a male figure holding her.
"Why was she so sad?" Kennedy asked herself carrying the dust mop and pictures out the attic.

"What took you so long I got all itchy from these stupid spider webs, she pushes some out of her way.
"Sorry, I found something, though. Thought you might want to look at it…" Kennedy, knew there was a story behind her eyes in that photograph but she didn't want to push Willow to tell all. Willow grabs the pictures and stares at it for what seemed like ten minutes. Kennedy snaps Willow back into reality.
"Willow? Are you all right?" Kennedy so worried.
"Uh-I-It's nothing.." Willow fumbles on her words. Kennedy notices Willow getting uneasy. She walks closer to Willow.
"What's the matter? Is it the picture?"Kennedy really wanted to know.
"Why? And no…" Willows' voice changes.
I'm sorry. Just worried.."
"Don't worry I'm fine. What made you bring this down to show me?" She asked scornfully.
"I-I..I don't know. It was sort of calling out for me. I know it sounds weird. But maybe it's meant…" Willow cuts her off.
"No. I'm going to leave this behind us now." Willow storms upstairs to take a shower. Kennedy stands there looking lost."

(Who knew I was going to get so lost inside my own darkness? I'm completely useless.)-Willow

(Look at what it did to me. I couldn't stand my own skin, my own self. Why did it have to happen at all?)-"Kennedy