("I can't escape it. No. I won't let go of it. This is a part of me. Maybe I need to embrace it, more.")-Willow

("Run, run as fast as you can, the more you run, the faster it runs after you.")-Kennedy

The Present:

She runs, and runs and she doesn't stop but she needs to. She runs past the trees, houses, cars, and people. She doesn't want to stop but she needs to.
Breathing heavily, she slows down, no, she crumbles down, feeling so lifeless, so scared, so vulnerable.
"Why, why, WHY ME?" She sits up against a tree and catches her breath.
"Willow...she's.." Kennedy stops and thinks. The only way to know what's going on. She has to remember. Her past.

The Past:

Young Kennedy enters the house and stares at the spiral staircase. "Weird." She climbs up them, following Margie.
"How far up?" Kennedy asked, impatient and tired of walking.
"Just a few, ok?" Margie wasn't the average person. Something was awfully strange about her and Kennedy was determined to find out, tonight.
They approach Kennedy's' room and she lays her bags on the floor. It's big, yet old fashioned in a creepy way. Kennedy notices a hidden small door leading downward.
"Ok. Thanks for showing me the room. I know my way back down, I promise." Ken gives a reassuring smile. Margie smirks and walks off into the darkness of the halls.
As Kennedy sits on the edge of the bed she pulls up her left arm sleeve and looks at her scars. She runs her index finger over the cut wounds and sighs.
"I really need to stop." She says to herself. She starts to unpack until she heard voices coming from that little hidden door. Curious, she walks over and kneels in front of it and listens.

"She's finally here, what should I do with her?" Margie says, quietly.
"Nothing, she's already cut, the more she cuts, the faster she falls into her darkness. We don't want that." A similar voice says.
"But, Master, she's going to be a freaking' slayer in the future. If she continues to cut the "right way" she's going to be powerful and defeat your future Queen."
"You think I don't know this stupid prophecy, already?" He yells.
Margie trembles. "Look, she's young. All I have to do is kill her before the nights' over with." The tall figure disappears as Margie goes to do her chores.

Kennedy sits back onto the floor in shock. She doesn't know what the hell is going on, but it has something to with her arm being cut.
"I need to get out of here, now". She repacks some of her stuff and decides the only way out is down that damn laundry shoot. But she has to wait till mid-night. She figured things may quiet down.

The Present:
Kennedy looks at her left forearm and she beings to run her index finger over her past scars.
"Scars remind us the past is real. And the only way to get rid of the scars is to finish what was meant." Kennedy stands up and runs to a nearby store, searching.
She looks in every aisle and she found it. A shaver. She pays for it and runs out the store and back to the tree.

She whispers to herself. "You can do this...you have to. Just remember how to cut, cut only enough, Kennedy." She takes a deep breath, places the now, razor onto her wrists and cuts down, vertically, one long, slow cut.
She gasps in pain. She feels the power taking over her, even though she doesn't want it, she has to take it. So she cuts again, this time deeper. Blood flows down her arm, dripping in the grass.
She falls over into the grass, breathing heavily, trying to compose herself, but she can't.
"Oh..my..God." Her eyes grew darker, her body jerks a little as the power enters her fully.

"It's happening." The tall figure couldn't believe it. He felt her energy, her strength. "She's getting deeper, I have to get Willow, now." He disappears in a blink of an eye and appears in Willows' bedroom.
Willow jerks up out the bed in only her gown. She looks him in his flaming eyes, she tries to resist him, but he pulls her in deeper.
"You're coming with me, now!" He screams. She tries to pull away and scream for Kennedy. She uses her magic to throw him against the wall. She runs out the room and down the spiral stairs.

Kennedy jerks up, her power has grown. She gets up and runs, runs back to the house, she's more fast, more cunning.
Within five minutes she arrives at the house and kicks the door down. She looks up and see Willow running down the stairs.
"Kennedy! He's after me.!" Willow screams. Kennedy is wondering why isn't she using her magic against him.
He blinks in the middle of the stair case and laughs.
"You thought your puny magic trick would harm me? You didn't even try hard enough. Which means you're close to being on my side." He looks at Kennedy.
"What are you looking at?" Kennedy ask in a low tone.
"Nothing much." He smirks and he grabs Willow by the neck and breaths into her mouth a dark, thick cloud, she inhales it in.
He drops her on the stairs, as she coughs. Kennedy jumped onto the stair case and starts attacking him.
They fight, sending blows by blows of power. She kicks him off the stair case and he falls onto his back. She jumps down and starts pounding him in his face.
"For the Devil, you're pretty weak." He starts to laugh as Kennedy continues to beat the crap out of him. She stops punching him.
"What?" He looks up at Willow.
"That's what." Kennedy's' eyes grew wide, Willow stands up. Her eyes changes into bloody red orbs, as her veins began to turn red.
"It's time." Kennedy says. "It's destiny." She stares at Willow just hoping she won't have to destroy her. Willow chuckles softly.
"Baby, you ready for this?" She looks at Kennedy, just smiling. Kennedy swallows hard. As she stands up straight,Willow thrusts her hand forward and Kennedy fly's threw the wall into the next room.
Willow sighs. "She's way too slow for me." She looks at her King, he stands up. She floats down toward him, grabbing his hand. They both walk over to Kennedy, unconscious.
"You think she'll get strong?" Willow asks.
"No doubt. But only if she's willing to take it further." Then they disappear, leaving Kennedy lying there, helpless...