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Chapter 1: Arrival.

In the Shinobi world there are many nations and villages but there are five that stand above the rest, five that hold the title of greatest. Those five villages are called Iwa, Suna, Kumo, Kiri, and the greatest village of all Konoha. And it is here in Konoha or the village hidden within the leaves that our story takes place. It is a chilly night in the usually warm country of fire where the hidden leaf resides and within the village a celebration takes place for today is October 10th, it is the day that the village's beloved 4th Hokage defeated a monster of immeasurable power known as the Kyubbi-No-Yoko or 9 Tailed fox 6 years ago, the day the 4th gave his life for his village.

Every year since the beasts defeat a festival has been thrown to commemorate its defeat and the sacrifice of the 4th Hokage, it is a day of fun, laughter, drinking, games, and food for everyone, everyone that is except one little boy a little boy with sun kissed blonde hair, tan skin, big, bright blue eyes, and whisker marks on his cheeks, this boys name is Naruto Uzumaki and today is his birthday, and while normally on ones birthday they're surrounded by loved ones and given a party and gifts and cake that is not the case for little Naruto. No every year Naruto fears his birthday because it is the worst day of the year for him, it is bad for him because he is an orphan with no family, it is bad for him because every year on this day the villagers and even some Shinobi gather together to beat him and attempt to kill him and tonight is no exception. We find young Naruto running through the village as fast as his little legs will carry him, and behind him we find a mob made up of mostly drunk Civilians and one or two chunin level ninja, as they chase him the ninja throw Kunai and Shuriken at him attempting to impale him but in their drunken state they continually miss. "why? Why do they hate me? Why do they treat me so bad every year on my birthday? What did I ever do to them to deserve any of this? They say I've killed people but I've never done any of the things they accuse me of. I wish they'd just leave me alone." Little Naruto thinks to himself as he turns down an alleyway and heads for the biggest park in the village with the mob right on his tail.

Meanwhile while Naruto is being chased by the mob a figure is entering the village gates, unnoticed by the Ninja guarding the gates due to being passed out drunk, this figure is shaped like a man whose height stands at 5'11, and whose build seems to be strong yet lithe, he wears a long red cloak that goes down to his feet and a hood that covers the whole of his head and face, on his back rests what seems to be a mass of Bandages with a Hilt sticking out over his right shoulder. This man walks right past the guards sparing them only a momentary glance but a glance that speaks of his disappointment in the security of this village. As the unidentified man walks through the Leaf village on his way towards the Hokage tower his highly developed sense of hearing picks up ruckus coming from the left of him in the direction of what seems like a beautiful park. Deciding to pique his curiosity he heads that way to see what all the commotion is about when he arrives what he sees causes him RAGE. There in the middle of the park is a mob of civilians and 5 Ninja all gathered around taking turns beating a Small Child with Blonde hair who is curled up in a ball trying to just get through the attack.

As The stranger is watching, Naruto is laying on the ground balled up crying silent tears, wishing for the beating to just end, when suddenly one of the Ninja speaks up "I think its time to end this demons presence in our village once and for all!" he gets a round of cheers from everyone in the mob at that, as he takes out a Kunai knife and raises it above his head he says "now Die Demon Scum! Die Like all our loved ones you killed, and die like our Beloved 4th Hokage!" as the kunai begins descending upon him Naruto is having and internal conversation "well I guess this is it…at least there wont be any more beatings, at least I wont get glared at or called demon anymore. Maybe in the other world I'll finally find out who my parents are and they'll welcome me with open arms and give me love…Sorry I wont be around to fulfill my promise of becoming Hokage Jiji…goodbye."

As the kunai draws ever closer to the child the mysterious man takes action with speeds only a Seasoned Ninja could possess the cloaked man appears and grips the arm the ninja has the kunai in stopping it 3 feet above Naruto, the chunin follows the hand stopping him to the man it belongs to and glares at him "what are you doing? Let me go so I can end this demons life!" the man glares back at him from behind his hood and releases a bit of Killing Intent which causes all the civilians to cower in fear and all the ninja present to begin sweating, the man replies in an icy tone "I think what I'm doing is plain as day! I am stopping you from killing a small innocent child. you say this child is a demon? Well I say he is not, I say that the only demons here are all of YOU! Because only someone who is pure evil would abuse and attempt to kill a child who can be no older then 6!" the stranger squeezes the chunin's wrist and all present hear it snap, as the chunin drops the kunai and howls in pain, the stranger quickly releases his wrist and does a roundhouse kick to the chunin's head sending him flying into a park bench unconscious.

The stranger turns to see the other 4 Ninja beginning to surround him with angry looks on their faces, he looks at each one in turn and speaks "from this point on if any of you want to get to the boy you have to go through ME!…and trust me when I say each of you will only end up like your friend. So I suggest you back off before you get seriously hurt." The 4 chunin scoff at this and each one begins a string of hand seals. The one on his left calls out "Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu!" then one to the right calls out "Lightning Style: Electromagnetic Murder" the one behind him calls out "Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutus!" and the one in front calls out "Earth Style: Earth Dragon Bomb!" as the 4 incredibly dangerous and deadly attacks come at the stranger he remains completely calm, bending down to pick up Naruto, he looks on as each attack gets closer then suddenly…BOOOM!….a huge explosion rocks the park as all 4 attacks collide on the spot where the stranger and the boy once stood. The chunin smile and start laughing "Hahahaha 2 for the price of 1 not only did we kill that Demon loving scum, but the demon itself as well!" their celebration is cut short however as when the smoke from the explosion clears they see not 2 charred and mangled bodies but nothing but charred wood. "damn it that demon lover used a Substitution! We have to find him before…GAHH" the chunin never finishes his sentence as a Kunai is shoved through his throat, he falls dead to reveal the mysterious stranger who is now Missing his Cloak so all can see his entire figure.

He is a young man no older then 17 with Blonde hair that is swept back and icy blue eyes, wearing a Black shirt with mesh armor underneath it, Red ANBU style pants with multiple pockets, a kunai and shuriken holster on each leg, Black Combat boots, and the huge bandaged thing still on his back, his only other defining feature is the headband he wears around his Left Bicep it carries the Symbol of the Kiri, the hidden mist village, but has a slash going through it. Each of the three remaining Chunin look at this man and they realize that he is a missing ninja from the Hidden mist, they look at one another then back at him, one gets the courage to ask "You're a Mist missing Nin, what are you doing here in the leaf? And for that matter why are you Defending that little demon? You should just hand him over and we may forget you killed one of ours and let you go with your life mist ninja" the man looks them over and replies "my name Is Adam and my business in the leaf village is not your concern. As for why I'm helping the boy, lets just say I hate people who gang up on defenseless women or children and think they're big and bad. You all have one last chance give up and run away and you will live, don't and well…you'll all die tonight" the three chunin look at him like he grew a second head and the middle one speaks up "You must be confused, there are three of us and only 1 of you, we are all chunin level ninja of the leaf and your Most likely nothing more then some Low level mist ninja who ran away because he couldn't cut it. We'll show you what happens to low levels who think they have what it takes to beat leaf Shinobi!" and they all begin to make hand seals once again, However faster then any of them can follow Adam makes his own hand seals and as he finishes he calls out "Water Style: Exploding Water Shockwave!" as he finishes calling out his Jutsu a large volume of water is released from his mouth and surges up like a wave and rushes the three chunin faster then they can move, the wave swallows up all three and crushes each of them under the pressure of it, after a minuet the water recedes and leaves the 3 chunin laying on the ground broken and beaten, but alive, Adam then turns to the civilians and glares at them causing them all to run away in fear. He turns to where he left Naruto in the bushes and retrieves the boy who has passed out. As he exit's the brush he is surrounded by 8 people all wearing animal masks, these people are the Leaf's Elite Ninja the ANBU black ops.

The ANBU with a Dog mask steps forward to speak "Mist village Shinobi by order of the 3rd Hokage you are ordered to give Naruto Uzumaki to us and surrender yourself to be brought before lord Hokage himself to ascertain your reasons for entering the Hidden Leaf." Adam looks over all the ANBU present and knows that if he really wanted to he could defeat them all quite quickly and easily however he was originally headed towards the Hokage's tower to speak with the 3rd so he stares back at the Dog masked ANBU and replies" I will go to Speak with the 3rd Hokage willingly…however I will not hand this boy over to any of you…I saved his life from 5 chunin of your village and 30 civilians if it wasn't for me he would be dead so it occurs to me that you ANBU can not be trusted to keep this kid safe so until I'm proven otherwise the boy will not leave my sight, now lead me to the Hokage's office." He gives them a look that tells them he's serious and the Dog ANBU nods his head signaling for the others to back off for the time being. Dog escorts Adam directly to the Hokage's office when he knocks they hear a "come in Dog" and enter the office, the office is pretty plain, the wall paper is in greens and browns, the floor is made of hard wood, on one wall hags the pictures of all the previous Hokage, on another sit's a Book self filled to the brim with tomes that look very old, in the center of the room towards the only window in the room sits an oak desk littered with papers and documents, sitting in the chair behind the desk is an old man in white robes with a hat on his head with the kanji for fire emblazoned on the front of it, this man is Hiruzen Sarutobi The man known as the Kami-no-Shinobi or God of Shinobi, and the 3rd Hokage of the leaf, a man in his 60s with a Grey goatee and many wrinkles on his face, Sarutobi looks up at his guests and notices Naruto in Adam's arms, he levels a hard look towards the man holding the boy he considers like a grandson but speaks none the less "Dog thank you for bringing this man here you are excused for now" Dog bows and vanishes

the old hokage looks at Adam and says "Now who are you? Why have you come to my village? And why did you protect and continue to protect Naruto?" Adam looks at the only couch in the room and sets little Naruto down upon it, he then turns back to the old hokage and bows "My name is Adam Durphey, of the Durphey clan of the Mist, former member of the Kiri no Shinobigatana Shichinin Shū or 7 Shinobi swordsman of the Mist" To say that Sarutobi was shocked would be an understatement, here standing in front of him is one of the greatest Shinobi swordsman in the world and one who no doubt is no older then 18, Sarutobi quickly recomposes himself and asks "and what is an S-rank missing ninja of the Hidden mist Doing in the leaf?" Adam stands straight and answers "I've come to the Leaf to get in touch with my father who is a Leaf Shinobi." this surprises Sarutobi because he had no knowledge that any of his Shinobi had fathered any children in other village and so he had to ask "and who would that leaf Shinobi happen to be?" Adam looks him straight in the eye and replies "Yusuke Uchiha." this Stuns Sarutobi to find out that one of the Greatest ninja that the uchiha clan has ever produced since the time of Madara Uchiha, a ninja on par with his 3 students the Legendary Sannin could have fathered a child out of wedlock with a woman from the Durphey clan of mist. And so he asks "are you certain Yusuke Uchiha is your father?" Adam looks at him for a moment and then closes his eyes when he reopens them what Sarutobi sees almost causes him to shit himself, Adam's eyes have changed from their normal icy blue to Red, with three comma like markings in each eye, what he's staring into now is the Sharingan, the dojutsu of the Uchiha Clan, it shows him undisputable proof that Adam is of Uchiha Blood.

Sarutobi swallows hard then speaks again "I see…well before I allow you to walk around freely in my village you will have to sit and talk with the T&I department…protocol you understand I'm sure." Adam's eyes turn blue again and he nods "yes I understand, believe it or not I didn't come here to cause trouble and I appologize for the ninja I injured and for the one I killed Lord hokage." the old man just waves him off and replies" think nothing of it, your actions were in protection of Naruto so I can over look it…however I am curious as to why you saved him, you're a ninja of another nation, you don't even know him and yet you put yourself in harms way to help him when most would have just ignored his plight so why?" Adam looks back to the boy for a moment then back at the old hokage, who for the briefest of moments sees pain and hurt in his eyes but then nothing as he begins to speak

"I saved him because I know what its like to be surrounded by civilians and ninja and be beaten and not be able to defend yourself properly…I know what its like to cry yourself to sleep at night because no one cares for you except your mother…to be hated and despised by an entire villages population including your own clan for something that is not within your control…" Sarutobi looks at him sees beneath his words "the Sharingan…you were hated for the uchiha blood you carry weren't you?" He nods and responds "yes I awakened the Sharingan at 3 years old, graduated from the mist academy at 5, made chunin at 7, Jonin at 10, at 13 I become a 7 swordsman, and at 15 I fought and defeated the 4th Mizukage, but allowed him to live which is why I'm now labeled as an S-Rank missing ninja…The boy though, the hate directed at him is for another reason…the chunin kept calling him a demon…there can only be one reason for that…he is a Jinchuriki isn't he?" Sarutobi tenses at this question but nods and responds none the less "yes…he holds with in him a great burden and most of this village knows, however instead of seeing him as the hero he is they see him as the demon in human form. I have attempted to give him some sembalence of a normal life, made a law that it was forbidden to speak of it to those who didn't already know, a law that is punishable by death…however the villagers and even some ninja still find ways around my law…they abuse him, most shops refuse him service, parents keep their children away from him making it impossible for him to make friends, and theres only so much time I myself can spend with him. Normally I post ANBU to guard him but it seems tonight the ANBU assigned to his watch turned their backs and they shall be delt with..now that you know what do you plan to do with this Knowledge?" Adam shakes his head and replies "Nothing….I'm not going to harm him….not going to steal him…but I will do my best to watch out for him however long I'm in this village….I will be his friend….no child should have to suffer what he has to suffer…and any ninja that is foolish enough to believe he is the Kunai and not the Scroll should not be a ninja in the first place. I guess I'll leave him in your care now Lord Hokage and allow your ANBU to take me to T&I for that talk…the sooner I can get that over with the sooner I can go find my father and introduce myself."

Sarutobi Sighs and smiles one of his big grandfatherly Smiles and replies "ah that is true very well, CAT!" just then A woman wearing a Cat Mask materializes out of the shadows kneeling in front of the hokage's desk "Yes Lord Hokage" the old man smiles again "Cat I'd like you to Escort Mr. Durphey here to T&I…have Ibiki and Anko question him thoroughly and once they have finished have them bring him back to my office along with their report on their findings" Cat nods and bows "Yes lord Hokage it will be done." she turns to Adam and says "You come with me" and she heads out the door, Adam nods and follows her out leaving the old hokage alone in his office save one sleeping boy. Sarutobi stands from his desk and walks over to the couch Naruto is on, he places his hand on the sleeping blondes head and says "Naruto my boy…I'm so sorry that I havent been able to protect you in the way I should…from now on I'll try harder to make sure your not harmed." he gently picks the boy up and Body Flickers out of his office, arriving at a run down old apartment building he heads up the creaking steps to the 3rd and last floor of the complex to Apartment number 12, he arrives to find the lock has been broken again and Sighs, he enters the small apartment which is littered with scrolls and instant ramen cups and heads towards the small bedroom in the apartment, he lays the blonde down and covers him up, smiling at him one more time and walks out of the apartment, he puts up Privacy and security wards on the door before body flickering back to his Office where he plops down into his chair and sighs for what seems the 100th time that night "well should he pass Ibiki and Anko's Questioning then Adam Durphey will certainly make this village a bit more Interesting….I cant wait to see what kind of uproar his presence will cause." and as the old man looks out at the face of his Successor/Predecessor he smirks thinking of the young blonde man who stirred up quite the commotion when he become Hokage and feels hopeful for the future of said man's Only son.

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