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Chapter 48: Kimimaro VS Naruto battle of beasts.

Last Time:

The blonde Sharingan wielder is hopping from tree to tree, moving towards the site where Temari and Shikamaru are just beginning their fight with the only Female member of the Sound 4. The SS-Rank Shinobi smiles to himself and thinks "Looks like one of Naruto's little fiancées and the Nara heir are about to face off against Tayuya's replacement. Then theres Kiba and Akamaru about 5 miles east in that ravine, looks like they're already going at it. And finally we have Naruto fighting with…well theres something I haven't felt in a while…a Kaguya. I can't believe one survived the purge and is working for the snake. In any case they're still about 7 miles north, and I'm only here to watch the fights and step in if someone really needs healing. Oops need to concentrate." he lands 100 feet from Temari, Shikamaru, and Sayuri and proceeds to hide behind the trunk of one of the large trees and settles in to watch how things continue to play out, all the while thinking of how if all else fails then he will make sure Orochimaru doesn't get his fangs into his youngest cousin.


Naruto vs. Kimimaro

After the clanging of their blades meeting the two young men begin to push against each other to in an attempt to gain more ground on the other. After 5 minutes of this the shove off at the same time and each goes skidding back 10 feet, the white haired boy raises an eyebrow at this and says "I must say I'm impressed, not many have the strength to match me in a clash of blades, Infact in all of Sound only Orochimaru-Sama has ever over powered me. And your ice blades seem durable if the fact that they didn't chip from meeting my bone sword, my respect for you is rising." Naruto just continues to stare at the young Kaguya, but suddenly his ice blades melt into water confusing the white haired Sound Shinobi before he sees the blonde going through hand seals at a fast rate, when he's finished he slams his hands on the ground crying out "Lava Release: Magma Geysers!" after this the ground begins to rumble and suddenly hot lava shoots out of the ground 10 feet to Kimimaro's right, then the boy looks down and sees a geyser forming beneath him so he body flickers away, this starts a succession of body flickers, jumps, and dodges from the boy to avoid being hit by the red hot rock.

After 10 minutes the Jutsu end and the geysers stop spewing the liquid earth, Kimimaro is perched on a tree branch examining the damage that the blonde's Jutsu did and thinks to himself "So it seems he has not one but two bloodlines, the Ice release of the Yuki Clan and the Lava Release of the Terumi clan….and based on the damage that last technique did I'd say he has great control of both, however it's that second on that will be the biggest problem as its capable of melting off my skin…looks like I'll need to use my long range attacks." With that thought in mind the older boy jumps from his place in the tree and lands on the now cooled rock formed by the magma to face Naruto again. The blonde smirks and says "Good job dodging that, truth be told I was hoping to atleast melt PART of your body off with that attack, but I can see that you're not your average Shinobi. Just means I'll have to try a little harder." The other boy just raises an eyebrow and replies "Naruto Namikaze….you are not a normal Shinobi, you have 2 bloodlines from Mist, I'm going to have to change my tact with you, prepare yourself Namikaze, for you will die no matter what." With that the white haired youth begins the make hand seals while Naruto waits to see what happens next.

Shikamaru and Temari vs. Sayuri. (With Adam watching)

The blue haired Sound Kunoichi begins to play her violin, the two Leaf Chunin notice that the melody is a slow, somber one, as they continue to listen to the melody they begin to notice their surroundings changing, warping as if in a Time/Space Jutsu, however Sayuri doesn't even take notice of the changes as she continues to play. Shikamaru looks around and turns to Temari and says "Troublesome…its looks like she can warp time and space with that violin…we can't get close because we have no idea what could happen…hmm I need to think about this." The blonde haired former Sand Kunoichi just sighs, shakes her head and replies "No this isn't some Space/Time Jutsu, trust me Naru-Kun's Flying Thunder God is one and this is nothing like that…no the more plausible answer is a Genjutsu that she uses that instrument to implement…we just need to destroy the strings and I have the perfect way." Going through hand seals at High Chunin speeds she finishes her jutsu and says "Wind Style: Blade of Wind!' with that she emits wind chakra from her fingertips and sends it at the sound Kunoichi's instrument, however she's shocked when the wind blade passes right through the girl like she's not even there.

The Nara boy just sighs and says "If this is a Genjutsu do you really think she'd stay in the same place as she started with continuing to play that thing? I swear women are so Troublesome...especially the blonde ones." Temari gains a tickmark at this comment and just huffs. However the sound of incoming Kunai alerts them both to danger and so they jump away just in time as a hail of the sharp weapons land where they were just standing. The blonde girl looks at the Black haired boy and says "We've got to get out of this Genjutsu, if we don't we may die because she's obviously moving around." The young genius nods his head in agreement and begins to form a plan, after 5 minutes he turns to her and says "Alright, I'm going to use my chakra to release you from this Genjutsu, when I do you'll need to take her out FAST, or else she'll trap you right back in here and I'll have wasted my chakra, so I hope you have a good technique." Temari nods and replies "Oh I got just the thing, and it's something I just learned so it's still unstable and should put her down for the count." Shikamaru nods as he walks up to her and puts his hand on her left shoulder and says "Alright here we go, you get one shot don't screw it up."

Back with Naruto and Kimimaro

After finishing his handseals, the older boy points his fingers of his hands at the blonde and says "Dead Bone Pulse Technique: Ten-Finger Drilling Bullets!" and shoots hardened spinning bones from his fingertips at Naruto. The blond thinking fast makes handseals and says "Wind Style: Gale Palm!" and thrusts his hands out firing off a huge wave of wind which causes the bullet bones to go off course and shoot through trees, shocking the Sound Shinobi slightly. The blonde Leaf Chunin makes more handseals and then puts his hand to his mouth as he says "Water Style: Wild Water Wave!" shooting out a stream of pressurized water from his mouth, then goes through a few more seals and calls out "Ice Release: Ice Spear!" As the stream of water freezes over and gains a point at the end heading towards the white haired man.

Kimimaro modifies one of his upper arm bones into a short hilted blade and takes his specialized stance, and says "Dance of the Camellia!" as he begins to stab chaotically and continuously, destroying the ice spear and continues on toward Naruto leaving after-images of himself making it difficult for a normal Shinobi to follow his movements, but the blonde is able to follow him slightly, as he unseals his sword from his brother and takes a defensive stance. Soon enough the white haired youth reaches the leaf Shinobi and goes for a strike which is blocked by the blonde, however he instantly and fluidly moves into another strike which the blonde barely manages to block, and then right into a 3rd strike from behind that Naruto isn't prepared for, however before the bone sword can pierce his back a wall of black sand erupts from the ground to block the strike. This catches Kimimaro off guard so much that he barely manages to dodge a sharpened tendril of the sand which manages to nick his side as he body flickers back to his original position in the clearing.

The blonde smirks and says "Interesting Sword style. Too bad for you though that I have more tricks up my sleeve then just Ice and Lava release. Say hello to my Iron Sand defense." The white haired man glares and replies "You are far more dangerous then I originally believed. It seems I will have to use my full power to end the threat you present to Orochimaru-Sama." With that said suddenly black markings begin to spread over the Kaguya's body, quickly covering it entirely, however they don't stop there, they begin to meld together, the older boy's skin begins to turn a dark grey and a tail of bone sprouts from his back as well as several bone protrusions from his back and horns from his head. This freaks Naruto out a bit as he begins having an internal conversation with Kurama "Hey Kurama, whats with this guy? Is he a Jinchuriki like me, Gaara, and Yugito-Chan?" the giant 9-tailed fox snorts and replies "No. he has some demonic yokai in him but not enough to be a container, but I sense the same taint coming from him as I felt coming from the snake woman you call "Nee-Chan" tho." Naruto nods at this as his fears are confirmed with what the Kaguya says next. "Curse Seal Level 2. Transformation complete. Prepare to die." With that he rushes the blonde for the next round.

With Adam

The Blonde Sharingan wielder maneuvers himself to the tree where his cousin Sasuke is currently unconscious. He cuts the boys bonds, then removes the seal paper from his head and destroys it with chakra flames. After checking to make sure the young Uchiha has no wounds the older blonde decides it's time to wake the kid up and so he begins to slap him silly while saying "Wake up Punk!" the young Sharingan wielder startles awake, attempts a right hook at his attacker however he misses and his smacked over the head and hears a familiar voice say "Idiot. You really think an attack like that could catch me?" Sasuke shakes his head and looks up to the face of his smirking cousin Adam, and grumbles something, however he then looks around and hears the sounds of fighting coming from a distance behind him and decides to ask the obvious.

"What the hell is going on around here cousin? Where are we? And who is fighting?" The swordsman just sighs and replies "It'll be faster if I show you via the Sharingan whats been happening." Getting a consenting nod from the 13year old, the blond activates his 3 tome Sharingan and proceeds to look directly in the Genin's eyes as the tome spin quickly. After 5 minutes they break eye contact and Sasuke drops to a knee, breathing slightly heavy while shaking his head. After he's recovered he stands and says "they went through all that just to get me back? I guess they cared more than I thought…and Naruto is truly a great best friend to face such a monster." The older half Uchiha looks down at the teen and asks "So what are you going to do now? Are you going to head back toward the leaf village making the sacrifices that your comrades have made worthwhile? Or are you going to stay and help in the fight?"

Sasuke glares at Adam with his own 2 tome Sharingan eyes and replies "Do you even have to ask? What kind of friend would I be if I let my best friend fight someone like that alone? I'm going to fight! I owe those bastards for kidnapping me anyway." The older Sharingan wielder smirks at this and replies "That's what I thought you'd say. Well then release the gravity seals and get out there and help my little brother." The black haired teen smiles, makes a seal and with a rush of chakra vanishes. The blonde hops up into a tree to get a better view of the battle to come.

With Temari and Shikamaru

As soon as the Genjutsu is released from her, Temari calls out her technique "Wind Style Armor!" as she's covered in a thin layer of wind before vanishing from the Sound Kunoichi's sight. The next thing she knows she spits out blood as her violin separates into multiple pieces and she finds a Wind coated battle fan sticking out of her side near one of her kidneys. She looks out the corner of her eye to see the Blonde Chunin Kunoichi behind and to the left holding the end of the small battle fan with a smirk on her face as she says "that will be enough of that crappy music. It's time for you to take your bows." And with that she rips the sharpened ends of the Small Battle fan out of the blue haired woman and body flickers back next to the lazy Nara.

Sayuri spits out more blood and curses "You damn Bitch! You think you've won? I'll show you. I'll make you pay for destroying my precious instrument!" and with that she activates her Curse seal and they watch as patterns blaze across her skin, and are shocked as the markings touch her wound and it sizzles and closes up, healing completely. When the Sound Kunoichi is fully covered in the curse seal and its power she smirks and says "Let's see how you fare against the power Orochimaru-Sama blessed me with!" she takes out a pair of Kunai and rushes them fast. She heads straight for Temari first, intent on making the blonde pat for destroying her violin. Temari tired from using the wind armor and then a body flicker right after is unable to move fast enough to dodge and braces herself for pain, however just before the sound Kunoichi reaches her she freezes in place.

Sayuri is confused and attempts to move but can't so she grits her teeth and asks "whats going on!? Why can't I move?!" her answer comes from behind her as she hears the lazy pineapple haired Chunin say "Shadow Possession Jutsu Success." Looking out the corner of her eye she sees Shikamaru kneeling on the ground with his hands in the rat seal, and his shadow connecting to her own and realizes that in her rage she made a fatal mistake, she forgot she had two opponents, and this realization causes her to pale considerably. Shikamaru for his part grunts in effort and addresses his fellow Chunin "Temari-San, if you could please finish her off quickly. My technique won't last for too long." The female blonde smirks and replies "No Problem."

As she makes makes rapid handseals and proceeds to place her right hand on the Sound Kunoichi's chest and says "Goodbye Witch. Wind Style: Wind Daggers!" as multiple invisible blades of wind shoot from her hand and right through the blue haired woman's chest ripping up her insides and killing her instantly. A moment later Shikamaru releases his Jutsu and the now dead woman falls flat on her face lifeless. The two Leaf Chunin breath sighs of relief and Shikamaru decides to lay down on the tree branch they're on and just stare at the clouds, while Temari takes a small breather, eats a Food pill to replenish her chakra and then turns to the Lazy boy and says "I'm going on ahead Nara-san. I need to make sure Naru-Kun is alright and if possible help him fight that last sound Shinobi." The Brown haired boy just nods and says "ok, have fun. And tell that troublesome guy I said to give em hell." The blonde chuckles and says "I'll make sure he gets that message. Later you lazy bastard." And with that she takes off in the direction of her Fiancé and his opponent.

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