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Chapter 50: Saying farewell to Family and Friends

Last Time

She quickly gets her senses and says "Alright i accept, when would you and Sasuke be Leaving?" The former Mist Shinobi smirks and says "In 1 week. It'll give Sasuke the time he needs to say goodbye to all his friends and our family properly, as well as give me the time i need to get Anko-Chan to be ok with the idea of me not being around all that much for the next 2 years. Oh and if i remember to do it then next year Ay will send Kirabi here to get Naruto to take him to help him learn how to Fully use Kurama's Chakra." Tsunade just nods at this knowing that the 8 Tails Jinchuriki is the best person possible to teach the young Chunin how to best use his tenants powers. After talking for a little while longer and ironing out all the details the two men leave the Hokage alone in her office, and as shes planning to finally take a real break and have some Sake, she turns to see 2 whole stacks of paperwork on her desk and proceeds to scream out "WHERE THE HELL DID ALL THIS PAPERWORK COME FROM!? CURSE YOU MINATO AND SENSEI FOR GIVING ME THIS DAMN JOB!" and so ends another day in the Leaf.

1 Week later.

Its been 1 week since Adam Durphey laid out his plans to train his youngest cousin Sasuke Uchiha to the Hokage. In that week there have been many emotional ups and downs, mainly from Anko Durphey, who upon learning what her husband had planned first became angry and started to beat on him, then after that became very sad and started to cry into his chest and proclaim that she didn't want him to go for so long, and then she dragged him up their bedroom saying that they shouldn't waste what little time they had left talking and just make love, and so thats what they did the whole week. Besides that the blonde spent all the time he could with his twins Shiro and Matsuri, just playing with them and feeding them and being the best daddy he could be while he had the chance, since for the next 2 years he'd be in and out of their lives. He'd already said his goodbyes to his friends, and to his younger siblings, however getting Sasuke to agree to the training trip was another matter, he could still remember the conversation that he and his father had with the boy the same day they got the Hokage's approval.

Flashback 1 week ago

Yusuke Uchiha and Adam Durphey are sitting in the older man's office within his home after their successful meeting with Tsunade, the two men are sipping tea and waiting for the arrival of the youngest member of the Uchiha Clan, Sasuke. After waiting for about 10 minuets they hear a knock on the door and the boy's voice say

"Uncle its Sasuke, I was told you wished to speak to me." the Uchiha head says

"Come in Sasuke we have much to discuss." the boy enters the office and shuts the door behind him, then bows in respect to his clan head, after that he stands up straight again and notices his eldest cousin in the room as well and is confused, however he shakes it off and says

"What is it you needed from me Uncle?" Yusuke smiles at his nephew and replies

"A few things actually, please take a seat and have some tea for this will be a long conversation." Sasuke nods and does so, sipping the tea slowly, then looks at the two older men expectantly, before the blonde decides to speak

"Sasuke what we called here for was to offer you an opportunity for advanced training." this piques the boys interest and also causes his eyes to widen as he replies

"I'm honored, but may I ask why?" Yusuke says

"No, at least not until we are finished. Now before offering you this advanced training we have some questions for you." the duck-butt haired boy nods his head and says

"ofcourse Uncle, ask me anything you wish, I am at the mercy of the head of my clan and his eldest son." Adam just chuckles and shakes his head, while the older man sighs and says

"First I want you to know that should you be granted the Advanced training it will be difficult, but the power you gain from it will be exceptional. My first question to you is this, Is there still a part of you that wishes vengeance upon Itachi? Be honest now." Sasuke takes a few moments to consider this question before sighing himself and saying

"Honestly, yes there is still a small part of me that hates my brother and wishes for nothing more then his death for what he did to our clan. However that part is overshadowed by the love I have have for our family, and by my loyalty to my friends and comrades. I understand why Itachi did what he did, but it doesn't change the fact that there will always be a part of me that detests him for doing it, I hope that answers your question Uncle." the man nods and says

"Yes it does, and know that I understand how you feel, you would not be human if some part of you did not still hate Itachi for his crimes. However the fact that you put your bonds before those feelings of hatred and detest for one man shows Maturity." Sasuke smiles gratefully at his uncles words, however his attention is drawn to the former Mist Swordsman when he asks

"If given the training, what would you do with the power you gain from it? Would you use it to pursue Itachi to bring him back to the leaf to answer for his crimes? Or would you use that power to protect all your friends, Family, and the Leaf?" The young teen answers right away

"I would use whatever power I gain to protect those precious to me above all else. I wont lie tho, If I do encounter Itachi somewhere along the way then I will do everything in my power to capture and return him to the village to stand trial for his actions, but I will not dedicate my life to that goal." Adam smiles at this and says

"very good little cousin. I think he's passed our test don't you dad?" Yusuke nods and says

"indeed I do Son." Sasuke smiles and says

"So does this mean I get the Advanced training?" both men nod and he asks "So who's training me and when do I start?" the Uchiha clan head turns to his son and says

"You want to take this one Adam?" the blonde nods and says

"I'll be training you little cousin. And we start training in a little over a week." this makes Sasuke excited, his cousin, an SS-Ranked Shinobi, A master of Sharingan, and a Prodigy even greater and stronger then his brother, the man who helped his best friend Naruto to get as strong as he currently is, will be his teacher for the foreseeable future. However his internal celebration is halted when he remembers the last part of the blonde's sentence and he says

"Why in a bit over a week? Why cant we start right away?" Adam smirks and says

"Because a week gives you enough time to say your goodbyes to your friends and comrades, as we will be leaving the village and traveling the Elemental Nations for the next 2 years." at this the boy stands up abruptly and says

"What do you mean leaving the village?! Why do we have to do that? You trained Naruto within your compound for years so why cant you do that with me?!" the blonde rubs the bridge of his nose and says

"Because thats how I want things done thats why. Your training will be harsh and at times destructive and its best not to be in the village for that, I don't want to have to pay for damages. As for the traveling the Nations, its so that you can get some more real world experience, its not like you wont be coming back here to the village every so often during the 2 years, after all you'll still be taking missions directly from Tsunade, and its my hope that in 6 months when the next Chunin exams take place in Sand that you'll be ready to participate in them and make Chunin. Plus my compound is a no go any longer, not since the twins were born, unless you WANT to deal with an angry Anko-Chan everyday for the next 2 years?" the young teen shudders at the image of an angry Snake-Mistress beating his head in everyday for disturbing her "Precious Babies" and shakes his head and says

"No thanks, I'd rather suffer Tsukuyomi a hundred times then deal with your wife." the Uchiha clan head busts out laughing at this, while Adam scowls at it and says

"My wife inst that bad Sasuke. Dad stop laughing or I'll tell Keiko-Kaa-Chan about your stash of Icha Icha books." this causes the older man to stop immediately as he looks at his son betrayed and says

"You wouldn't. You'd sell out your father over some mild laughter?" the blond smirks and says

"Start laughing about what Sasuke said about my Wife, your Daughter-In-Law, again and find out." so the man decides to remain quiet while Sasuke says

"Alright I understand. I'll pack up my things and start saying my goodbyes this week." Adam nods and says

"Good, and while we're training you'll refer to me as Adam-Sensei. Also if you match or exceed my expectations then after we get back to the leaf for good in 2 years then I'll give you a special present. Now we've already gotten Tsunade's permission so thats taken care of, i think this meeting is done, what do you say dad?" Yusuke nods his head and says

"yes your right. You may leave Sasuke, return to what you were doing before this meeting if you want." the boy nods his head and says

"Yes Uncle. Thank you both for this Opportunity." and with that he leaves the two men alone.

Present day

Now we find The blonde standing at the west gate of the Leaf waiting for his Student for the next two years to arrive, by his side are his wife and children, as well as Minato, Naruto, and Kushina Namikaze. As they wait Minato decides to have a quick word with his fellow blonde and says

"I know I've said this a bunch of times already but thanks for giving me and Kushi-Chan another chance at life, and more over a chance to really get to know our son. I also cant thank you enough for giving me the chance to really teach Naruto everything I know." Adam just waves him off and says

"It really was no problem at all. Just promise me one thing. Promise me that when Sasuke and I come back that Naruto will be a Seal Master, and be as strong as you and I." The Namikaze clan head smiles at this and says

"You can Count on it. In fact when you get back I'll most likely be much stronger as well." the younger man smile a shark like smirk and says

"I look forward to that Yellow Flash." the two man shake hands and a moment later Sasuke comes walking up, looking around confused he says

"What are all these people here for?" Anko steps up and says

"We're here to see you off you broody little brat. Why else would we all be standing around here? For our Health?" the boy scowls at this and is about to respond when Naruto walks up to him and clasps him on the shoulder and says

"Well this is it Sasuke-Teme, we wont be seeing each other much for the next 2 years. I just want you to know that your the best friend a guy could ask for, and I'm looking forward to a spar when you get back to test just how strong you've gotten. So until then try not to die." at the end he give his famous foxy grin, which causes Sasuke to give his own Uchiha grin and reply

"What are you talking about Naruto-Dobe? Ofcourse I wont die, I'm an Uchiha, and Elite, however I do worry about you. I know how much you need me to hold your hand, its pathetic really, but thats what a good best friend I am. I look forward to proving that I've finally surpassed you when I return so until then don't slack on your training, and don't die on some mission somewhere or else my victory will be hollow." the two boys laugh and share a Bro-Hug before Adam clears his throat and says

"Alright Its time for us to go! Thank you for coming out to see us off everyone, we'll be seeing you all in 2 years!" then he turns to Anko and gives her one more toe curling kiss before kissing the tops of the twins' heads and saying "I love you all, and I'll be home during every mission Sasuke goes on." the purple haired Kunoichi just nods her head as her eyes begins to water. The 2 Uchiha descendants walk out of the Leaf village to begin their training and the others stand and watch as they become smaller and smaller on the horizon, until they can no longer be seen. The first to leave is Anko and the twins, then Kushina starts heading home while Minato places his hand on his son's shoulder and says

"Well they're gone. I know you'll miss them both Naruto, but I have just the thing to take your mind off of them, Tomorrow I'm going to start training you." the younger blonde stares at his father and says

"really? Thats so cool! I cant wait Tou-San." the older Namikaze just smiles and says

"neither can I Sochi, now lets get home, you've got several girls waiting on you and your mother will be mad if we make her walk all the way home alone." and with that the 2 Namikaze males turn around and run to catch up with the red head, and Naruto thinks to himself 'the next 2 years are going to be Interesting."

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