Guided by figures, sculpted in ivory.
Place, where absence of life.
Does. Not. Mean. Morality.
Imagination is one with memory.
And memories are so real.
Unveiling the mystery.
Storm choirs are wailing.
Splendid structures.
Going out...searchlight.

-Vader, When Darkness Calls


Tunnels of doom lead every where and no where, a cavern filled with ravenous creatures spawned by a darkness not known. Concealing torture and disease, maiming all who disappear in the dark depths of morbid stone...

Haunted by a shadow of a thousand souls, the Hylian King of Darkness struggles to defend the only thing left important to him in this dark, twisted reality of Equestria. The element of Kindness, Fluttershy, whom he found below the surface, hurt and lonely in the pitch black. Her eyes were taken. Her wings, were taken. Her peace of mind, was taken. And now Link's soul, was taken.

There will be no remorse. Link will travel the caverns, guarding his dearest of friends to the death. Nothing will stop him from crushing every abomination in the darkness, and avenging Fluttershy. As Celestia as his witness, Death will come to all that crossed Fluttershy.

But amongst his efforts to undo the wrong she has experienced...

...He will never forget the cries of Fluttershy...


A dark shadow moved in the dim halls, silently treading along so as not to alert any "suitors" on patrol. The slow dripping sound of water caught the ears of this lurker. A few torches were lit, but the rest were long since diminished. It was cold and damp, the total opposite of the world he was in only days before.

A silent sob echoed down the hallway, and the shadow stopped in its advance. Instinct kicked in, and the shadow reached up to place an armored left hand on the hilt of a sword. Silence followed as this lurker listened intently.


All was silenced again, but the chilling air had yet to subside, even as the shadow inched near a lit torch. Sharp, voided eyes gazed with piercing intensity through the darkness. As this figure inched forward, the glint of black steel shimmered from its form.

Slowly, detail became visible to those with sight. Long blonde hair in wavy fashion graced this armored shadow's head, long pointed ears twitched at every drip of water that sounded, and thickly armor fitting a design of ferocity and death clung to their figure. A short, tail like hat hung from the back of their head, whipping back and forth in the opposite direction with each move. A long black cape kept the shadow warm in these dreary passageways of rubble and stone as it was dragged along behind the figure, even at full height.

Rodents shuffled around in the corners, letting out small "eeps!" to mark their presence. The occasional scratching could be heard from the large insects inhabiting the walls.

The dark figure watched the rats scurry about, non affected by his presence. But a small shuffle of iron chains put him back on edge. The smell of blood, dry or fresh, filled his nostrils. Something akin to rotten flesh and the stink of death pervaded the air suddenly.

The dark figure pressed his back lightly against the wall, spreading his hands along them to keep from touching a "passer by" who might be walking his way now. The sound of equine hooves slowly treading about close by caused the dark figure's eyes to narrow readily.

"...H-hello...?" A very familiar voice called, whimpering and sniffing. The figure's eyes widened with shock, cleaning out his left ear with an index finger to make sure he heard right.

"...Angel...please...I...c-come back..." The cracking voice called again, still moving around in the darkness, unaware of the lurker's presence.

The figure moved his lips, he recognized that voice. Silently, he spoke the name of that voice...but he was no fool. He dare not call out and give his position away to a hoax. More shuffling, seemingly moving away from the unnamed figure, but there was no relaxing now.

The familiar voice continued to sob silently, but what words were spoken were drowned out by the echoes from the stone passages. The dark figure felt anger swell in his heart, to hear that soft and kind voice so wracked with sorrow and grief, pain and was unbearable. But he knew this was likely a test, and he would not fail it. Too much was riding on it. This had to be a nightmare.

The lurker forced his own inner turmoil down, and continued his advance. Careful not to step on any of the creatures below his feet for fear of alerting his unknowing companion.

Using his hands, he felt along the walls, searching for the end of the hall he trudged in. Wisely, his ears searched for signs of the voice's return, but there was no other noise but the dripping water and the cackles of the torches.

He had a lantern of his own to use, but only a fool would unleash that light while hiding from an unknown entity. The unlit device hung lifelessly at his side, barely slapping his thigh as he moved.

The voice sounded again, still as sorrowful as ever. Whatever had been the case, the voice obviously was powerless to leave the vicinity. More of the iron chains dragging on the cold, wet floor resounded, approaching the hidden figure.

The source of the voice must be incapable of seeing in the dark, for it had not spotted the lurker when it called down his hall. With that in mind, the lurker swiftly, but silently shifted his position from the wall, to a large, thickly beam holding the roof up.

The lurker hugged his back towards the damp cement, hand on the hilt of his sword, ready to draw if he was discovered.

The voice shuffled closer ever so slowly, blind to the hidden swordsman in hiding. Again, it called out to that name, only to be met with the unforgiving silence. The voice stopped all movement, likely to sulk a bit before resuming its endless search.

It cried. A heart wrenching cry. The dark armored warrior used all of his will power to keep from looking at the voice. It took everything he had. And it wasn't easy.

"My love...where did you go...? Please come back...I'm so cold..." The voice wept.

The dark warrior quietly grunted painfully at the silent plead. He had to get away before he did something he'd regret. Again, he silently shifted his position to another beam, looking to distance himself from the voice.

"Why did this happen...? Please...come back..."

But he stepped on a small piece of wood from the rotting trim nailed to the walls, letting a resounding crack echo. The sound of chains shifting in reaction to the noise was heard, and the lurker knew the head of the voice had looked up in his direction.

"Is that you I hear...? Angel...?"

As strong willed as the warrior was, he felt his fear rise. If he was found, it would be difficult to combat a foe in utter darkness. Already, he witnessed horrors here that shamed his nemesis in all senses. At least, what little he knew of his nemesis' dealings.

The chained hooves moved towards him.

"...Don't leave me again..." The voice muttered, sounding slightly agitated.

The dark warrior moved further away, trying to remain as silent as he could, but he was getting clumsy. His armored boots came close to scrapping the stone floor. Such a mistake would be costly to him if he was discovered.

The steps increased, seemingly encouraged by the presence of the lurker.

The black knight stopped in his advance, perhaps he was making a noise only that voice could hear? He would take no chances, he squeezed himself carefully into a crevice, taking great care not to scrape his armor on the stone. The steps inched closer.

"W-where did you go, my love...? Come back! Come back! Please...don't leave...! I don't want to be alone anymore..." Panic and fear mixed with loneliness began to retake the voice. The steps were now right next to the dark warrior, who held his breath.

A sniffing sound was heard. The lurker could only smell the same taint that had pervaded a large radius of the voice, but it had apparently picked up on a new scent.

"Uh...? L-Link...? Link, is that you I smell...?" The voice called again. "...Link, please save me...! Please! I...I-I don't want to be here anymore..." The voice was now sobbing again, desperate for salvation.

Link could only turn his head away, inching himself deeper into the crevice. Mentally, he threw his desire to reveal himself down a deep dark chasm in his mind, but the sincerity of the voice was the rope for his desire to climb back up. The voice kept moving hurriedly around in the corridor, blindly searching for him. A smack sounded, and Link felt a small vibration nearby from the wall. The voice hit itself head on.

"O-o-ow...Why is this h-happening...?"

'She must be blind...' Link concluded mentally. He pondered if it was wise to light his lantern, he desired so much to see what had taken the form of the one equine friend of his who was close to his heart than the others, as close as one other.

Finally he decided he had to know what he was dealing with. He reached for his lantern, silently unclipping it from his belt and turning a small shaft on the side which fed more oil into the base. He gathered some magic from the fire goddess, Din, and breathed into the glass, causing a small flame to ignite silently. He held it up, listening intently as the voice moved over to the end of the hall he currently hid himself within.

"Wait! L-let me find you! ...I-I can smell you close by, just stay there!" The voice pleaded. Link knew it was a matter of time before it pinpointed his exact position. He must be quick. He left the crevice, his heavy boot steps hitting the stone floor and noisily echoing as he moved further away from the voice. The voice heard the boot steps and gave a weak pursuit.

"No, wait! Stay! Come back!"

Link hopped over a large wooden beam that lay on the floor, concealing himself within a room and silently shutting the bar door. The voice passed by without knowledge of his change in course. The voice hit what sounded like hollow suits of armor and collapsed with a yelp of pain and fear. It whimpered as it tried to stand, but was incredibly weak and barely managed to get back up on all fours. The rodents in the room scurried from the loud clanging noise, and the idea that his closer friend might be the true owner of that voice steadily consumed Link.

He waited until the hoof steps were further away before slightly tilting his head around the corner of the door and raised the lantern.

What he saw caught his heart in his throat.

There stood a once beautiful and innocent pony with a coat of gold and a main of pink. Her eye sockets were empty, not but black voids and her tears were of blood. Her mouth, toothless and agape, bled. Her neck was encircled by a large wheel, likely a torture device to keep her from slipping, to keep her conscious. Her body was horridly scratched and blood covered her form. She blindly looked from one end of the hall to Link's direction, sniffing.

She was blind, for her nonexistent vision had gazed right at Link, but she had not noticed his obvious figure. More blood dripped from her eyes as she sobbed again, dropping to her knees and lowering her head in total obscurity.

'By Oni...'

"Fluttershy..." Link muttered ever so quietly under his breath. There she lay, sobbing in the middle of the hallway. Her coat middled with dirt and her own blood, and her mane mangled and filthy. Link would never forget that image before him.

Lost in his own grief for the once pure being who held a special spot in his dark heart as his friend, he approached her corrupted figure. His white eyed vision focused purely on Fluttershy's body, funneling to her and blurring everything around her to total ignorance of the environment. She kept her head low, her voice now only a whisper. Her breathing was shaky and so was she, which could have been caused by her time that she was obscured here from the outside world.

In his slow advance, she seemed to mind the rodents running around her corrupted form. Likely wishing they could be as friendly as her mice friends back home. At last, Link dropped to his knees, no longer caring for wise decision making. Fluttershy was alerted by the loud clang caused by the steel guards strapped to Link's knee high boots hitting the stone floor. She looked up, not knowingly that he was sitting directly in front of her, mere inches away. Her sobbing continued, for she believed that now she had gone totally insane. Her hope of surviving and reuniting with her old friends slipped away.

Link's hand reached up and caressed Fluttershy's crest, the only thing he could attempt to do to comfort her. She gave a small gasp in reaction to the contact.

"Hush now, my little's alright," Link spoke softly as he continued to comfort her.

"...You came back for me... Please...don't leave me again..."