Chapter One ~ Massie

Massie Block put one black suede pump on the sidewalk. She couldn't believe she had to move away to here.

"Massie dear, don't look so upset!" Kendra exclaimed. "I already unpacked all the boxes, remember?"

"Yeah, Mom. But why? I don't know anyone here!"

"Dad's co-worker, Mr. Jones, lives right next door. They have a daughter, Junie. She's your age. I'm sure she'd love to meet you."

"Mom, no." Massie rolled her eyes. She didn't know who Junie was, but already decided she was an LBR.

"To bad if you feel this way, Massie. She's having dinner at our place tonight with her family."

Massie wanted to scream. It's Claire all over again! she thought.

"I'm going to my room."

"It's upstairs, the last door on the left."

"You decorated it like I said, right?" Massie raised her eyebrows. She had told Kendra that her new room had to be royal purple carpet, lavender walls, and white everything else.

"Yes, Massie."

Massie grabbed Bean. "Come on, Bean," she whispered, "Let's see my room."

She entered and walked up the stairs. She had a flashback of when Claire came to Westchester as the heels of her pumps scratched the wood stairs.

She opened the door. Everything was perfect, except for one thing. She set Bean in her white doggy bed.

"I need something on the Massie-quin. Something that will show Junie what I'm made of."

She adorned the mannequin with a cream colored Ella Moss halter top, a pair of dark wash True Religion super short shorts, and gold gladiator style wedges that had straps up to her mid-calves. She slipped her charm bracelet on its white wrist. She didn't feel like wearing it right then.

Since she had nothing else to do, Massie painted all her nails light pink, or Massie Pink, as Claire called it. Then she French braided her hair and sprayed it wet, so that when it dried her glossy hair would have pretty waves.

Bored, she engulfed herself in the latest issue of Seventeen.

"What are you doing right now, Massie?" Kendra asked through the intercom.

"Reading," Massie half-lied.

"Okay, that's great. But remember, Claire asked you to call when you got here."

Massie didn't reply to her mom.

"And the Joneses will be here at seven."

Massie picked up her iPhone and called Claire.

"Hey, Kuh-laire. I'm here."

"Oh, Mass! I miss you so much! So do Dylan and Kristen!"

"What about Alicia?"

"Oh, um, she's kind of... unable to speak right now."

"TELL ME what HAPPENED, Kuh-laire!"

"Okay, okay, okay. Fine. Um, let's just say that we were trying to reach one of Dylan's magazines, and it was on a high shelf, and we bumped the shelf on accident and it hit Alicia's head and she fell to the ground and we don't know what to do!" Claire started crying.

"Call 911 you idiot!"

"Okay. Bye, Mass!"

Massie sighed. Things were getting out of hand too quickly.