Chapter Two ~ Junie B.

Junie B. Jones walked into the door of the biggest house on the street. This was where some girl named Massie lived.

"I don't wanna be here!" cried Ollie, Junie B.'s little brother.

"Shh!" Junie B. put one finger to her lips.

"No!" he said. Junie B. laughed. She remembered being in kindergarten. That was when she had thought her mother was looking at something when she rolled her eyes, along with a whole bunch of other little-kiddy thoughts.

"It's not funny!" he said. "I'm supposed to be at Brittany's house!"

Junie B. giggled. "Right. Sorry, I forgot."

"She's my girlfriend!" he stated, "Except I don't like her in front of other people."

Junie B. heard her mother knock on the door. She started bouncing up and down, making her red velvet skirt sway around the bottoms of her knees.

A woman opened the door and smiled. "Oh, hello! You must be Junie!" She bent down and shook Junie B.'s hand.

"It's Junie B. Don't forget the B."

"Oh, all right then, Junie B." The woman stood up and shook Junie B.'s mother's hand. "I'm Kendra."

"Pleased to meet you."

A man stepped out. He shook Junie B.'s daddy's hand.

Everyone shook hands, then the Joneses were lead into a living room. Mother said we would be "chatting," and I would get to meet these people's daughter. Maybe this is where.

"Massie!" Kendra said into a little speaker. "Come meet Junie! Er, Junie B!"


"What was that thingy?" asked Junie B., with extreme curiosity.

"Oh! That was our intercom."

"Okie dokie!" Junie B. sat on a little chair with her folded hands in her lap and looked around the fancy room. It's even fancier than Lucille's house! she thought.

A girl who looked a few years older than Junie B. walked down the stairs, wearing this cool top and really short shorts and gold shoes. She opened her shiny mouth in horror. Kendra coughed, and she smiled.

"Hi," said the girl, "I'm Massie."

"I'm Junie B. The B stands for Beatrice, but I just like B, and that's all," Junie B. said, something she had been saying since kindergarten.

"Oookaay, then, Junie B." She raised her eyebrows. Kendra coughed again. "Um, wanna come to my room so we can talk?"

Junie B. nodded eagerly.

"Whoa! Purple!"

"Yeah, it's my favorite color." Massie sounded bored.

"Mine too!" Junie B. walked over to a white desk thingy with makeup all over it. "What's this?"

"My makeup vanity..."

"Makeup! Cool! I don't have any makeup."

"Oh. That sucks. Wanna makeover?" Massie cringed.


"Okay, sit on the chair and stay still!" Massie removed Junie B.'s glasses and got to work.

Junie B. felt her face get poked and brushed. It tickled, but she didn't want to laugh and mess Massie up.

"Want me to do your hair?"

"Sure!" said Junie B.

Junie B.'s hair got brushed and pulled around. "So," said Massie, "How old are you?"

"Thirteen," said Junie B.

"Cool, me too." Whoa! thought Junie B. She looks way older than that!

Junie B. saw something small and black run around the room. "Aw!" she said, "A dog! I have a dog too, his name is Tickle."

"Cool. That's Bean."

"He's so cute!"

"She," Massie corrected. "All done!" She tapped her chin. "Wait! Do you absolutely need your glasses to see?"

"No," said Junie B. "Mother says I have a very low prescription."

"Okay." Massie kept the chunky purple squares of Junie B.'s face and turned the chair so Junie B. could see herself.

"Holy cows!" Junie B. exclaimed. "I look prettier than Lucille!" Junie B.'s face had black mascara, thin black eyeliner, soft peachy-pink eyeshadow, and clear lip gloss. Her shoulder-length hair was curled into ringlets and the front part was clipped back.

"Who's Lucille?"

"My best friend, other than Grace."

"Oh. Okay."

"Dinnertime, girls!"