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Of lust...


It was just one of those days when it felt like the world is against you and all you want to do is curl up in a ball and feel sorry for yourself.

He tried to smile because that's what he usually did… he was a bright person… real sunshine…

So today when he got on the school bus that was about to take him to the place where his brain would be tortured for the rest of the day, he gave a half-hearted smile to his classmates, they of course were unable to tell the difference between his true smile and this lame excuse of one.

"Hey Deidara, what's up? Did you heard we gonna have a new classmate?" the asker was Konan a girl who's biggest passion in life was to create angels using the Japanese art of origami. She was quite alright, not that Deidara was friends with the girl but she was definitely better than the few others of his classmates. He just gave the girl his lame-ass excuse for a smile and mumbled something under his nose moving for the end of the bus where his best friend Hidan was already waving at him.

"Hey, you don't look very lively today…" his best friend said and he couldn't help but smirk, you see a true friend could tell just by looking at him. Actually he didn't have a reason to be depressed, just one of those odd days.

"Rolled off of the bed unsuccessfully, un." He joked popping down beside Hidan and tossing his head back against the seat, he heard Hidan snort and it made him turn his head and peak at his friend.

He liked Hidan's shoulder length nearly white hair…always combed back neatly and He absolutely loved Hidan's violet purplish eyes, actually Hidan was a real hot-stuff.

Perfect nose... thin dark grey eyebrows... perfectly shaped face... yes, Hidan was very handsome and therefore he was rather popular among the girls. Actually as much as Deidara knew about Hidan and he knew nearly everything, Hidan really was not the type to fuck for fun... even though everyone thought exactly that way. Deidara smirked, if he wouldn't know Hidan he would think the same thing.

"Stop staring…I'm not your damn type remember?" saying that Hidan let out a devilish smirk looking right in his bright blue eyes, he couldn't help but return the smirk, Hidan was right… his friend happened to be the only one who knew that he prefers guys.

Hidan however didn't have problems with it and he thought it's mostly because he had honestly admitted that Hidan is not his taste… well almost honestly.

"Yeah, you're not Hidan, un…" he whispered in case anyone was trying to overhear their conversation.

"Do you even know your damn taste..?" Hidan grumbled making him grin somewhat freakishly.

The fact that he didn't know his own taste in men...well, it was true… he didn't. He knew he likes guys but as to what that guy should look like or be like he had no clue…

"Ah Hidan when I see someone I like I'll let you know, un!"

"You better find him real soon or you gonna die a virgin..." those words made him nudge Hidan's broad shoulder rather roughly.

"Shush... jeez Hidan, keep it down, un..." he hissed feeling his cheeks painting red, he closed his eyes trying to relax leaning back on the seat. "I wouldn't want to do it with someone... I don't like for all hundred percent, you know, un?"

"Well you did mention something about Tobi being a hot-stuff…"

"Yeah…visually… but he's just too childish or sweet... I don't know... something of the sort, un!" he said and heard Hidan chuckle.

"That's what I thought, you need someone... strong."

"Feel free to introduce me if you know someone like that, plus he must be gay, un."

"I would..."

And how could he improve his mood if the first period was math of all things… he hated math and if Hidan wouldn't be sitting next to him and wouldn't whisper the correct answers he would fail, that's for sure. Hidan didn't do very well in other subjects but math for unknown reasons were the guys strong side…

Right in front of him sat the very same Tobi… the childish Tobi... he gave the guy a smile and if he was any judge then Tobi was into guys, he wasn't sure of course but every time he smiled at the guy there was always a blush appearing on the pale cheeks…. Deidara couldn't deny that Tobi's only minus was the childish too happy and naïve attitude… otherwise Tobi was hot…

Five minutes before the torture of math would start the teacher made a funny noise Deidara thought it was supposed to be a cough, sounded more like a bark or something but it got everyone's attention anyway, including his.

"Before we start I would like everyone's attention… this is Itachi Uchiha and he's your new classmate… there Itachi go and sit down next to that blonde guy over there…."

Deidara could only stare…

He could only stare as Itachi Uchiha walked across the class coming closer and closer…

The new guy was perfect…

Black hair made in a low ponytail, with shorter neat bangs hovering around the pale flawless face… the pale skin looked so soft and almost inhuman… black perfect eyebrows and…he stared at the guys eyes, they were actually gleaming onyx….fire… the guy was dressed in black jeans they were not skin tight like Deidara's own blue jeans but they were not baggy either, black sneakers and a black shirt with crimson laces on the shoulders…

To make it worse for Deidara's mental state the shirt was sleeveless revealing pale arms… Itachi's body looked trim and all neat.

He was rather surprised when his mind started to produce not very pure thoughts while looking at the new student for the first time… that had never happened before… he of course imagined naughty stuff on regular basis as any normal teenager would but now his mind was sent into an overdrive… just look at that body moving closer… he wondered how the guy would look shirtless or better…naked… sweaty...hot…bothered…

Hidan nudging on his shoulder snapped him back to reality… unwillingly, he turned to his friend still gapping his mouth rather lamely he tried to gather himself when he saw Hidan smirk at him oddly as his friend leaned closer to whisper in his ear.

"You might want to wipe that drool off your chin otherwise you look like a horny slut!"

His hand flew to his mouth, he did wipe the liquid away feeling his cheeks heat up terribly, he didn't even say thanks to his friend as he turned back to the walking wet dream and kept staring even when the guy came and sat beside him.

His bright blue eyes met with the dark ones of Itachi, long black eyelashes enhancing them … Deidara himself had long eyelashes that made his blonde hair and blue eyes contrast with his eye shape…but this guy was simply too beautiful… too fucking beautiful… besides seeing those eyes from so close he was proved right, there really were hints of crimson in them… alluring..

He was about to say hello or something when the Tobi turned around in his chair beaming at Itachi and smiling sweetly.

"Hey Itachi….I'm Tobi…" he watched as Tobi waited for an answer that didn't came…. Itachi sat there with his arms crossed on his chest….ignorant…

He really felt bad for Tobi even if he was struck by jealousy just for moment before… Tobi turned back in his seat leaving Deidara wondering was Itachi a complete ass when it came to personality… the potential was there!

He flinched when those onyx eyes snapped to him, he could very well see Itachi wordlessly asking why the fuck he was staring…

Luckily his friend Hidan saved him and his dignity by nudging on his shoulder again making him turn to face his violet eyed friend. Deidara however was tempted to press his face in Hidan's neck to hide… he couldn't explain it…. most probably it was because he felt paralysed and he couldn't even get a smile out for the new guy… he sensed that the smile wouldn't be returned … he could sense the guy was colder than Alaska, damn it!

His blue eyes went wide looking at Hidan, he started to chew on his lower lip.

Hidan was smirking leaning into him, whispering right in his ear, sending shivers through him.

"Correct me if I'm wrong, but you know your taste now, don't you?"

He chuckled weakly still dazed by Itachi's appearance and by Itachi's rudeness towards Tobi… Hidan however was right once again… Itachi was definitely his taste…

The period begun and Deidara's long fingers were trembling trying to hold the pen, all through the period he was trying real hard not to look, succeeding...

The math was finally over, he rushed out of the class leaving Hidan and he's new crush behind. He went into a bathroom and washed his face staring dumbly in his mirror reflection... and since when was he left speechless and paralysed... he always met new people no problem, he smiled, he joked he even flirted but this Itachi guy...

He flinched when the door banged open.

"Who would of fucking thought I will see you go all shy on someone!"


Hidan always noticed oddness in his behaviour... the violet eyed perfect body possessor knew him all through...

He grabbed his best friend's shirt collar making the violet eyes go wider but not entirely so, amused smirk on the plump lips.

"Did you see the guy, un?" he was almost hissing and his own bright blue eyes were wider than usual as if he himself couldn't believe. "He is perfect, un!"

Hidan chuckled praying his thin wrists off of the shirt.

"Calm the fuck down Dei... he might be a pretty boy but you don't know a shit about him..."

"Well that's just a matter of time isn't it, un...?"

"I don't know, I think he made it fucking obvious that he doesn't want to make friends... he made it obvious he doesn't want to even as much as communicate..."

Deidara smirked about this... Hidan wasn't the one to talk... his best friend wasn't much better... Hidan possibly didn't even realise how open he is with him and how closed he is with other people, rebuking everyone with the rudeness... it took Deidara quite some while to get under Hidan's brutal skin and if he could get under Hidan's skin he was sure he could do the same with Itachi Uchiha. But that was only the case if he would stop acting like he did during the math class, meaning no action... just shyness...

"I think I had a shock to my system, un..." he breathed out looking at his thin pale fingers that thankfully weren't trembling anymore.

"Pull your shit together I don't think I want to see you acting like a rabid school girl... c'mon... we'll be late for the shit gym..."

He didn't say anything as he walked for gyms changing room...

They opened the change room's door just to cringe back from the noise. Going for the bench along with Hidan he smirked and ducked in time to avoid a sneaker thrown at Tobi. The guy as usual was blabbing about something to no one in particular.

He turned to Hidan while pulling on his black t-shirt. Hidan was pulling his shirt off and he couldn't help but gain pink cheeks... Hidan was his friend, his closest friend, his only friend. But that didn't change the fact that the guy had a lovely body, so well toned and so strong...Hidan could surely be a fucking model for men's underwear…

When he looked at his friends face to chase away his musings Hidan was smirking at him, it really wasn't the first time Hidan noticed his cheeks get redder from ogling the manly body and it wouldn't be the first time when Deidara would notice that Hidan failed to feel awkward or repulsed by it...

If truth be told Deidara would love to do few naughty things with Hidan if he would be dead sure that they would still be best friends after that... he didn't want Hidan as his boyfriend definitely no... He wanted Hidan as his best friend... forever!

But there was just something about Hidan… something animalistic that sometimes left him breathless or hyperventilating…

He shook his head looking at the floor to hide his thoughts surely his friend would read them if he would look in the purple eyes.

When everyone was gone and they were changed, he was doing up his sneakers while sitting on the bench, Hidan beside him was doing the same thing and he simply could feel his best friend is still smirking, damn him. Hidan always did that…always smirked his knowing smirk…

"Funny how you didn't even notice that your crush was here in the room as well and shirtless too... "

Fuck... he snapped his head up darting his eyes over the room... how could he forget that!

"Oh he's gone now..." Hidan commented chuckling.

He was so used to not look at his classmates when they were changing their clothes that he failed to look at his new crush... how stupid of him... but maybe it was for the best, he after all was trying to avoid getting dirty thoughts. Though looking at Hidan instead proved his logic to be illogical... Hidan after all had a lovely body, damn it!

"I'll have my chance sooner or later, un..." he exclaimed standing up and turning to face his friend waiting for Hidan to do up the sneakers.

"He already used his chance though..."

He could hear the damn smirk in his friend's voice his eyes went wider.

"What do you mean, hm?"

"He was watching you..."

"Watched me... in what way, un...?" he demanded getting closer to Hidan and when his best friend stood up their faces were suddenly very close and Hidan was smirking naughtily.

"The same way you were looking at me..."

And with that said his friend started to walk out of the changing room leaving him paralysed for the second time today... but he recovered fast and caught up with his best friend.

"You're not... err... I mean, un... I wasn't... fuck..." there was one person with who he never felt awkward or shy or anything of the sort and it was Hidan. This just wasn't his day...

Before he could say anything more and before they could exit the changing room Hidan grabbed his arms not very gently and pressed him in the wall, he yelped and his blue eyes went saucer-plate wide as he looked at his best friend who was still smirking.

A gasp escaped him as Hidan pressed the perfect body firmly against his delicate one... they maybe were best friends but they didn't touch a lot... they almost never touched... this too came as a shock to his system, his mouth parted but no words came.

Hidan's lips were suddenly so close... too close and he cursed himself for his inability to breathe evenly...

"We're best friends Dei..." it was murmured right on his lips making him shiver. "And that fact won't change even if you look at me as if you would want me to own your ass..."

Gasping sharply because of those words he couldn't do anything but yelp again Hidan had pushed a knee between his slender legs, he clutched on Hidan's muscled arms gasping for air when the leg pushed higher causing his blood to rush for his groin.

He was shocked about the way his body reacted to the treatment. He felt his cheeks flare up murderously and he swallowed hard barely able to look at Hidan right now.

"H-Hidan, un..." he wanted to ask what the hell got into his best friend, but the words got stuck in his throat seeing the plump lips smirk at him. A strong hand grabbed his hip firmly pulling him closer and more onto Hidan's bent leg between his own, the pressure between his legs was driving him crazy and he realised that if Hidan would touch he would feel he is already half hard... if Hidan would look down between them...

He was rather embarrassed and rather shocked about his best friend's behaviour.

When Hidan entangled his fingers in his long blonde hair that were made in a simple loose ponytail which Hidan surely just messed up, he closed his eyes unable to look at his best friend... his breathing was erratic and he cursed himself when he wanted to entangle his own fingers in Hidan's platinum hair, he restricted himself and remained clutching the strong arms.

And then Hidan's lips brushed on his cheek he could feel that his best friend's breathing wasn't exactly normal either... what the hell was going on?

"Say Dei... how comes you react the way you do if I'm not your taste at all...?"


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