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...Of Lust...

Itachi got pinned to the wall in a blink of an eye.

He smirking about his best friends methods went and sat on the bed turning on Hidan's pc and watching the two crushes.

"I'm gonna ask questions now and you will answer honestly! Alright Itachi?" Hidan asked calmly as if Itachi wouldn't be struggling and trying to break free, good luck with that.

"Are you gonna hurt me if you don't like the answers?"

Ha ha nice one Itachi. Hidan ignored the question.

"Why did you fuck with Dei?"

"Because I like him... a lot."

He blushed and smiled, not that it mattered Itachi was looking in Hidan's eyes looking a bit like a cute bunny looked down by a predator... a wolf no less.

"That's great... I like him too...a lot, now why did you fuck with me?"


Itachi squirmed, blushed, looked away from Hidan's eyes, till Hidan released one of Itachi's hands which fisted the black shirt on Hidan's side, Hidan however grabbed Itachi's chin forcing the beautiful face upwards.

Their lips were brushing together and Itachi was shivering rather visibly as Hidan's lips moved for the delicate jaw line till they found a delicate ear.

"Answer me, I won't hurt you if I don't like the answer. I simply won't touch you, ever again." those words were whispered in Itachi's ear and Deidara could only guess was it done to turn Itachi on or to deny him from hearing which he did anyway.

Itachi's hand were now grabbing at Hidan's side, he heard a low soft whimper when Hidan's hips rocked forward. God, why was Hidan torturing Itachi if it was so damn obvious that the beauty liked pretty much everything Hidan did or said.

Hidan's hand sliding down Itachi's side and stopping on the hip squeezing indicated that Hidan was not only interrogating but turning the poor victim and himself on, Itachi's ragged breathing said it's working. Hidan's own heavy breathing said the same.

The naughty hand moved to Itachi's backside grabbing and squeezing and Itachi emitted a low groan, the delicate hips bucked forward lightly and Itachi's head tilted down and to the side with Hidan breathing on the pale neck and ear.

"Answer me." Hidan whispered with now both hands on the lovely ass cheeks pulling and rocking Itachi's delicate hips into the manly ones. "Did you do it thinking that it's a onetime thing for me... did it thinking that I'm simply fucking you for fun? Did it because you were simply horny? Did it because you thought otherwise you won't get to Dei?" all the while, while Hidan was asking, Itachi was weakly shaking his head in denial with closed eyes.

Deidara knew better than to interrupt what was happening.

Hidan biting on the soft neck moved his hands to Itachi's thighs lifting the lean body up so easily and so damn sexily, Itachi's legs locked on Hidan's hips and Deidara cursed himself for starting to hyperventilate.

Itachi though was now looking at Hidan with the black beautiful eyes half lidded and Hidan...well Hidan was smirking.

"Well babe, if the answer is 'no' on all those questions then don't go and ask me that kind of stupid retarded questions again... deal?"

Itachi nodded vigorously looking happy that he didn't have to give a straight answer why he fucked with Hidan.

Deidara thought Hidan didn't press on the matter because Hidan already knew the answer and realised that Itachi wouldn't admit it because of the 'I don't like you' game those two were playing for each other.

"If you do, I'm gonna put you over my knee and spank you real good...babe." and now Hidan was just enjoying himself to the bone, grinning his sex grin while Itachi blushing his face off gasped and pushed on Hidan's broad shoulders as if that would help.

"D-don't talk to me like that!" Itachi choked out whimpering when Hidan's hips rolled forward grinding Itachi into the wall.

"Why babe?" and a spank on Itachi's ass cheek.

"Hidan!" Itachi gasped out.

Deidara gave ten points to Itachi when that one apparently not knowing what else to do leaned forward and clamped the white teeth on Hidan's neck, instantly it tore a growl from the platinum haired guy and Itachi received a hard slap on the little ass, the same hands kneaded it just to slide under the crimson shirt afterwards stroking Itachi's back. For an answer long pale finger entangled into platinum tresses.

"'Tachi's is getting all hot and bothered?" Hidan husked out carrying the aroused bundle for the bed where Hidan sat on the edge with Itachi straddling him.

If something was lovely it was Itachi's red cheeks and Itachi's lidded eyes... the sight was simply irresistible.

Sitting there and watching Hidan's hands roam Itachi's as the two made out he realised ...he wanted Itachi, he wanted to... fuck Itachi. He wondered would Itachi let him.

Oh well... only one way to find out.

he crawled on the bed behind Hidan where he kneeled up and pressed his chest against his best friends back, Hidan shivered when his teeth scraped the neck gently and then harsher.

"You two together are the hottest sight I have ever seen, un!" he murmured in Hidan's ear earning himself another shiver from Hidan and earning Itachi's lips pressing on his.

"I think the hottest thing I had ever seen was you riding him, Dei." Itachi murmured parting from the kiss, Hidan made a low soft groan at the words, he was sure Itachi understood Hidan would love to have a ride with Itachi as well.

"And I think... the hell as if I could actually think having the two hottest guys pressing against me..."

They chuckled at that.

Itachi's teeth played on Hidan's neck drawing sharp breaths.

Hidan stood up, and Deidara literally jumped up stalking behind Itachi and pulling the crimson shirt off of the wanted body. Itachi probably surprised by the sudden actions yelped turning around, but he was too far gone in his fantasy, he robbed Hidan of the shirt as well noticing the alluring violet eyes amused.

He pushed on Hidan's broad naked chest till his best friend got on the bed where Deidara pretty much motioned Hidan to sit against the bedpost, Hidan complied without a word.

Dragging Itachi on the bed as well he fisted his hand in black silky tresses and bit the lower lip gently, it was his turn to smirk.

"Do it, but take your time, unn." he whispered and pushed Itachi on all fours to face Hidan's clothed crotch.

Both Hidan and Itachi gasped sharply, Hidan's hands even as much as jerked and when the black haired sin tried to turn and most probably give him an incredulous look it was too late Hidan had already caught up and had fisted the black locks.

"Mmmh 'Tachi, c'mon...remind me how well you can suck."

Naughty Hidan... so very naughty.

Itachi still on all fours supported the weight with one hand the other grabbed Hidan's belt yanking it open. Hidan, chewing the lower lip smiled down at Itachi, undid the jeans and lifted the hips off from the bed just enough to pull the denim down along with the boxers, Itachi instantly leaned down making Hidan gasp when the hot tongue traced the tip of the swelling erection.

Deidara kneeling on the bed behind the lovely submissive Itachi jumped out of his clothes in a heartbeat, putting his arms around Itachi undoing the awfully tight pants. When his blue eyes met with Hidan's violet ones he was sure the demon understood at once where he was getting, Hidan's eyebrow rose and the lips formed a smirk.

When the pale body was naked on all fours with the hard cock hallway in the hot mouth, he was taking his sweet time stroking Itachi's smooth back and simply watching Hidan's pleasured expressions and listening to Itachi's soft moans and grunts.

Since Hidan had closed his eyes and Itachi couldn't see him he smirked as he put his three fingers in his mouth, coating them with saliva while he rocked his hips into Itachi's naked ass. Oh yes, he was damn hard and Itachi emitted a strangled sound of pleasure, the same sound made Hidan groan and tighten the fist in the black hair pushing Itachi down down.

When he pushed his two slick fingers into Itachi there was a sharp yelp and a bit of squirming, Hidan's violet eyes popped open and when Hidan saw what caused the sharp sound on his erection Hidan... actually blushed.

He was wriggling his fingers in the heat and couldn't stop a moan coming from his own lips, so damn tight.

Itachi's only answer to his fingers was moaning Itachi seemed busier with bobbing the head to please Hidan who was turning vocal slightly letting out pleased sounds

He added the third finger hoping he wasn't hurting, judging from the slurp sounds and the moans, he wasn't.

"Fuck. 'Tachi...so good." Hidan murmured gasping for air and pushing Itachi down and up by the lovely hair, Till Itachi forcefully pulled back gasping for air.


"Mh yes Itachi, I want to make you scream for me, unn!"

He thought even Hidan through the already aroused state was shocked, his best friend threw the head back against the headboard groaning. "F-fuck... overload! Itachi get back there!" Hidan choked out pushing Itachi's head down on the hard pole roughly, bucking the hips upwards at the same time.

Itachi? Well Itachi didn't mind, there was a loud growl like moan as he pulled his fingers out and quickly replaced them with his leaking shaft, that's where he gasped and froze holding Itachi's hips still.

God forbid Itachi even as much as wriggles on him, he was sure he would scream and come right then. He couldn't even imagine how good it would feel to have himself buried in such tightness and hotness.

No matter how he tried to get oxygen in his lungs it simply didn't work, he realised he must look kind of like he had been clubbed on the head with his mouth open and so... still!

But he seriously didn't expect it would feel so fucking good!

"Ghh fuck. Fuck..." he choked out seeing Hidan smirk at him. his best friend though seemingly was too pleasured to keep the smirk up for long, the violet eyes squinted shut as Itachi sort of whined and then wriggled the perfect ass on him causing a mewl to tear from his throat.

And then again he hoped he's not hurting Itachi, because for all he's worth he couldn't keep still, he pulled himself out watching his length slide out and then pushed back moaning, crazed by the sight of his own cock pushing in the perfect ass stretching the little cute pink pucker. It was almost too much, his blue eyes squinted shut as he started to shove himself inside hard, trying to get deeper... fuck... deeper!

Itachi moaned and when his pace got faster starting to push back on him, the mouth still busy with Hidan Itachi's sounds were hard to understand but still they were those of pleasure.

It wasn't long till he found himself pounding in hard, gasping for air. he saw Hidan choke down the moans with the back arched, Hidan's hips jerking.

And Itachi well Itachi never stopped sucking and bobbing the head now fast and wriggling the ass in circles to get more.

Hidan was right earlier, this was overload.

He, wanting to make this just so much better for all of them and hoping he will do it fucking right, hoping he will hit the right spot, pulled on Itachi's creamy hips pulling the lovely backside up a bit giving himself a better angle for deeper penetration.

He slammed in hard pulling on the pallid hips probably there would be bruises after this... but it was so worth it when Itachi kind of screamed, muffled because of the hard flesh in the hot mouth.

Itachi's ass bucked back violently and all he could do was watch it wriggle on him, he rocked his hips too, it felt just too good. Hidan though looked well out of control... yes, he thought Itachi must be doing wonders with that mouth.

"Ghaa fuck... mhh, Itachi." Hidan gasped out and he never faltering in his fierce thrusts watched Hidan pull Itachi off of himself, Itachi's screams now sounded so much louder, vaguely something like his name actually. Very vaguely though...

Both he and Hidan growled like true animals when Itachi managed to grab Hidan's wrist and pull it away from the black silky hair just to dive down and engulf Hidan fully.

He was barely managing to hold himself back, he grabbed around Itachi wrapping his fingers around the hardness.

He knew he wouldn't be able to keep this up for long simply because it was his first time, but he at least hoped he could make Itachi come before him... and if he's lucky Hidan would come too.

He was probably squeezing too hard but hell if he could control anything right now, he could only jerk his hips and growl.

Surprisingly Hidan came first... arching beautifully and not even as much as holding Itachi down. Hidan was fisting the sheets with the knuckles white, the violet eyes closed, the sensual mouth parted…...a raspy shout of Itachi's name and then they all could hear Itachi gulp it down.

He reached his ecstasy when Itachi drinking it down started to spurt hot ribbons of cum on his hand and on the sheets. Apparently Hidan's orgasm set the black haired sin off... Or was it the taste, he was curious... but only till he felt the already awfully tight passage clamp around his cock, then he lost it too. letting go of Itachi's rock-hard erection, he grabbed the creamy hip now sure as hell his grip was hurting, he bit Itachi's shoulder simply because... well simply because he needed to bite something.

His growling only stopped when he felt himself empty... he was gasping for air and when he managed to open his eyes and actually see, he pushed up weakly grunting pretty much like Hidan did as Itachi moaning softly was licking up the creamy substance that somehow had gotten on Hidan's lower stomach...

He pulled himself out groaning again when it took some struggle simply because he was still hard and Itachi was still clamping down on him...

He laid on his side supporting himself on his elbow smiling weakly, Itachi kneeled up shakily and sat back on the legs watching Hidan who was now keeping his head thrown back with the eyes closed, breathing heavily.

Itachi's blackish eyes fell on his and Itachi even as much as cocked the black eyebrow. He gave the beauty a sheepish grin.

"Don't be surprised, un, any sane human being would want to fuck you, un!" he could only hope Itachi will take it in a good way because hell, it was the truth.

They laid down not bothering to use the blanket since their bodies were sticky, Hidan once more was laying in the middle grinning the happy grin, the violet eyes sparkled while looking at him. "Best friends forever, Dei?"

"Forever, un!"

They would mask it behind lust... till they would get too old for such cheap disguise, then one day they would have to admit... but till then, it was all perfect.

"You really enjoy it don't you Hidan?" Itachi chuckled out when Hidan raised the arms for them both to cuddle closer.

"Fucking hate it, but don't you dare to move away!"

"You're such a stupid brute!"

"Ugly ass!"

"How about I deny you that ugly ass?"

"I'll rape you and you gonna love it..."

Itachi just gasped and Hidan chuckled almost evilly. "Yeah, hell yeah... Dei, we need to get handcuffs!"

He chuckled nodding weakly in agreement.

"And a real hard buzzing toy. The hell, I would have my fun watching you both scream tied to the bed in my mercy!"

"Shut up, un!" he grunted out secretly hoping that his best friend would actually get those things and carry out the 'evil' plan.

"I won't let you do any such things with me!" Itachi importantly stated making Hidan chuckle and brush Itachi's hair affectionately.

"Don't worry 'Tachi, I can easily overpower you and tie you to the bed and then you'll be too busy with screaming and begging to object."

"Dei... shut your stupid friend up!"

"The hell, I'm gonna help him just to see it, unn!"

"You both deserve each other!" Itachi stated with a smile in the soft voice.

"I think all three of us deserve each other, un!"

"Damn right."

"I surely don't want to ruin the mood or anything but, we still have homework to do, un!"

"You did fucking ruin the mood!"

"Yea Dei... you did."

"Sorry, un."

Hidan grinned widely. "Itachi, want to help me punish our little Dei-Dei?"

"Hell yea."

"No!" he squeaked out but... it was already too late.

After fifteen minutes when he was literally bent in half and one certain purple eyed best friend was pounding into him so hard that the bed was cracking and one certain black haired sin was literally fucking his face pushing the hard length down his throat, he moaned and thought about where Hidan's little session in the changing room had led him... and just for the record...

Yeah... he loved things up his ass... and fuck whoever finds it odd.


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