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The ride home was unbearable. If Harry looked back he would say it all started at the train station. The wait in line was long and quite between the two of them. Sherlock didn't seem like the type to like small talk but when they were the next in line Sherlock turned and asked him one question.

"So where are we headed?"

"Uh, London, I live at 221 Baker Street. "

Sherlock's eyes narroweded and his face tighten with an unreadable expression before turning and walking up to the window. Harry gave Sherlock's back a confused look.

Something just happened, but the question was what? He replayed the conversation in his head but nothing came to mind so he decided to just list it under the 'Weird Things About Sherlock' that he was making.

Sherlock was quite the whole ride and practically stormed out of the train car once they reached their destination. Harry had to jog to catch up as well as apologize to people that had the misfortune of being in Sherlock's way.

OK, maybe Sherlock was upset about something, but the question as to what still alluded him.

Once they were outside Sherlock hailed a cab and got in and sighed in irritation when Harry didn't follow. "Well? Get in already! The cabbie isn't going wait for you all day!"

Harry glared at Sherlock and got in. "I hope you know you are going to be the one paying."

Sherlock scoffed before giving the address to the cabbie. "Of course I am going to pay. It's obvious to anyone that you don't have the money to spare."

Harry's eyes narrowed and he turned angrily in his seat to face Sherlock. "OK that's enough. I don't know if you're always like this because we just met-"

"Yes, I have been told on many occasions that I am in fact arrogant and insufferable to be around."

Harry's eyes widen at the statement and he clears his throat to take up the awkward feeling that settles over him.

"That may or may not be true. I haven't been around you long enough to say either way, but I can tell something is bothering you."

Sherlock sits with an unreadable expression on his face before saying something so fast Harry has to ask him to repeat it.

"I said, you live in the city, not the country. I missed something."

Harry sighs in frustration. "You're telling me that you have been a in a foul mood all this time because you got something wrong?"

"I have not been in a foul mood. I have just been engrossed in the fact that I misinterpreted something about you."

"It seems more like a tantrum then scholarly thought to me" Says Harry with a slight upturn of lips.

"You are entitled to your own opinion. No matter how wrong or off they may be." Harry rolls his eyes and looks out his window.

After a few minutes of silence Harry glances at Sherlock from the corner of his eye. The man was annoying him to no end! How was he supposed to work with someone like that or protect them for that matter?

Harry took a deep breath and tried to calm himself. He needed to become friends with this man, or at least someone that Sherlock knew he could rely on. Friendship was the first and best option though and the best way to gain friendship was by being honest.

With a new sense of determination Harry turns his head and gives a little smile. Sharp gray eyes glance at him briefly before returning to the window.

"I used to live in the countryside with my mum. I moved in with my Aunt and Uncle when she uh, passed, so you were right about me living in the country at least at some point."

Sherlock's head snaps around to face him. His eyes have such an intense look that it almost feels like he's looking into his very core. It was unsettling but not altogether uninvited. In fact, Sherlock's intelligence captivated him.

How someone could look at something or someone and just know was just amazing. Some of his thoughts must show because Sherlock averts his eyes and to look out the window again.

Although his body language looks relaxed his hands are clenched into fists. The skin of his hands stretched over the sharp bones of long fingered hands. Then it hits Harry, this man, is someone who others scorn and despise in one way or the other. People either avoided or pick on him; so any kindness showed towards him is a shock.

It kind of reminded him of how he felt when Mrs. Weasley would fuss over him. That always made him feel uncomfortable, but he was thankful for it in the end. It was nice to have someone look out for you when the ones that were supposed to didn't.

Harry's eyes lingered on the tense figure beside him before turning his gaze back towards the window. He watched buildings and people fly by without really acknowledging them. Sherlock Holmes was a genius and thought himself above it all. When he was in fact just another person looking for his place in the world and Harry decided that he would do all he could to help him find it.

His Aunt was outside with a relieved smile and rushed up and gave him a hug before he was even out of the cab.

After a brief hug she pulled back and gave him a once over before releasing him. "I know your sixteen and can take care of yourself but please call and check in if you're going to be gone longer than two hours. I was so worried about you!"

Harry gave her fond smile which was returned before his Aunt's attention turned to Sherlock. "I see you made a friend while you were out." Sherlock had plastered a smile on his face but his aunt didn't seem to notice.

"Hullo, you must be Harry's Aunt Mrs.-?" He offered his hand and she took it in a brief handshake.

"Mrs. Hudson dear and you are?" She gave him an amused smile when Sherlock did a little bow.

"Sherlock Holmes" He said with pride.

"It's a pleasure to meet you. Well, why don't we go in? I sure you could use a good cup of tea." Harry and Sherlock followed.

They both sat at the table while his Aunt was making tea; well he was sitting, Sherlock was practically vibrating in his chair.

"Stop it!" Harry hissed.

Sherlock glared at him but stopped fidgeting. Only a few minutes later he was doing it again. Harry glared at him but it didn't really have an effect. In fact, Sherlock leaned back in his seat and began rocking on the back two legs of the chair. He was being challenged and there was no way he was backing down.

When Sherlock rocked back the tip of Harry's trainer touched the bottom the chair. Sherlock's eyes went wide as he fell backwards and landed with a grunt on the floor. His Aunt rushed in and fused over Sherlock as he got up. Once she was assured he was fine she went into the kitchen to get the tea tray.

"Touché Mr. Perevell but now you may want to watch yourself." Sherlock said with an air of indifference.

Harry smirked. "Why would I do that?"

"Because I am going to get you back for what you did and it's going to be a thousand times worse than getting knocked over while sitting in a chair." This was all said in a matter of fact way and made Harry's stomach twist in apprehension.

The tense silence as broken when his Aunt entered the room and set the tea tray down. "Here we are boys!"

She poured the tea into three cups and placed them in front of them. "How do you take your tea dear?"

"Two lumps of sugar and no milk." Then sighs irritably when he sees Harry mouth 'say please' but he ignores it. Mrs. Hudson didn't seem to mind and he wasn't about to do as he's told. Especially by someone younger than him, and definitely not after being tipped over in his chair.

She hands him his tea than makes Harry his before beginning on her on. "So, where did you two meet?" This question was directed at Harry who looked at Sherlock but he ignored him favor of his tea.

"Well I decided to go for a train ride and ended up at Cambridge University. They were having a tour there and I was curious so I went along. That's when I bumped into Sherlock." Harry said all this in a rush. He really didn't like lying to his Aunt but it had to be done.

Sherlock raised his eyebrows with the rushed explanation but didn't comment. "Oh how lovely! Your parents must be proud."

"Yes, mummy is very pleased but I fear I may disappoint her because I am thinking about dropping out." Harry looks over at Sherlock with an inquisitive expression but it is ignored.

His Aunt gives Sherlock an understanding smile and pats the arm that rests on the table. "I'm sure you have your reasons dear. You seem like a smart young man and I am sure your mum will support whatever decision you make."

A silent moment passes before Sherlock clears his throat and abruptly stands and excuses himself to the loo. He sees Harry gives him a concerned look before he leaves.

Sherlock stood in front of the bathroom mirror with the water on lost in thought.

He had never been treated with such kindness before. Mrs. Hudson was nice to him even though he didn't use manners. She didn't judge him, and that was something people always did! It made him feel awkward but it also made him feel welcomed.

Harry was different story all together. He was the first person to ever treat him like a normal person. He thought his observations were amazing and seemed to care about his feelings. No one has ever really cared about that. Well, his mummy did, but that was because she was supposed to.

It seemed like he had to sides to him. There were times he looked world weary and at other times he looked like the shiny eyed youth he as supposed to be. He had other secrets that Sherlock didn't know about and he was determined to find out.

A knock on the door roused him from his thoughts. He washed his hands and turned off the water and dried his hands. Harry was on the other side with concern still etched in his features. "Hey you all right?"

Sherlock shakes himself out of his stupor. "Yes to both."

"Both?" Harry asks in confusion.

Sherlock sighs before moving Harry aside so he could start walking down the hall towards Harry's room. "Yes I am fine and yes I will eat dinner here. Now hurry and tell your Aunt. We have much to discuss." Then he's in Harry's room.

It's clean which strikes him as odd because teenage boys and messy are usually in the same sentence. Nothing really jumped out at him so he heads over to the closet and opens it and turns on the light. "Hey, get out of there!"

Oh bother, maybe he would get a chance to rummage later. With a sigh he turns the light off and shuts the door. "So it seems obvious to me that we can't begin our investigation until your Aunt is asleep. Do you think she would mind me staying the night?"

Harry rolls eyes before jumping onto his bed." No, she would be absolutely thrilled by the idea."

"Wonderful! So, what time does she go to sleep?" asks Sherlock.

"About nine but sometimes ten. It depends what's on the telly."

Sherlock sighs in irritation but nods in agreement. "Will you be OK with that or will that be late for you?"

"I'm not seven. I can handle staying up late." Harry says.

"Right, sorry." He didn't sound very sorry about it at all.

Harry rolls his eyes. "Well I am going the telly until dinner's ready want to join me?

"I don't watch crap telly." Harry gives Sherlock a smile before getting off the bed and walking out of his room. Sherlock gives the closet one last look before he follows suite. He would get to that later. Preferably when Harry was asleep.

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