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Chapter 1

Sup, I'm Deklan. Lets just say , I've got problems. I'm an ADHD and Dyslectic kid. Today was really crazy. A monster was trying to kill me and well lets say a crazy sword wielding freak. The kid said his name was Percy Jackson. He said I was "special" or something like that. He also mentioned something about a camp for kids like me. Well why would he want me? So right now I'm in the back of an SUV with a goat-human hybrid. Percy said He'd explain everything on the way. He said I was a "half-blood". I said that I can't be one. I was an ADHD Dyslectic boy. "Exactly we all have ADHD and dyslexia it all helps us. Like an example. ADHD keeps us moving right? Well that keeps us alive in combat. Dyslexia helps us read Ancient Greek." Percy explained. "Like a decoder?" I suggested. "Yeah." He said."Oh look we're here." Percy said with a smile.

"Percy!" A blond chick said my a huge sign that said "Camp Half-Blood". "Hey Annabeth." Percy said. "So your the new camper?" Annabeth asked. "Uh yeah I'm Deklan call me uh I dunno." I blushed. "Well you should talk to Chiron he will tell you everything you need to know about camp and watch out for Mr.D he's a harsh one." Annabeth said. So I walked to camp and i saw 12 cabin in a U shape and other cabins are placed near it. Then I saw two men playing a card game. I soon realized it was picholo. "Who's this brat?" Said a man with leopard type skin. "He must be a new camper." Said the man in a wheel chair. "Another brat to deal with." The leopard skin dude snorted. "Now now Mr.D don't be rude-".

"Rude? Chiron I deal with these brats all summer and sometimes all year!" Mr. D complained. "Wait you must be Dionysus." I guessed. "Well DUH!" Mr. D made fun of me. So then Chiron sowed me around. Quickly I realized Chiron was The Chiron from the stories. And well duh he was a centaur. So after the tour I was told to go to the Hermes cabin.

I was greeted by a Teen named Jacob Valdez. Cabin Boss. he showed me around.

Soon I said to him, "Hey Jacob."

"Yeah?" He asked.

"Next time I see Mr. D I'm going to wup his godley-".

"I get it I get but Okay I agree that Mr. D is a pain but he will only be here for maybe another 50 years or so. " Jacob said agreeing to my sentence. So I choose my bunk and got my only belongings. A school book, house key, snacks, $50, and a blanket. I put them back in my backpack and went outside. " Hey Deklan its lunch." Annabeth yelled. So I'm starting to get this. Each cabin sits at a table. So we ate stuff and I'm stuffed. Then we had Capture the Flag. Percy let me borrow a sword to defend myself. I was on the blue team. So I was fighting for the red flag. A girl named Clarisse had a spear and started taunting me so I decided to evade her and take the flag. But she had a better idea she blocked my grad with a swing. I felt jolts of electricity shocking me. Her stupid spear was electric. So again I tried to block but again I was shocked. So Then she pushed me into the water. Then I felt like dozen power come to me. So i rose out of the water and when Clarisse charged i slashed and broke her spear then she flung back and I stole the flag and ran with it so then everybody ran out of the way and saw me pin down the flag at our flag and a sea-green trident was there then everybody gasped, "The Trident". Percy said.

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