Ah, so here we have another LotF letters fanfiction. Enjoy, everyone, and don't worry, I'm keeping the guys under control. Or at least, somewhat under control.

Jack: Why, it's my fan club! Hello there, fangirlies!

Ralph: Ugh, I'm sure I have more fangirlies than you.


Roger: I hate everyone.

Ralph: We know Roger… we know.

Simon: … hi…

Piggy: Hey, Simon's here! LET'S GET THE PARTY STARTED!

Roger: If you want the party to be making hats for the homeless…

Simon: That would be so nice! Wait, Ralph, do you have any yarn?

Ralph: Hey, Piggy, your ass-mar…

Piggy: What?


Jack: YOU GUYS. I'm TRYING TO TALK TO THE FANS! Ahem, sorry. Feel free to write anything. Questions about love, symbolism, parodies, opinions, etc. Anything. Just keep it slightly sane… we don't want Roger learning any more bad words...

Roger: WHAT THE *^&#*$ WAS THAT YOU $#*%$? YOU WERE #*^&$*#& TALKING ABOUT *($%^ ME! #*$^#*&$#*&$#&&$&%^#%^&!

Jack: … yeah.

Ralph: Plug your ears, Simon!

Simon; Okay!

Roger: HURRY #*^$* UP AND #*$&^#^&% WRITE!

The sadist wants you to write, so I think you'd better start… or run, he's grabbing a pointed stick. Anyways, all characters are available for letters, and try not to do anything too disgusting, for all of our sakes. THANKS!