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(M'gann POV)

"La'gaan, La'gaan where are you taking me." I laughed as he led me to the unknown with my eyes covered.

"Hold on angle fish, we're almost there," La'gaan said. "Here" He uncovered my eyes.

I gasped when I saw where we were. We were on top of the mountain we live in. But this is where they had their first date; it was a picnic, at this very spot. But why did he bring me here, I thought we were going on a walk. I turned around to ask what was going on, but he was on one knee.

"M'gann, we've been together for what seems like a life time, but it's not enough. I want to be with you for one-hundred life times. I want to have movie nights in our own home and fall asleep in the same bed. I want to wake up to smell your beautiful perfume every day. I want you to be my wife," he pulled out a sliver ring from his pocket. It had three silver diamonds, one big one in the middle and one small one on each side. "So, M'gann M'orzz, will you marry me?"

Tears came running down my eyes. "Yes, one-hundred times yes." He slipped the ring on my finger. I jumped into his arm and kissed him as we fell to the floor.

"I love you angle fist." He said.

"I love you too." I chocked out, still having tears in my eyes.

"Team, please report to the bereft room." Robin said from the speakers.

La'gaan and I walked into the bereft room holding hands. The team was already there waiting for us. Robin was about to say something but was intruded by La'gaan.

"She said yes, I'm getting married!" La'gaan screamed. I looked right at Connor; he looked shocked, as did the rest of the team, even Gar.

Thankfully, Wonder Girl broke the silence. "Congratulation guys." But when she said it she didn't seem that excited. I smiled anyway.

Then everyone congratulated us with fake smiles. I didn't have to read their minds to know that they weren't happy about us. I looked around to see where Connor was, he was talking to Gar. Luckily I could kind of hear what they were saying.

"Sorry Superboy, but this shouldn't stop you from getting her back." Gar said.

Connor looked up from the ground. "I don't know what you're talking about. As long as she's happy, I'm happy." Connor said with no emotion.

"You and I both know that's a lie." Gar said as he looked at me. I turned away quickly so he wouldn't know I was listening. I turn to look back to see Superboy next to me.

"Congratulations." He said in a flat voice.

"Thanks, that means coming from you, weather you mean it or not." I said with a smile.

"M'gann I-."He started but was interrupted by Robin.

"So, know that that is over, here's the mission." He said.

I wasn't really listening; all I could think about is Connor. But why, I should be thinking about La'gaan and my wedding, my future. What's wrong with me? I looked around and saw everyone going in different directions. I looked to my left and saw Connor looking at me.

"Are you coming?" He said.

"Yea, where are we going again? I zoned out, sorry." I said back.

"Of course you were." He said as he rolled his eyes. I laughed and punched him playfully in the arm.

"You and I have to go to the secret headquarters of the fore ice villains. We think they have a plan to freeze time with some kind of device they stole." He said.

"Why are we the only ones going to headquarters?" I asked.

"Because we're the only ones who can take the cold." He said with a smart tone.

"Oh. Listen, after the mission, did you want to talk." I said

"About what?"

"Us. I think we need to fix a broken friendship."

"Me too. Sure, we can talk. I got something to tell you anyway."

"Tell me know."

"You can wait." He said with a smile.

And with that we were on sphere heading to the villains headquarters.

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