Hey guys... DONT HATE ME! I kind of lost all my motivation for this story. But it seems that even though i haven't updated in months people are still putting this story on alert, which got me wondering how many people are still reading this. This month alone over one thousand people read this and it made me think i should probably finish it. I'm not going to give you a bunch of crap about why i didn't write, it's too long of a list. It sums up to family issues and drama.

I had a lot of issues writing this chapter, and please ignore any spelling, and grammar mistakes; i had to write this on notepad.

Peeta POV

The pain in my leg is blinding. I am starting to lose it, thinking I may die before any other tribute has a chance to find me. At east if I am going to die I want it to be while I'm fighting. I don't want to just hand over the victory to anyone; especially not Cato. I can picture his cocky smirk as he drives his sword threw my stomach. The metal sliding threw my stomach as if I am made entirely of butter. This thought makes my stomach churn and I shake my head to rid myself of the thoughts.

I push myself up into a sighting position, allowing the rocks and moss of my camouflage to fall free. Slowly I make my way to the river's edge to clean my wound, wincing slightly as the cold water rushes over it.

I whip my head to the side as a branch breaks not far from where I sit. Reaching for my only weapon -a small dagger- I prepare to fight for what little life I have left. To my surprise the girls from 4 and 5 walk through the brush, heads bent down and they are whispering to each other intently.

"Ignoring your surroundings is a great way to get killed." Both heads snap up at my voice and I lower the dagger.

"What the hell happened to you?" Fox face eyes my leg with a look of disgust and I can only imagine she doesn't do well with blood.

"I ran into Katniss and Cato." The girl from 4 gives me a dubious look and Fox face rolls her eyes.

"He would have killed you."

"Cato said he wasn't going to kill me because it would upset Katniss." I ball my hand into a tight fist and grind my teeth together. "He has her trapped, threatening her with something to force her to stay in their alliance. I'm going to find out what it is and kill him for it."



Brutis and I watch as Peeta makes an alliance with the girls from 4 and 5 than goes off in search of food. I sip at my whisky, attempting to drink it slowly and decide now would be a good time to hit up some sponsors with Brutis.

After working the crowds for two hours and gaining four sponsors for Katniss and Cato, which the ladies have nicknamed 'Catoniss' for some stupid reason, we decide to head back and see just how our 'Catoniss' is holding up.

The room is silent when we walk in, all eyes trained on the screen ahead of us. Peeta and the two girls are creeping up on the career camp; with a large patch of blood coating Peeta's leg.

"What the hell did we miss?" I look to Effie and she shushes me. Brutis nudges my arm and draws my attention to the screen to our right and I see Katniss and Glimmer in the middle of a cat fight. I raise an eyebrow to Brutis and he shrugs.

Glimmer cries out when Katniss' fist contacts the side of her face and I smirk at the screen, internally doing a happy dance. Bout time someone punched that chick in the face. Cato grabs ahold of Katniss before she can attack again and the crowed goes wild when she makes a comment about not being calm if it means Cato lets her go. I roll my eyes but I know the crowed loves the display.

My eyes wander back over to Peeta as Cato breaks Glimmers fingers. The group of three have crouched down in the corner under the cover or a rose bush; it's obvious to see they are all uncomfterble with the thorns of the bush raking there skin. From the angle of the camera I can see both Katniss and Peeta in one screen and watch carefully as Peeta creeps slowly forward towards the edge of the bush.

I mutter under my breath as he does, "What are you doing boy..." Katniss heads off into the trees to do some hunting and Peeta looks more than a little relieved. Probably thinking she won't come back.

Cato is swinging his sword around in a very menacing way, and Brutis looks quite proud as we watch him. Clove sharpens her knifes by the lake; making us chuckle as she threatens Glimmer, who is awkwardly wrapping her broken fingers in gauze. Marvel attempts to start a fire to cook whatever Katniss manages to kill on her hunting trip and Peeta and the girls sit patiently in there hide out waiting for the perfect time to make a move.

I look to Katniss and do a double take when i realize she and Thresh are having a standoff; he holds a sword in his right hand and Katniss has an arrow at the ready. Thresh makes the first move and lunges at her so quickly if I had blinked I would have missed it. Katniss releases the arrow and curses as Thresh quickly darts to the left and avoids it.

"You should have worked more on hand to hand with her!" Effie shrieks in horror as Katniss attempts to avoid every swing of the sword and fumbles with something in her quiver. Confusion washes over me as i try and figure out what she could be fishing for. Quickly Katniss pulls out several small knifes and I recall her in private training saying she watched Clove and self-taught herself to throw.

While she is nowhere near as accurate as Clove, she should be able to hit him at least once. I hope. Katniss ducks and quickly throws a knife and it misses. A second knife goes flying and sticks into Thresh's arm that is wielding the sward; causing him to drop it with a curse. Keeping a level head and realizing that even with his sward hand injured she is still severely out matched; Katniss attempts to find a way out of the fight.

I realize the same time she does that the only way of the fight is for one of them to die. Her face goes pale and her hand wavers slightly that holds the knife at the ready and Threash takes this opportunity to rush her. Throwing his whole body weight at her she doesn't have much chance of over powering him but tries none the less.

I cross my fingers as she gets the uper hand for the time being when she stabs him in the shoulder and he rolls of her. Quickly Katniss is on her feet and taking off for the trees. Deciding the fight isn't going anywhere the game makers start messing around with the ground and I watch in horror as the clear field in front of her drops into a cliff with a pit of sharp jagged rocks.

"Are they hoping for an accidental suicide?" Effie is appalled by the idea and not many others in the room are to egar to see that either. I silently pray Katniss will see it and stop in time or change her direction and head back to camp for Catos help. A quick glance behind her lets Katniss know her attacker is still attempting to win this fight and stays right on her heels.

She veers quickly to the right and then a swift turn left trying to get him off her trail but he has longer legs that make him faster than her. I notice with a jolt of horror that it doesn't matter what direction she goes in the cliff and pit stay in front of her and she hasn't gone far enough threw the trees to see it yet.

I'm really sorry guys but I have to quit this story for now. I can't get the chapters to come out the way I plan and it's very frustrating. I really hope that when the next movie comes out it will inspire me again and I can finish this story. Thanks to everyone who has stuck by me through all this. Don't hate me too much; I'm doing this for the sake of the story.