The last package arrived at the house. Kagome raised a brow in confusion. What had Shippou sent her? She decided, finally, to open the green one first, but when she touched it, it exploded in a beam of green light.

"What?" she said, alarmed and ready for a fight.

"Master!" A sweet voice rang out, and through the smoke, a girl with long teal pigtails jumped towards her, grinning widely.

"Ooooh! We got a young master-yes! I hate when we get the older ones!"

Two boxes that were side by side burst open, yellow light-smoke filling the air and smelling of citrus. Twins, a girl and a boy, burst out while striking a pose. They looked about her age.

"Kagamines are here!" The girl shouted, making a peace sign.

"Rin..." The boy said, sweat dropping.

"Len, you promised!"


"Yes! Rin Kagamine, at your service!"

"Len Kagamine, at your service!"

"Kagamine twins, present!" They shouted again.

"Len, Rin, you're probably giving her a headache..." A man, an older one with blue hair, stepped out and grabbed Kagome's hand, kissing it.

"We wouldn't want to be sent back, now would we? Not with such a pretty master, right?"

"You guys are so damn noisey!" A woman shouted, the box opening with red smoke.

Great, now it smells like a citrus-like margarita in here.

A chuckle filled the room, causing everyone to look at the man in the doorway.

"Shippou? What-who are these people?" Kagome shrieked, still being held by Miku- and now, Rin was clinging, too.

" these people, you shall find a mate, Kagome. If you don't by the end of the month, all of them will be sent back."

"EEEH! But, Shippou! These people aren't things!" Kagome said, finally getting free of their grasp.

"Yes, but Kaa-san! Fluffy-sama said you have to find a mate, because you are the princess of the Moon Court! Kaa-san, he'll beat me if you don't!" Shippou whined.

"Yes, but you'd deserve it!"

"Master," the blue haired man said, "Won't you try? My name is Kaito."

"And I'm Meiko, kid!" The busty red woman said, pointing to herself with a sake bottle.

"Well..." Kagome hesitated.

Miku grabbed her arm again, eyes teared. "Master! Please don't send us away!"

Rin nodded, looking towards her brother. "Some are real perverts!"

"Alright..." Kagome said finally, rubbing her eyes.

In the next instant, her son was gone.