"So how does this song go?" Kagome asked, looking at Len in his butler-like outfit. "And why did Rin want you to dress up too?"

Len blushed, "She...wants to hook us up..." He muttered, his hand going over in a weak attempt to cover his face.


"And which song? My song, Servent of Evil, or Rin's, Daughter of Evil?"

"I want to learn all of the girl songs, but I would like to hear yours sometime soon, Len!" Kagome said, determind, with her fists up against her chest.

"Alright. Rin!"

"What, Len? Did you find an outfit-" Rin came in the living room, then immediantly pounced on Kagome. "Oh, yay! This is one of my favorite songs, Kagome!"

"Will you teach me the lyrics?"

"Of course!" Rin said excitedly.

The others were gathered up by Len, much to Kagome's dismay.

"Meiko, you've been in the sake, haven't you?"

"You've got like an entire wine cellar, Kags!" The brunette whined, face pink.

"It's alright. Sesshoumaru buys them anyways."

Kaito was eating some ice cream he'd found in her freezer, which was stocked due to Shippou's visits. Funny, she never remembered buying blue icecream...

"Ne, Rin-chan! What song are you teaching her?"

"Miku," Rin said disapprovingly, "Can't you tell by the dress?"

"We've done so many songs though...mmm, I don't-"

"OHOHOHO! Saa, hizama-zuki nasai!"


"Eh? E-eto..."

"mukashi mukashi arutokoro ni

aku-gyaku hidou no oukoku no

chouten ni kun-rin suru wa

yowai juuyon no oujo-sama

ken-ran gouka na choudo-hin

kao no yoku nita meshi-tukai

aiba no namae wa Josephine

subete ga subete kanojo no mono"

"P-Pretty! So, it goes like this?"

Kagome preceded to sing the lyrics from the sheet of paper Rin had given her.

"Yes, exactly!"

The two practised all night, outside under the stars as to not wake the others.

Unbeknownst to them, Len was awake, listening to them and humming along.